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Imam Muhammad's Jumah Khutbah at the Washington Monument: Part 2

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(Editor's Note:  Following are excerpts from Imam  W. Deen Muhammad's Jumah Khutbah at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 24. 1984.) Bismillah

Dear Muslims, Allah Most High says to us in the Quran, Sura Al-Asr, concerning the time: surely the society of human beings is at loss, except for those who have faith, and do good works, practice righteous deeds, and persevere in truth, and persevere in patience.

Here Allah has pointed out to us on the heart of His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). the way to success, and has brought to our conscience the perils that man encounters in life because of his absentmindedness.

We've heard the saying, "Time marches on." Time marches "over" the heedless, the ignorant people.

ALLAH HAS BROUGHT to our minds the path of life which is the path of success, and that begins with faith. Muslims are people of faith— understand that.

We have come here for a purpose, but understand that we are a people of faith. That purpose may be economic; that purpose may be political — but understand that we are a people of faith, and everything we do must respect the foundation of faith.

Allah is our God. He has decided our course of life for us and He has imposed upon us certain duties and responsibilities that do not leave out any area of our life. That includes economics and politics.

So as Muslims, we have to find the avenues for contributions that are acceptable in the light of what Allah has revealed in the Quran.

So. dear Muslims, we have come for a great occasion, and it's wonderful to see so many of us from different parts of these United States and perhaps outside (the U.S.), in this particular location on Jumah day.

We know this Jumah day is the best day of all the days in the year, according to the words of God and the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUHK In His Sunnah and the Hadith. Prophet Muhammad said, on this day Adam was made, and whoever is resurrected has to be resurrected on this day. No one is resurrected except on this day. Praise be to Allah. I repeat — of all the days in the year, this is the most excellent, the day of Jumah.

WHAT DOES THE word "Jumah" bring to mind? Grouping people together. When people group together for the right cause, they will have an uprising that will be successful — not one that will be quelled or put down quickly by the forces.

I like being a soldier in the path for God! Not that I'm against supporting my country or my nation on the battlefield. I'm not against that, but I enjoy more than anything, being a soldier for Allah.

The Quran is enough for us. The Quran is enough for the believers. We don't have to go outside the Quran for political direction. We don't have to go outside the Quran for business direction or economic direction. You have to understand as Muslims that the Quran is enough for us.

The Quran is a universal book. The Quran has been sent to believers as guidance, but it has been sent as a mercy to all the worlds, It is a Universal Book.

WHATEVER PATH of excellence we seek, whether it be under an Islamic nation or a non-Islamic government, the Quran will be the best book to consult before setting out to establish that way.

It is important that we understand the superiority of Divine Guidance over what man has formulated. It's important that we understand that Islamic priorities are above all wordly concerns.

We must pursue the right path and course and always seek Allah's blessings, for His pleasure is the greatest of all rewards, according to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).

Dear beloved Muslims, Allah in the Quran says: to pay attention is better for you, How many of us would be saved from our own undermining if we would only accept what Allah has said right there—to pay attention is better for you.

Let us be obedient to Allah and to His Messenger. Let us be considerate and grateful to Allah for His favors upon us. Let us never harden up and lose the remembrance or the mind to be grateful, appreciative or forget the fact that we are indebted.

PEOPLE CAN BECOME so poor and destructive that they forget everything except their own situation. They become hardened and ungrateful.

When that condition sets in, there's no way to approach those miserable people with guidance of help from God until they soften up again and become thankful to God, because no matter how miserable their life is, they own something. They have received something. They couldn't have managed without mercy. So, they should be grateful to their Lord —say to the people, attention is best for you.

We are a community brought out for the good of all people. Praise be to Allah.

So, dear beloved Muslims, let us accept that responsibility. If we are truly Muslims, we don't live just for ourselves, we live for Allah's pleasure.

ALLAH'S PLEASURE includes those who are not among us. It is His good pleasure that all of His creatures have life and have good opportunities. So, the Muslim should join the humanitarian, the Muslims should join the universal man, the Muslim should be a part of the universal struggle for excellence. You are the best community brought out for the good of all people. Praise be to Allah.

And lastly, Allah tells us to have patience— bear patiently and form alliances. The Muslim follows one way that overrides all of his other interests, but God has many paths of productivity.

Those who choose business may differ in their make-up, in their devotion, and because of that they may differ in the amount of energy that they have for business work when it comes to those who have devoted themselves to humanitarian. Dawah, or missionary work.

So, we should form alliances. Find among ourselves those business people with aggressive business minds, excellent taste, noble aspirations, businessmen who have that kind of quality life, that kind of a clean vision and then join them in business so you can promote the good business life and help the whole society. And that goes for every other path of interest — the Muslim is to form alliances.

We have Rabita. Don't think that Rabita covers this whole message where God calls us to form alliances. That's only one alliance — God wants you to form alliances at home. Ally yourself with those who share your common interest and have your good sense and good taste. Align yourself with those who share your common interest.

If you form these alliances, Allah will bless you more. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said that the blessings at the table is eating with others. Isn't that wonderful?

Lastly, the Prophet said in his report to us of the visit from the angel that the angel visited him and wanted to destroy the people for their evil ways, ignorance, etc. Prophet Muhammad told the angel no, do not destroy them perchance from their generations will come a better people.

(Imam Muhammad concluded the second part of his khutbah with prayer in Arabic.)