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The Birth of the American Spirit: Part 4

Imam W. D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; peace and blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:
Although America has been considered a very nationalist country, it has preached ideas that really go against the building of a nation. To build a nation, you need strong leadership and discipline in the society. You need people who recognize the "parent" that we call government and who are willing to obey that parent. This kind of talk alone is distasteful to the ears of Americans because they want to be "free." If the people select to have government rule over them, they should be grown enough to follow the leadership of that government. This land is so hypocritical, however, that it calls the people to the polls to vote for new government with the foolish belief that they do not have any ruler over them.

With the problems we have discussed in America, you may ask, "Why do you stay here in America?" I stay here because America took on a natural birth of growing up from inferiority to superiority.


Black, Stinky Mud

Everything is born in darkness and grows out of darkness into light. Everything is born offensive to those things that are already well-formed. It is offensive either because it is weak and unable to display the skills that the well formed body possesses or because it is morally offensive ("stinky") in the physical sense. Almighty God, in His own wisdom, puts together the worst kinds of elements to bring about the most problematic situation to serve as an environment in which a superior life can grow. The Holy Quran says that God makes His man from black, stinky mud fashioned into shape. In the days of Prophet Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with him), Arabia was a society of black, stinky mud, but Allah gave His attention to the strength in that dark, ignorant, backwards environment. He began to move forward to advance the moral strength and the spiritual purity that was in that filthy, dark environment. Muhammad the Prophet was moved into a great leadership position among the nations of the world, but he was born of stinky, black mud. In American history, we see a parallel to the history of Arabia.


Ignorance Of Human Form

Although it claims to have been born with highly civilized ideas, America's history tells us that it was also formed in stinky, black mud. Early Americans knew all about how to make weapons and gun powder to fire bullets into the hearts of people, but they knew very little about how to build up the human form. The best of their people were little more than primitive pagans. If you look at their social sciences of fifty years ago or seventy-five years ago, you can see their primitive, idolatrous, pagan mind. They were a people who could see how to go across the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean to attend to the needs of other people, but they could not see how to attend to the crying needs of their own hearts, their own spirituality, or their own neglected moral nature. They went out with Bibles and crosses, killing people to make them confess a belief in Jesus simply because they needed more land or because they needed to conquer the people.

Is the person with a Bible and a cross who says, "Believe in my God or die," any different from the barbarian who says, "Accept my leadership or die?" This kind of dark, stinky "ground" provided the womb (environment) for a natural birth and development.


Power Without Vision

America's birth began the right way because it started out with the idea of freedom and democracy. At first, the people saw "freedom" and "democracy" as the opportunity to gain the needs that were necessary to make a pleasant and comfortable physical environment. This is natural growth. But as life grows, it should progress (advance) in its own interpretation and knowledge of the terms "freedom" and "democracy." If a society grows up to become a man and a woman and still has baby ideas of "freedom" and "democracy," it will not enjoy the freedom and democracy that it has. But if its mind also grows up (matures), the idea of "freedom" will evolve from a lower level to higher levels and the society will also evolve to higher levels.

A country that intends to be the dictator over a whole nation that it can use as its slave-camp will not educate its masses. It will keep the masses of the people in the dark while it hides its evil scheme behind terms like "freedom" and "democracy." It will leave the masses with ignorant, baby ideas about freedom and democracy. Because the masses in America are now potentially explosive and destructive, they must be fed something often to keep them sedated: drugs, fashions, music, weird behavior. As fast as one fad dies off as an influence (drugs), they have to invent another weird sedative to keep the masses in check. The rulers know that now because the masses are educated, they are powerful as a mental muscle even though they are blind and have no mental vision. The government and the institutions of the society have not given the masses vision, they have only given them power. Today, America is a powerful nation with no vision.


Dope Addicts

The American rulership has sedated the masses with physical, social, and spiritual drugs, but they did not have the wisdom to avoid getting hooked on the drugs themselves. The majority of the masses and most of the leadership have now become social dope addicts and spiritual dope addicts, from the top of the mountain down to the lowest point in the valley. The dope pushers, who only take the light stuff, give the masses the heavy stuff. They fear that if the people ever sober up and get themselves together, they will tear up the land. If the people are ever freed from the sedatives with nobody to take their hand and to lead them, they will tear up this world. The only thing holding back this kind of destruction in the society is the heavy sedation of the people with fads, one behind the other.


The Weak Giant

The Bible speaks of an old power (nation) that followed the same path that America has followed. It became a great giant, but all of the precious medals were in the head and the weak materials were in the feet. In time the feet began to give way and the whole structure was brought down. Men should not give all of the precious tools for survival to government and deprive the masses. In time, the masses will grow old and weak and they will not be able to support the structure. Scripture has taught us this. You cannot rule over people forever that you starve and drain thoroughly. Pretty soon they are going to become wise because time will season them. Even without mental training or without their intellectual elements being turned on, habit (repeating things over, and over again) will eventually open their eyes. Many things in this modern world like radio, telephone, and television, are educating the masses without the leadership's permission. The world has grown so small and it has become so fast that government leadership has to speak to other government leadership through the media (newspaper, radio, television). In time, the masses get enough knowledge of what the leadership is doing to rebel. They begin to see that the slavemasters of the world have an evil design and that the masses are nothing but work animals for the rulers. The masses have now come to see themselves as a corralled cow that is milked until the rulers desire to eat steak then a hammer hits him over the bead and he goes through the butcher line to become meat on the table of the slavemaster.


Mountains Must Crumble

What will save America? The thing that has brought about her destruction will save her. America and the world became destroyed because they misused the masses. The way to save the world is to now do justice by educating the masses. For thousand of years the leaders of world nations have feared to educate the people. They would have one type of education for themselves and another type of education for the masses. World leadership feared that if they gave knowledge to the masses, the masses would demand the same wealth that they had and that they would have to share their wealth with the people.
The time has come that was prophesied in scripture when the mountains will be eroded to crumble down as sand into the valley. The world will be leveled, the high and the mighty are going to be brought down on a level with the great masses.

The rains and the winds are going to wash down the sides of the mountain and, in time, the wealth that was piled up as a haven of rest for the eagle will be spread out in a wide place for all the creatures of the earth.


Need For Self-Mastery

If the minds of the present world leaders are not ready to accept that they are moving against time and that Almighty God is against them, it will not be long before they will be destroyed. The clock is ticking out. The only way for them to survive is to share, and the first thing they must share is knowledge. They started giving the masses beans, hamburgers, hotdogs, welfare checks, and other tokens of materialism. The government has been wrong in trying to make the people believe that it could take care of all of them by giving them welfare checks. The government should admit to the people that it has been making progress in one direction, but that it has blindly overlooked the importance of keeping the masses up with the leadership. It should admit its faults and start to make extra efforts to educate the masses. The government should use every media (radio, newspaper, television) to educate the masses.

In every museum, in every hall, in every place that is available, we should have teachers educating the masses. The government should not just provide teachers to educate the people in reading, mathematics, history, and in other academic courses, it should provide teachers to educate the people in how to understand their own development and in how to rule and to master their own self. In order for a government to rule, there must be a certain amount of self-mastery in the land for every individual.

In conclusion, the spirit of America is a spirit of freedom. It is not "freedom" as we have been taught to think of freedom, but it is a freedom that has to mature, to develop, and to evolve from lower planes of activity and responsibility to higher planes of activity and responsibility. The masses of the people must receive the knowledge and guidance to evolve from the first (baby) level of understanding "freedom" to the higher level of understanding that is necessary for America, as a human society, to achieve its divine destiny.

Your brother,
W.D. Muhammad