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Al-Islam Has One Truth

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


Prophet Muhammad said, "God is Good, and He will not accept anything other than good." There are some people who offer something bad as a sacrifice to God. They say, "Oh, I am going to sacrifice 10 percent of my dope business for God," or "I'm going to give 10 percent of my prostitution business to God." Then there are those who say, "I'm going to preach a lie in the name of God in hopes of later turning the people to God."

Allah tells us in the Qur'an, "And they say, 'Let us do wrong now so we can make gains in the world. There will be enough time in the future to do right."' Such is condemned in the Qur'an. So isn't that what they are saying when they say, "Okay, we don't have to tell Muslims what they should and should not do at this time. We don't really have to establish the religion correctly right now. There will be enough time after we attract them from the world."

That is not attracting them from the world. That is representing the world. Doing wrong is of the world, so how is that attracting them from the world? What they are actually doing is attracting people from one worldly quarter that is wrong to another worldly quarter that is also wrong. How can that be accepted by God?

The Qur'an states very clearly that this cannot be accepted. God says, "And don't mix up that which is unlawful into your charity (or into your effort), knowing that you would not want to have that charged to you in the public eye."

There is a certain fellow who claims to be Muslim, but he is talking two different languages- In one quarter he is saying that the white man is the devil and condemned because of his race," and in another quarter, in the larger public audience, he is saying, "Anyone who accepts the golden rule to do unto others as you would have done unto yourself, no matter what color you are, you have salvation."

We are also hearing him say that what he is doing is only temporary, expedient, and that later on, the people are going to be taught correctly. So what is his strategy? There are those who claim to be Muslim, who claim to follow him, and they tell me to my face, "Both of you brothers are good in your own way. You represent one half, and he represents the other half. Together you represent a whole. He represents the flip side of the coin, and you represent the flip side of the coin."

I told his follower, "Well we think we represent the whole, and he represents a half, and we don't need the half that he has. We don't want anything from him." He is the one who has flipped out. We are not flipping. He is flipping, he and his bosses from the ungodly, the establishment that give secret roles to weak uncle torn people. They pay them to do dirt, to confuse the idea of truth and righteousness, and divide the people so they will better be able to take advantage of them.

Muslims don't divide, they unite. We call the people to unity, to One God. We call them to one standard of morality, one standard of justice. Something is either right, or it is wrong. We call the people to one truth that is true in America, in China, in Africa or anywhere else. We don't have a truth that becomes a lie as soon as we leave the immediate environment in which we are talking.


Al-lslam, For The God-Fearing

Al-Islam is a religion for people who want to be clean and upright. It is a religion for the God-fearing, for people who believe in God, His Messengers, His Angels, and the Revelations (the Books that came by way of the Prophets), and the Judgment. This is a religion for a people who believe that you cannot escape justice. If you find people who claim to be of this religion telling you, "Well, anything you can't prove man, it doesn't exist. If it's not real in my eyes, it doesn't exist."

Such people are atheist, materialist. They are not believers. They are not of the Muslims. They are liars if they say they are Muslims. They are claiming something that they can't establish. This religion is for people who believe in a promise that God has made to them. A promise that they themselves cannot completely grasp with their vision. You just have to believe.

There is only one way for the Muslim: that is to be right. If you are not ready to uphold what is right, to be clean, to be honest in your heart, then you are not wanted in the Muslim community. If you have a double-mind, a mind that wants to do wrong in the name of God, you are of the wicked. You are the devil or the servant of the devil, and we don't want you among us. You are not welcomed.

There are certain principles that God has established in the Qur'an that override everything else. There are clear teachings in the Qur'an that establishes what is right and what is wrong; anything else that one may hint or intemperate with his or her own devilish mind is clearly condemned by what is established in the Qur'an. The Righteous have no way out of what has been established for the believer. But the Wicked always has a way out. The Wicked refuse to conform to anything except their own looseness, lowliness and corruption.

We must understand that God is All Good, and He will not accept anything offered to Him unless it is good. Don't Fool yourself thinking you are doing something for God, and you are doing something wrong. God doesn't accept that. We should not fool ourselves and take up the ways of the Wicked.

The Wicked say, "We are going to advance our cause by any means necessary." That is not the way of the God-fearing. We cannot use any means necessary. We have to use the means that God has made acceptable. Those are the only means we can accept. After all, what is the purpose of learning right from wrong if we can do anything in the name of right? What is the purpose of learning how to be right if we are not going to live that way? Are we just going to know right and then do wrong in the name of right? That is ridiculous.


The Fisherman's Catch

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, may God forgive him his sins, told me and others, "When you are fishing with a net, you are liable to bring up all kinds of critters," He went on to say, "And that is what we are doing. We are fishing with a net and bringing up all kinds of critters." Later I thought about that and said to myself, "Well the good fisherman who loves good things throws those nasty monsters and inedible things back into the water."


Certain Essentials in Al-lslam

If we follow the religion that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) established for us, which is the Qur'an, we will be right, strong, and religious, People call themselves religious while acting worse than the worldly. That is not true religion. That is false religion. Anyone that changes the idea of God and changes the essential teachings of the Qur'an does not believe in the religion of Al-Islam. You can't even call what they teach a sect of Islam.

There are certain things you must conform to in this religion in order to be called a Muslim and accepted as a believer. You have to believe in One God who is eternal, who cannot be affected by anything that He has created, and who is not dependent on anything He has created. You have to believe that He was before the creation, that He created it, has all power over it, is not contained in it, and is not supported by it. This is a clear teaching of the Qur'an.

You have to believe God was never born, He never fathered a child, and that nothing is a comparison for Him. We cannot say that man is in His image, because the Qur'an states, "Nothing is a likeness or comparison to Him. These are essentials which if violated gives no legitimacy to your religion. Therefore, those who profess this religion and violate these essentials cannot even be considered a believer of this religion.

If I were to describe this other fellow's religion, I would say it is self-made by him and by people like him. It is not a revealed religion. It is makeshift, self-imagined.