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People Of The Sun

W.D. Muhammad


We have been teaching on the symbolic scriptural language (words) used in the Holy Quran and the Bible. The Book speaks of words as the germ of life and, in another part, it speaks of the prophet having slain the opponents of God with the words of his mouth. The Genesis says that God breathed His breath into the creature and the creature became a living soul. Divine words in scripture are referred to as life-giving truth.

The same words that gave life can also kill or bring death. The Old Testament says: "I have slain them by the words of my mouth and thy judgments are as the light that goeth forth." Here we have words that have the power to kill and light that has the power to bring about judgment. Compare this thought with what we have taught on the interpretation of the lake of fire in which the beast is consumed and what we have taught on the two-edged sword that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Christ when he comes to slay the wicked and to reprove the righteous.

It is very clear that the forming of the real human life is a creation brought about by the placing of words into the dead mind. The Judgment that you read about in scripture is not a judgment to be brought about by physical fire, but it is a judgment that will be brought about by truth. This truth will be so bright that it will light the world and show every man and every woman for what he or she really is. In this way, people are judged.

The Book of Genesis says that after the man was made, a deep sleep came upon him. This deep sleep that came upon Adam was not a physical sleep. It means that he fell from spiritual enlightenment into ignorance again. The scripture also mentions that those who had come under the spirit of deep sleep were all blind.

The world today has been put under a deep sleep by the false scriptural interpretation of an artificial and unnatural mind (grafted mentality). The divine word of truth that we bring to you from Almighty God is a powerful light (sun) that will dispel the darkness of falsehood and will give you the true light of understanding of the scripture.

When we study the words or the language used in scripture, we come to the understanding that the people who spoke that language had a knowledge of physical science.

"But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.
"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul "

GENESIS 2: 6,7

The above verse tells us that before the man was formed, a mist went up from the earth and fell back down to water the earth. This shows that the people had some knowledge of science to know that rain comes down to the earth from an almost invisible mist that goes up from the earth and that it does not originate and fall down from a "heaven" up in the sky.

The scientist learns by scientific observation that the heat of the sun draws the water up in a fine mist that the eye can hardly detect. This mist goes up into the higher regions, cools, collects, and falls back down to us in the form of drops of water.

First, a man has to come into some knowledge of the world before he can be called a learned man in spiritual knowledge. Some men and women claim to have spiritual knowledge but they do not have any knowledge of the practical world. These people are not wise in spiritual knowledge - they have only had some spiritual experiences. If these same people would speak to a man who is wise in spiritual knowledge, they would find that he can help them to understand their spiritual experiences.

Many people who think they have spiritual knowledge isolate themselves by running away from reality and concentrating on the higher reality (God). Because they don't have a base in the real reality, they end up sitting in space or in a dream-world. If you bring thoughts out of space without having the knowledge of what is happening on earth, your thoughts have no meaning.

You must have something known to describe something unknown. The wise men in Divine knowledge used common things to describe the nature of higher and greater things.
The word "water" was used to describe the nature of divine revelation (Divine revealed Truth). Science tells us that water seeks its own level. Once disturbed, it settles and becomes peaceful until something disturbs it again. Water supports the animals (marine life) of its world. That same water cleanses the filth of the earth by removing impurities and quenches the thirst of man.

It is the nature of water to stay in its own boundaries, but it will rise up and respond to the heat of the sun. This is a symbol or a representation of the righteous people.
Righteous people love to stay in their boundaries. They level out in their boundaries and become satisfied and at peace.

Righteous people support the life that is in their circle. If they hear the revelation of Almighty God and see His light of truth, they will rise up and respond to it.
The wise people of scripture, by having a knowledge of science, picked a symbol to represent themselves which was a perfect symbol. If you will study the nature and the attributes of water, you will see that it is a good symbol to represent the righteous people.
Water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen is necessary to purify the blood and hydrogen is a light gas that can be turned into fire. Water is a naturally cool substance. People who have a little knowledge are "hot," but people who have real knowledge are "cool" in nature.

Water is cooler than both earth and air—they both will become excited before you can get water excited.
The term "earth" is used as a symbol referring to people who have not come to life as human beings. In religious language, "human" means man and "man" means divine man. The Book says that God made the man.
The original meaning of man is the human life that God made and that human life is the divine man (mind).

The unformed man is referred to as "earth." He is still life resting as a seed that has not come to birth in the womb of physical creation, which is one of the triple wombs of darkness. Earth is a heavy material which is not able to rise up in air or water.
The only thing that disturbs the earth is the violent activity of water and air. Both water and air have the power to move the earth. The water (righteous people in religious language) can move earth with its power (knowledge).

The people symbolized by air are the emotional people. Mentally dead people (earth) are not ordinarily moved by other mentally dead people unless they become air—that is, unless they become emotional or excited. When mentally dead people (earth) become excited or agitated, they become air. Air will knock the earth all about, but there is no direction or order to the air's movements. When the storm is over, the earth is disordered and disarranged.
Sometimes, the air becomes so emotional that it picks up water with it. Then air and water are thrown against the earth. But when the storm is over, the water goes right back to its level and becomes quiet again.

We find that there is something standing outside of the environment of earth, water, and air that is superior to them all: that is the sun. It is able to stay physically hot but remain cool in nature. It is hotter than anything could ever be on earth, but it remains cool because it never gets out of its orbit or out of its shape or form.
When air gets hot it loses its form and starts moving all over the earth. But the sun, with its great heat, keeps its same circle (orbit). That which is standing outside of the environment is really the god over the environment. (There is a clue here for those with understanding).

The earth benefits from the light, the heat, and the healing rays of the sun, but the sun does not expect anything from the earth but obedience. The sun does not exist by itself. It is held in its orbit by benefiting from the gravitational pull of other bodies in the creation. All together, they hold each other in check.
The sun rules the solar system. It stays in its natural orbit and calls all the planets to respond to its light (wisdom) for power to move through the dark space of creation. There is no light and no life-giver in the solar system but the sun. All of the planets accept that light as the one light.

When the light of the sun breaks the darkness of the night with the dawn, the day does not come up all of a sudden. In fact, before the dawning, the light does not even strike the earth. We see the light in the sky and it gradually comes down to the earth bringing the new day. Then the day moves on until it becomes noon day when the light of the sun is its brightest light.

"Then spoke Joshua to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.

And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Josher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day."

JOSHUA 10: 12, 13

The Book says that Joshua made the sun stand still. The Nation of Islam (the Body-Christ) has a noon day of Truth shining here in America today. Although the light of the sun has come up gradually to light our world, it will stand still at the noon of the New Day of God to light the whole world. There will be no setting of the sun here.




The Wisdom Of W. D. Muhammad

God is one who sets up frontiers. A frontier means something that you see in front of you that promises you increase in wealth, but something that challenges you with difficulties, hardships, and suffering. Whenever we hear the word "frontier," we know that somebody went in and suffered to establish it.

To establish a frontier, someone has to have the patience, the humility, and the self - control to take off their fancy clothes and risk having them torn and soiled. He has to go in and suffer with his hands, with his feet, and with his whole body. He has to throw his body out of comfort and enjoyment into discomfort and misery for the sake of coming out with a better life, more wealth, and more happiness.

We don't tell you that heaven is open to you and you don't have anything to do but just walk in and sit down. God never made a heaven like that for anybody. You have to earn whatever God gives you and you will only get what you earn. If you don't put out anything, you don't get anything.