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Communism's Appeal To The African American

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


People who do not recognize that there is a God that has power over everything are inferior to those who do believe in such a God. No matter how far they have progressed materially or in any other sense, they are inferior. Because, if those who hold onto their belief in God, and then follow the direction God has given them, pretty soon they are going to catch up and surpass those who don't believe. And this is because the disbeliever does not have the energy or production in their philosophy that believers have in theirs.

The disbelievers idea is not as powerful as those who believe in God. The circumstances and the future of the disbelievers always depend on impressing each other with what they can do. They have nothing to point to outside of themselves for encouragement. When the believers can't impress each other anymore, they still are not bankrupt or destitute. They turn to God and then continue on. They know that they may have run out, but that God has no limit. This is why the believer is obligated to keep going forward. They may despair, but God is always in charge of all affairs.

God tells us in the Qur'an "He has neither created the human being nor jinn except to serve Him." Now the people that you see who seem so powerful in the world are people who rode in on the religious man's progress. And just in the short time we have lived to observe them preaching atheism and materialism without God, already we see that they are running out. The socialist program in France is already bankrupt, and they only recently began to support socialism there. It appeared as though France was going to become a Marxist state, but that philosophy is already disappointing them. Instead of improving employment with that philosophy, they are running into more and more employment problems.

The People's Republic of China that just yesterday seemed so enthused about Marxism is returning to their orthodox religion. They are now talking more about China's culture and traditional life, and less talk about Marxism. Mao Se Tung is being put in a less significant position, while the Chinese traditional spirit is being given a more important role in the life of the people.


Communism: Tricking the Ignorant

Look at the big change in such a short span of time, in a world that was just recently so energetic and enthused over their godless, material based doctrine. But when you come over here to America in this small corner of the world, some African-Americans are so excited over socialism and communism as though it is something new. And even though it is dying in its own territories, many Negroes are buying it today. The only place these people are going with that philosophy is back into another position of servitude.

The communist are luring them back into another form of slavery, because many of them won't work, won't be productive, won't accept to make decisions, and won't be responsible for self, family or their neighborhood. Thus the communist have a program to make them think that their day to embrace communism has arrived, With a philosophy like that, they are going to be a minority in the world. They are being tricked, and I would not be their friend or a human brother if I did not tell them that they are being tricked.

White Russians had no interest in black people until they needed the mass population of ignorant people on this planet to support their doctrine. They just started their philosophy around the early twentieth century. We were slaves in this country during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, but where were the good Russians then?

Only when the Russians needed to create dissatisfaction among the ignorant workers in the Capitalist world in order to defeat the capitalist opposition, did they pretend to be interested in the African-American man. But if they are really interested in the African-American man. But if they are really interested in the African-American, why didn't they stand by us during the sixties or early seventies.

When we needed somebody to tell us 'Look, you are going after the dollar, and with the mind you have, you are going to lose all of the territory that you have gained." Where were our good socialist friends then? Why didn't they come and turn that materialist thing in us around so that we wouldn't become the community that we are today: living on dope, stolen goods and welfare? Where were our good socialist friends when these terrible trends began to come into play among us?


America's Enemies

If the communist people have a philosophy of redemption or progress for the African-American people, then they should address the neglect for our homes, our blocks, our neighborhoods, and our cities. This would show that they are being helpful and really have something to offer to us. Usually, they just want us to join the union, join a protest or put more pressure on Washington to spend more money in our community without any real sources of support for that money. In other words, they only offer a program to further weaken America's structure so that the country will become totally non-productive and helpless.

Those who join socialism only join the effort to make America destitute, bankrupt and helpless. And if they can achieve that, the enemy will come in and take over America and become the same people whom these ignorant people thought they were fighting against.

These people are a bigger fool today than the Uncle Toms of a hundred years ago. The role that so-called socialist African-American people are playing today makes them a bigger fool than the uncle torn role of fifty years or so ago. You have less now, and your future is more uncertain than the future of those uncle toms who were trying to please the boss to win favor. You are doing the same thing. The only difference is that you are an Uncle Tom with a red handkerchief, and that is pitiful.