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Total Dependence On God

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(Editor's note: The following timely excerpt is from "Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks from Harlem.” Volume II.)

My experience in this religion has been one of total dependency on God. I was raised in a house, and the person who was over my mother's house was a man who said that he got all of his instruction from God. So when I differed with that house. I had nothing to depend upon except God.

I couldn't go to momma, I couldn't go to daddy, I couldn't go to anybody else. I had no one to turn to but God. And I have seen the blessings of God come upon me and people in the following like me, who had ques­tions and wanted answers. People who had hopes and wanted to see them fulfilled but couldn't realize it in the circumstance, in the situation that they were in.

I have seen the blessing of God come into us and grow this community to where it is now. In other words, have seen the workings of God among us on the same scale that I read about in Scripture, where the Hebrews were moaning and groaning. Groping, bewildered, car­rying the burden of a lot of unanswered questions. Being hemmed in and oppressed by people and forces that didn't recognize them for their worth.

But in their circumstances, they had Faith. And God rewarded their Faith. Finally, by gradual steps, God brought them out of their bad circumstances into good circumstances. I have seen the same thing happen for us.