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Capitalistic Communism

Imam W. D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah. The Beneficent, The Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

It is understandable that whatever social structure a people live under is a structure produced by the growing needs of the individual. A world of one male, one female and their children can be held together by sentiments and by emotions. Such small units can manage an existence and enjoy it while possessing nothing more than five senses and hunger and fear, feeding and motivating their hearts and their minds. However, when the home grounds have to be shared with twenty, with forty, or with sixty such families, the family world has to be reordered and made a tribal world. It is also understandable that it is more challenging to hold together a tribe of many families than it is to hold together members of one family.

The tribal society religious effort has been to keep humanity together as one family, because it is easier to live together when we see ourselves as one family. This, however, is very difficult with population increasing and with different races and different nations coming together. So it becomes, necessary to evolve higher concepts of social development that recognize more knowledge of social life and of the natural functions.

The tribal society has to recognize the common rights of the members of that society. The leader of the tribe cannot trust emotions and sentiments to hold the people together, although tribal societies use a great degree of emotionalism and sentiment. The tribal society must recognize common rights and establish some rules to regulate the activities in the society. The tribal unit comes to recognize that law is needed and that some kind of observance of rules must be obeyed if the society is to live in peace. The more bricks there are in the house, the bigger the house. In time, people become so many that the simple rule "Love ye one another," needs additional commandments. Sooner or later, as it is with building physical homes, a home has to be erected that is too big to be held in tact by mortar alone.

The design has to be worked out to provide additional strength. The building demand for more building and for more construction in time forces the builder to evolve to a higher plane. In time the builder must order the building plan to reflect the rising importance of proportion and balance. When a world is no larger than members of one family, proportion and balance are not evolved clearly enough as life - saving details in the pattern of natural social development. When our children and the children of other people must share the same home grounds, the structural weight of the society gets too heavy for mere sentiments and mere emotions. At that point society must provide balance and proportion.



In the small world of members belonging to one family, persons are called by such names as "good" and "bad." In the big world they are called "neighbors" and "criminals." The bad child has perhaps lost only his balance, whereas the criminal has most likely lost his balance and his proportion. By "criminal" we mean the person who rejects lawful employment and who rejects human relationship for a life of criminal, abusive, and ruthless activities.

A person who cannot stomach nature is more criminal in form than the common criminal. As a matter of record, such haters of nature are the biggest producers of society's putrid and gruesome conduct. Many leaders in religion refuse to see Satan except as a mad preacher who is greedy for nature's fruits. This false idea has almost wiped - revealed religion from the globe.

Satan is a nature hater. The Satan type in the growth of society represents that mentality which refuses to recognize the dignity of human substance. Satan cannot read the wondrous signs of Allah in creation. If Satan were capable of reading divine signs in creation, this chief enemy of human nature would have come to know creation as designs and operations given to the promotion and to the advancement of righteousness and goodness for the whole world.

Satan takes pride in being a master of balance for the societies of the world. Satan has only a horizontal mentality. To Satan, man is earth and nothing but earth. Satan fails to see that all the natural elements form and order the universe in the human being. When human beings give themselves completely to truth, earth, water, air and sunshine are transformed to become qualities of their nature. Human beings can have the firmness reflected in earth, the submissiveness reflected in water, the liveliness reflected in air and the brightness of vision reflected in the sunshine. No Jacob's ladder is needed to reach this fullness of human life. All that is needed is the human growth principles of balance and of proportion.



Society's growing and increasing relationships require that human life grow in proportionate development and balance. Acting naturally to preserve the created life of society, the individual's life pattern is reproduced in the society. All that we see in our societies have grown out of individuals. The social institutions, the schools, worship and government are visual duplicates of the rational, spiritual, and dictatorial activities going on in the natural functions of every individual. Minds reason, hearts worship and conscience dictates. Vision is the function of the mind, sacrifice is the function of the heart and rulership is the function of the conscience. This relationship must be true for every individual. Because minds, hearts and conscience operate on the fuel of desire, desire must be alive in every individual. Desire must be in the body to feed the five senses and to evolve the faculty of reason. The faculty of reason is only a higher expression of an activity that goes on in the activity of the five senses. Human beings naturally function as biological life, as rational life, as mates of one another, and as rulers over others. More importantly, however, human being must naturally function as rulers over their own beings.

In society, the academic fields reflect the order of the five senses and the social institutions reflect the steps of human development. The Holy Quran says, "Your resurrection is as the resurrection of one soul." It is very important that each person develop orderly and fully. When community life develops naturally, the rules and regulations are made from the orderly functions and principles that are operating in the individual. The heavier the traffic, the more the driver has to keep his or her mind on the protecting signs, on the rules, and on the driving skills learned over a period of study and experience.

Over certain periods of our lives, knowledge is established in our minds that we consider most trustworthy. This knowledge is what speaks to our thoughts and to our actions as the leader in our being. If one can be made to think fire is water, with the senses convinced of that lie, the person is apt to jump into the fire for a swim when the mood strikes. Whether it be an act that is thought out or an impulsive act, a certain knowledge brings it on. It should be understood that pure physical sense activity in our physical bodies is the working of knowledge in us on that level.

A society that loses the ability to relate to the natural needs expressed in the natural make - up of the individual human being is a society needing divine guidance. One can only live his or her own life. Revealed knowledge establishes the common but true life of the individual. With this life established as the community life, all can live the life that is its own. To survive in health and in strength, society must produce the life that is fundamental and true to nature for all. With the coming article we will discuss what it means in religion to live a full life.

Your brother,
W. D. Muhammad