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Disrespecting God

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


There are people in the world today who are working hard at killing faith and the respect for God in the lives of the people. Look at how they have come out lately presenting God in such a way that it takes the fear out of the babies' hearts. When I say the babies' heart, I mean adults who are baby in their mental development. To take the fear out of the baby's heart, such people present God in movies as a common old man: George Burns. What they have done is brought man back to the primitive belief that this external world is everything. Its forces that count for good in our life are from one aspect of it. They suggest that good and evil are just two aspects of one creation; therefore, the forces of good and evil are really the forces of one creation.

According to this false concept, God is both god and devil at the same time. What they are actually saying is that God takes on the role of the devil for convenience or of necessity. This is what those who are in control of certain media and businesses are telling us. But this is not helping their situation. The more they come out trying to discredit the right belief in God, and to discredit the excellent life and excellent fear in man, the more trouble they get themselves into. They don't better the world by doing that. They make their world worse.

I find comfort in knowing that no evil person escapes Judgment. And that is why I don't tie up my energies trying to correct a person that insists upon doing wrong.