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The Tree and the Vine Part 5: Conclusion

Imam W. D. Muhammad


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:

6  "Therefore thus saith the Lord God; As the vine tree among the trees of the forest, which I have given to the fire for fuel, so will I give the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

7  And I will set my face against them; they shall go out from one fire, and ye shall know that I am the Lord, when I set my face against them.

8  And I will make the land desolate, because they have committed a trespass, saith the Lord God." (Ezekiel 15:6-8).

The vine that is cursed in the book of Ezekiel (see last week's article) is resurrected in the book of St. John in the New Testament. The same Jewish community that would not obey God and that would not bear fruit was cursed to wither. The Bible compares that community to a fig tree that is cursed to dry up and to wither away. Jesus' cursing them to bear fruit no more meant that they would not be responsible for the preaching of God's truth throughout the earth. This great blessing of carrying God's message of truth to the earth would be taken from them and it would be given to a new people. The "new People" that received that blessing were the church people. God took the blessing from the synagogue and He gave it to the church.


The “Mount Everest” Of Wealth

The church people are described as a "vine." The vine cannot rule society because it cannot produce strong enough wood (material substance). It cannot grow high enough in the heavens to breathe pure atmosphere. It cannot take the sunlight of knowledge and transform it into substance for the society like the leaves of the tree. The leaves of the tree grow up high in the atmosphere and breathe the better air, then they transform the sunlight into energy and substance to build up a stronger material society. True Christians have not been able to build up the Christian society. The great material society of the Western world has been built up by people who left the true teachings of Christianity and who took up the ways of the devil himself. They have become greedy, materialistic people. In order to achieve their "Mount Everest" of material wealth, they have killed innocent people all over the world, they have deceived righteous people who accepted them in truth, and they have undermined and torn down the rightful authority of government in lands whose wealth they desired. The material strength of America and of Europe was not achieved by people who were spiritually strong, it was achieved by people who followed the ways of Satan the devil.


Jesus Brought Proof

Most of the churches in America are no longer "church" by description. They are nothing but society houses. Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor," and the poor are still poor. They are the sincere people in religion who are in the church membership because they love the spirit of God. They cannot display any great material wealth upon the earth. They are still the "vine" because they do not have the proper knowledge. Jesus had the great wisdom, but it was not his job to give it to the world in his time. He said that as long as he was in the world, he was the light of the world. Jesus only gave the disbelieving, hypocritical, lying, dark, 'satanic world that he came into the evidence (proof) that there was a divine light in existence. The truth that the prophet Jesus taught was divine light (knowledge) that lit up the world, but the people's minds were not receptive to it. He said that he came into the world and the world received him not. Because the people did not even have a desire to see the divine light, Jesus left that world and the world went back under darkness.


Corruption Of The Vine

In the words of Jesus himself, he left a vine, not a tree. Because the vine that be left was weak, the strong people took it, they corrupted the fruit, they cultivated it themselves, and they made the fruit into the form that they desired. Right today, the religious people called! "Christians" are a weak people. If they were a "tree" their roots would go deep down into the earth and they could get water all of the time. They do not have a strong, earthly strength that they can use to cultivate the earth. They do not have a strong human knowledge that they can use to dig down deep into the human body. They cannot come up with an increase of human knowledge so that they can constantly be improving upon their concepts of man and upon their concepts of the world. As people who were left as a part of the congregation of Christ, they do not have that kind of divine knowledge. Jesus did not give them that kind of teaching because he did, not come in the world to do that kind of thing. He came in the world to do one thing: to condemn the world and to prove to the world that God does exist. He did not represent the God that evil so-called religious leaders held in their secret chambers, nor did he represent the God that they said only they had the power to talk to. Jesus represented the God that makes His presence known and felt everywhere.


Jesus: A Sign

61 "And (Jesus) shall be
A Sign (for the coming
Of ) the Hour (of Judgment):
Therefore have no doubt
About the (Hour), but
Follow ye Me: This
Is a Straight Way."

Holy Quran, Chapter 43:61

The Holy Quran says that Jesus is a sign. He is a sign that God exists and he is a sign (that "God is coming back") that God is going to establish His light of truth all over the world. Almighty God is going to put out darkness everywhere, the world will be lit with truth, and no one will be able to extinguish His light again. Jesus came into a world that was totally dark and he broke the darkness of the world. He lived in that world and his truth reigned strong.

On one occasion Jesus said that the world would see him no more and on another occasion he said that the world would see him again. Jesus, who was a true prophet of God, cannot be accused of teaching "double talk." He meant that the world would never see him as a physical person again, but when the truth comes back the world would see him as a messenger of Almighty God.


Justice In Creation   

Christ is not gone forever, even though that particular person who walked the earth two thousand years ago has not returned physically back to the earth. But the mind and the soul of that person is always in God's charge. Jesus said that he was returning to the Father. He meant that he, as a human entity, was returning to that being that gave him birth. The earth cannot birth human beings, but spirit can birth human beings. If you get the right spirit in yourself, you will come into human life. You return to that life that birthed you, and your physical body has to be brought back to that which gave it birth (the earth). Creation takes what belongs to creation and Creator takes what belongs to Creator. That is justice. Do not look for the earth or physical form (flesh and blood body) of Jesus to return. If you are looking for the return of the real person, look for that form that is not birth. Jesus, the person, had his mission in his time and he completed his mission in his time.


Muhammad: The Comforter

When Jesus left the world he said that God would send another comforter, and God sent Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him). Muhammad came after Jesus and he established Islam. Because he established the truth on earth, we can now go to Islam and see the real Jesus through the light of Islam.

According to the disciples of Christ in the New Testament, Jesus has been resurrected from the grave for almost two thousand years now. The Christ that is to come in this time is not to come out of the grave (ground), but be is to come down from heaven.

Your brother,
W.D. Muhammad