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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

September 11 1992

Muslim Journal

"Dealing with Money Problems": Part 7

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


Start by Checking Waste

If you want to really do something about your condition, learn to respect money. In your religion everything deserves a respect. If you get $10 in your hands, then know that is $10. Look at what you need today and spend that $10 very carefully. If you can manage today without touching that $10, then do not touch it.

I don't care how poor you are, you are supposed to save something for tomorrow. Cut down your bills. It is not reality for you...Go down south. Go where they will allow you to put up a shanty. Just make a big wooden box to live in and put some tin or plastic on top of the roof so the rain won't come down into it. Lave there until you can do better. Start by checking your waste. Stop wasting. See the Qur'an on the fate of "the wasters".


Myth Burdened Perception

Myth burdened perception does not prepare us for the challenge of reality. We can deal with small problems and can survive and do very well, but big problems eliminate us and remove us from the struggle or battle of life for survival. We are moved to give up, to throw up our hands.

Any time an African American youth is told the black man is god, you are rigging him up to destroy self sooner or later. He may seem to be doing well for a while, but watch him. In time he is going to become destructive if he does not back up off from that idea (lie) you gave him.


The Instinct To Improve

"The simple cell comes here and is not satisfied to be a simple cell. It combines with other cells so as to become more productive and more efficient and to do bigger and more things. All cm the time it is growing it is following a law of disciplined behavior and to have an artistic pattern. That is what we find in\ nature. When we become conscious, something tells us to want to do better."


The Affluent Poor

You are poor-we are poor. But at the same time the "poor in America" is both poor and well off. The first help I want to give you is faith in original excellence. Understand that America's poor is poor and at the same time well off.

Very few of us are really poor and not well off. There are a very few of us who have nothing but poverty; we have poverty and also some means. We are enjoying colored television, beepers, and $100 sneakers.

So I don't call this just poverty. This is what I call the affluent poor. That is what America has, an affluent poor.