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A Message of Concern to the American People

Chief Imam Wallace Deen Muhammad


The Plot

Harmful pagan influence was sneaked in on the "Gentiles" by the Jahcubites, who were looking for political dominance and material dominance over the world. They gave them such a religion so that they would worship a deliverer in their own image, but a deliverer tied to the Jahcubite people. Many Jews are against Jahcubism.


The Message

You can't live in America without hearing the message. The message of white supremacy is everywhere. You are conscious that Jesus is in a white body even if you don't go to church. Every American knows that Jesus is put into a "white" European image by church society. Every American knows that the apostles and saints and angels are made European by church society.

You don't have to be consciously aware of it as "white" Jesus or as a "white" religion. The very fact that our minds exist in this environment is enough to make that image and those messages go into our subconscious and cripple Bilalian ("black") peoples' ability to lift themselves up out of inferiority. It also keeps Caucasian peoples' minds in a false world by making them unable to see their real worth and value as human beings apart from their physical skin color.


The Problem

We are not to see God in a racial image.

As long as "white" (Caucasian) people think that their physical image is in the world as the image of God, and as long as non-white people see and know that the Caucasian image is in the world as the purported image of God, there will be no real coming together and no peaceful meeting of the minds of Caucasians and non-Caucasians. The strongest wedge between non-Caucasians and Caucasians is a Caucasian symbolic image of God on the cross.

What would happen to the minds of the  Caucasian people if Bilalian ("black") people would suddenly come into power with their mentality, with their love for their religion? What would happen if nappy-headed, black Jesuses were put all over their land and throughout their homes and in all of their churches? What would happen to their minds over a period of three hundred years if they were kept coming to churches and seeing our image on the cross, seeing our image as their redeemer, seeing our image as their prophets, their apostles, their angels?

They would be reduced to inferiority because the image before them of the supreme model of superiority would be "black" and not "white."


The Solution



The Challenge

If we don't want dope in our communities, how much more should we be against a Caucasian image of God that makes Bilalians think inferior and act inferior and that makes Caucasians equally artificial?