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Submission To Allah's Will: Part 2

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(Editor's note: Following are excerpts from a Khutbah delivered by Imam Warith Deen Muhammad at Masjid Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Friday. June 19, 1981 — Continued from July 31. 1981.)

If this world tells us to live a life that makes us fall into disfavor with God, make Him disgusted with us, then we could say. "If this is the only choice, then I prefer death."

Now you know that's not the case. We I've in a very good country, comparatively speaking, because I know a lot of countries much worse, in terms of options and opportunity. In this society, there is much opportunity for growth, for progress, for humanness. for expression of the human heart. Many people out there are just waiting for you to express your true humanness. They want to see somebody with that courage. Somebody that has the courage to do good by self and by others. They are waiting on you to give them encouragement.

So this is not such a terrible world. We don't have to make a life or death decision. We only have to be strong enough to say, "I'm a Muslim by the definition given in the Quran." Not necessarily as Elijah Muhammad said; not as W. B. Fard said: not as Noble Drew Ali said; not as Gulam Ahmed said - not as anybody else said, but as Allah says in the Quran." That's all we need, just the courage to accept that I'm a Muslim in the context of that Book. Muslims are those who support each other in the promotion of patience and steadfastness.

As soon as we get into a little difficulty, many of us. begin to question the life rather than question our conduct in the life. "If this is the right religion, why am I suffering so? If this religion is really the best, then why do I get along so poorly?" We start questioning the life when we should be questioning our conduct in the life. We should say. "Oh Lord, where have I gone wrong? Where have I broken Your commandment? Where have I fallen short on what You have prescribed for me?" That should be the attitude. Then we will locate the trouble area.

But the attitude of saying. "See, God — You promised me that Your way was the best, and here t am getting into trouble."

Just like the naughty child at home — you give Him some rules to follow, and every time he gets into trouble. "This doesn't work, it ain't working," instead of questioning himself: "Am I following the guidelines of this particular job? Am I carrying them out as I was instructed?" But no — as soon as he runs into difficulty. "We need another rake; we need an electric lawn mower." Instead of questioning himself also, he questions only the job area. "This principle ain't working for me!"

But it worked for many in Nigeria, many in China, many in Syria, in Saudi Arabia. All over the world, it's working for people. And they are running countries; they are running families; they are running schools; they are running businesses; they are doing trade, international trade. They are running governments, putting Allah first, and His Book first.

A whole world mushroomed out of darkness, out of corruption and ignorance to light the rest of the world. From Arabia of the Prophet Muhammad — peace and blessings be upon him, and his great shining stars, the companions of the Prophet; may God be pleased with them — light and learning just began to spread and bring freshness to the lives of human beings all over the then known world. We're talking about a proven Book. proven tools of faith and exact knowledge.

So whenever you say, "Oh. something is wrong," right away the Muslim who is sincere in his religion knows the wrong is in you. Either in your ignorance or in your attitude or in something you are doing. So let us not be blind to our own part in our problems. Let us seek the assistance of God. "Oh God, please help me. I want this wife today. God. She must say yes today." And if the woman doesn't say yes today. "Well. I wonder if Allah really exists." You didn't ask with the right attitude. You didn't ask in the spirit of faith, belief, strong conviction, and the determination to wait till Allah improves your situation. That's sabr, that's patience.