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Emam Wallace D. Muhammad


With the Name Allah (In the Name of God),   the  Gracious,   the   Compassionate. As-Salaam-Alaikum

A woman's identity is in her basic nature—motherhood. A woman's unique nature creates her motherhood. She does not have to birth a child to come into motherhood. "Mother" as a social role is a leadership role for which physical motherhood is a symbol. Motherhood does not mean ability or capacity of only giving birth; it also means in addition, having the responsibility and authority of a mother, to look after and care for life as the mother does. Therefore, all women are by their nature and qualities mothers. Little girls are mother-like. The reproductive function in a woman naturally gives her distinct physical and social desires and a strong motherly interest in life and society.

Women need to take a new look at the role of motherhood in the world and they need to re-asess, re-evaluate and re-establish the importance of the role of motherhood in the world. Motherhood is the most valuable attribute to society. Woman does not have to have a baby, or even be fertile to be a mother. To be a mother is to be a mother-like leader. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), called women who served the community well — mothers. In the Catholic Church system where clergy or officials are arranged in order of grade, rank, or class, the highest rank of female is called mother, usually Mother Superior. These cloistered females certainly do not have babies or children of their own. They are called mothers because they fulfill the beneficial leadership role that Almighty God has assigned to the female.

Women are mothers first and always. They are mothers for their families inside their homes, but they should also be mothers for the block that they live on, for the nation they live in and for the world that we all live in. In short, mother means leadership in society. Mother leadership is essential. The loss or absence of this very important role has caused many of the problems in the world today.

Women need to repossess the lost leadership role of motherhood. They should be active leaders in the community. We need motherhood leadership at every level of national life. Women, because of their natural stamina and keen interest, should 'push for the creation of a better life that would benefit and cover the whole world. Women should work for things that will be completed by them rather than start and stop in the first stage and leave them as many men often do.

Apathy is the absence of feeling for each other as we should feel. It is the lack of concern about the terrible things that are happening around us. In other words, apathy means lack of interest and indifference. Mothers cannot afford to be apathetic, because all of -the worthwhile, desirable and excellent qualities which the world needs rest in a very significant part and depend on the leadership of motherhood That leadership is naturally concerned about the health and welfare of all human life —the home, the community and the nation.

If, through changing times and attitudes, a conspiracy has formed to diminish the role of women or cause women to become apathetic, it is our duty to disarm the conspiracy and reestablish and restore women to their rightful and deserved role of leadership in our society. And we should lend our whole and sincere support to their efforts in assuming their leadership role as mothers of the nation. When we have done this, we will have reached the core, the central or inner-most heart of society. That is motherhood.

We must have motherhood in the home and in the nation. We need those sentiments serving the best interest of the nation which are by nature female generated. We need the keen eye of motherhood watching over the land. Intelligent men' know world leadership is best when it is combined with the wisdom which originates from fatherhood and with the wisdom which originates from motherhood. Female interest coming from the lungs of motherhood reaches us as solutions to problems and not merely as attacks upon conditions. The leadership role of motherhood over the nation requires that women meet the present challenge to eliminate the corruption and cruelties which modern society has imposed upon the woman. Because of the imposition of cruelty and corruption which surround us, the motherhood forces of heart and intellect are needed to save human life for America and the world.

Peace be to you
Your brother in service to Allah,
Wallace D. Muhammad