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Muslim Journal

Justice in Islam: How close are we Muslims to Western Democracy: Part 10

By Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave the following address on June 16, 2001, in Detroit Michigan, at Orchestra Hall

Mr. Fard came and said—that this was the devil and that his time was up and that put fire on the lake, and the water was going to dry up. After a while, those weak sensitivities that we had are being burned out. He turned the Black man around who was saying yes to the Christian preacher.

Mr. Fard was wise; he got his wisdom from the world, but mostly from scripture. In the Bible, there is Jacob, the one who stole his brother's birthright and then got his inheritance. This is a story with wisdom, but not to be taken literally. This same Jacob, it says, was seen putting dirt in the wells that Abraham dug.

Abraham dug the wells for people to have water. Jacob putting dirt in them means that he is doing away with the wells that Abraham dug for the people. Mr. Fard read the wisdom there, for we cannot see all the complicated and fine details in the puzzle, unless G-d blesses you to have that kind of intelligence and perception.

Mr. Fard obviously had it and understood what the psychology was. He came and used it against this society. Instead of giving us the wells that Abraham dug, Mr. Fard put dirt in them. He filled them up with materialism. He took out the spiritualism and filled those wells that Abraham intended for our spiritual life with material interest.

What was the result? He dried up the lake. Thank you, Mr. Fard. Thank Allah for sending you our way, for you certainly did a masterful job.
You punished our enemies and freed us to go on our own, independently, even free of you. Now it is up to us.

We have the freedom to establish our own life. We have the son of Elijah Muhammad, who knows how to take us all the way to where we have to go. He has been blessed to see Mr. Fard as a warrior fighting a battle in the air, on land and in the water. It is the battle of psychology.

I also know how to distinguish between the warrior and the Muslim. I will reject many of the tactics of the warrior, for he will use many tactics that are not halal for Muslims. But I am not going to reject and hate the man who had good intentions. Mr. Fard said to fight fire with fire, so he picked up what they were using and used that against the enemy. He would say that he was doing that and that he was not halal at that time.

Mr. Fard said that he was putting on dyed garments. He left word with the seniors of our community that one day they would see him in his sacred robes. But right now, he told them, he was using everything he could in this fight against this ungodly society that has made you nothing but waste. It has wasted your life. G-d has blessed me to see Fard as the one who picked up the tricks and the wisdom and the schemes of the West and used them against it.

G-d has distinguished him as a fighter outside of his Muslim dress; he put on the dress of the West. Now I can distinguish between what he wanted to be and what he had to be. His own conscience and sympathy for us forced him to go outside of Islam to do battle with Satan. I will reject that person as one for me to follow, but I thank G-d that He raised up one to do battle with the other.

G-d says in Qur'an that He will raise up one to do battle with another. He will create an enemy for the enemy. So I know the man, Fard, and his intentions. His intentions were good, honorable and pure. All he wanted to do is break the grip on us of this wicked world, so we would be free to go to our G-d with our whole life and to have the great future that G-d created for us. Now, the way is open.
Please do not doubt me. There is too much for us to have right now. I am pleading on your own behalf, for yourselves and in your interest. Support me, and we can have great things and have it soon.

G-d is my Witness. Do you see any jewelry? Do you see anything I spend a lot of money on? Most of my clothes are given to me, and I don't buy anything unless it is on discount or on sale and I am happy.

If I see you with diamonds and a watch that costs $5,000 and I know you to be a good believer that will not affect my love for you at all. There is something wrong with a person who wants to fast and then wants to make everyone fast with them. I can fast by myself. I don't have to have all of you hungry.

May G-d bless us all.