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Knowledge Of Creation

W.D. Muhammad


Before the appearance of the Arabian Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (may peace be upon him) 1400 years ago, there was no religion called "Islam" by the Arabic word Islam. But those who are wise in the teachings of the prophets, especially those who are wise in the teachings of Islam, know that Islam has no beginning nor ending for human beings.

Islam is the natural religion of the human family of the planet earth. If any society grows in knowledge and understanding and arrives at Truth, it has come to Islam because Islam is Truth.
Truth is what separates Islam from other religious ideas and philosophies.
Today, we in the Nation of Islam (the Body-Christ) bring to you the natural religion of man which is the Truth of Almighty God. Just as the natural world (creation) exists to feed your physical being, our divine teachings are offered to you to feed your real being, which is the mind in your physical body.

In the natural environment of Islam, you will breathe fresh air, you will see the bright light of the sun, and you will drink pure water.
As it is written in the scripture, once you drink from our well you won't go thirsty any more, Islam places you and your mind in the natural environment of freedom.
As the Prophet Jesus said in the New Testament, "Know ye the truth and the truth shall make you free."

In order to know our proper place in the glorious creation of Almighty God's creation, we must know the truth of creation. Allah, the Creator of heaven and earth, has no beginning nor ending. God Himself, set creation into motion and brought about the beginning of creation. The opening sura (chapter) of the Holy Quran, AI-Fatiha, points out to us so beautifully that God is the Cherisher and Sustainer (Lord) of All the worlds.
After creation was set in motion by God, life was manifested out of creation. This creation is not a free (abstract) creation-it is a creation that is governed by laws. Creation is a slave to the laws that the Master (God) placed over it.

The powerful sun cannot change its light or its movement in the heavens. It must follow the same pattern over and over again until it passes away. The stars in the heavens and our own planet Earth are not free. They, also, are under the natural law of God.
The plant life that grows up out of the earth and the animal life that walks on top of the earth are under a law and they have a certain life to live. A bird must build its nest and raise its young as law has designed that birds must do. So it is with all animals on earth except one— the human being.
Only in his physical being is the human being under the natural law of the earth. Because of the consequence of the human being under the natural law in the physical sense, he is affected by the natural law in his whole life. But he is free as a person to rebel or to reject the natural law and rise above it.

The natural law that holds everything to the earth is called the law of gravity. Man has been able to rise up off of the earth and fly in the air like birds.
He broke gravity (the pull of the physical earth) by figuring out the speed of the earth's rotation about its own axis, its motion of revolution in the solar system, and then by making a vehicle on earth fast enough to break the speed of the earth's rotation.
As a consequence, man has managed to get outside of the earth's gravitational pull. In doing this, he has overcome a natural law of creation. This law that is strong enough to hold everything else to the earth was not strong enough to hold the man to the earth.
Creation has its laws, but the Originator of creation did not intend that law should rule His creation forever. When the human baby is born, he is born helpless and without knowledge, just like any other animal.

The baby crawls around for a long time before he develops the necessary muscles and the coordination to walk. It takes him longer to get upon his feet than it takes other animals.
The human child is dependent for a long time. God, in His great wisdom, is teaching the creature humility, humbleness, and appreciation. God does this so that when the person gets the great prize that He is going to give him, the person won't forget that he got the prize from on high.
As the Book says, the foolish man is blinded by the appetites (exciting things) of the physical world and he forgets his own maker. In forgetting the lowly thing that he developed from, he forgets God (his maker) and thinks that he is the maker. He makes this mistake because nothing else in creation is superior to him and he is the god of the physical universe.

God means the master, the ruler, the superior. When we look at the physical universe, we can find nothing superior to the human in it. The Book says that God formed the creation with man.
The physical creation, being under the natural law, is an ordered and a peaceful creation. When human beings want to get the sensation of peace, they look to the beauty and serenity of the heavens. If you have gone out on a nice, quiet evening and observed the stars in the sky, perhaps you have experienced this sensation of peace. There is order in the heavens because there is law in the heavens.

First there is creation, which falls under law, then there is freedom. When freedom comes, creation can escape the law of creation which holds it in check.
Gravity is the law that holds the sun and the Earth in check, but gravity is a law that the human being has broken or mastered. Man has been able to escape creation because he has come to contact with something superior to creation—that is the knowledge of creation.
The knowledge of creation enables you to master creation. If man knows the nature and the power of creation, and if he is able to identify the power of creation—he can have superior knowledge over creation.

Then man can break laws and escape the gravitational pull that he was helplessly under before. We see in this victory of the human being (mind) a message from the Creator: He does not intend for the human being to be ruled by law. We are creatures born out of creation.
The real identity of the human being is seen in his mind-nature and not in his flesh-nature. We are born and we come under law, just as flesh and all the other creation comes under law. Then we develop higher and higher in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the physical world. This development is brought about by the power of the reasoning process in the human mind.

Because we are given the power of reasoning and the rational process in our minds, we are able to move up higher and higher until eventually we break the pull of gravity. Then we are able to look back on the law, judge it, and decide whether to keep it, change it, or leave it.
Law was not meant to rule the man. We were made to rule both creation and law.
What should rule you if law does not rule you? Truth should rule you and everything in the universe. It is Truth that liberates you. You should be so grateful to Truth that you respond, obey, and submit only to Truth. You should obey and worship Almighty God because God is Truth.

When you are praying to God, focus your eyes on Truth. You pray because you are looking for direction, so since you know the object of your quest you should keep your eye on that object and follow the direction until you arrive at the object.
Since the problem in our lives is lies and falsehood of the grafted, unnatural world (mind), the direction of our movement should be towards Truth. When you pray and seek help from God, focus your mind on Truth and you will be focusing your mind's eye on the right thing.

God is not a Truth, but He is the Truth (the Light). He wears all other truth like you wear clothes. If you want to see the presence of God, keep looking at Truth.