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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Muslim Journal

Al-Islam's Promotion Of Business And Its Development—In Summary

Imam W. Deen Mohammed


(Editorial Note: Imam W. Deen Mohammed in this public address in Bridgeport, Connecticut on June 10, 1989 inspired in many the desire to strive for excellence in our business lives and to have those strivings benefit society in the best way.)


Accounting For Success

I believe two things generally account for success in business. The first is regard for something bigger and more important than self. The second is the ability to manage self. Big businesses and corporations are giving seminars on their products and services and are concentrating more on personal management than they are on other needs. The emphasis is on self, family, personal management.


No Moral Conflict

We have no life that is in moral conflict with itself. We do not have a life that is on one side open to religion and on the other side closed to religion. Our religion makes success in this world a range of merits for greater life in the next.
We do not believe the material world to be the domain of Satan. We do not believe that material is evil of itself. We do not believe that raw (uneducated) nature is evil of itself.

Allah says, "And seek with whatever means He has availed you the Home of the Destiny, but do not forget your share of this world." I hear it. Allah is saying, " Wallace, do not forget your share of Chicago. And if you move to Bridgeport, don't forget your share of Bridgeport. You have a citizenship in the United States, do not forget your share of the United States. Wallace, you can go outside of the boundaries of the United States, and you will not be outside of your share. Do not forget your share of Planet Earth."


The Qur'an On Inheritance

The Holy Qur'an speaks also on inheritance. The female has a right to inheritance and the male has a right to inheritance. The Holy Qur'an tells us that men have a right to go into business and women have a right to go into business. However, it also tells us that the burden of maintaining a family is on the male.


No Desire For Dominance

We have to understand, Allah tells us that He will not give the "Home of the Destiny" to anyone who desires a dominance. How is that going to apply to your small business? You may feel that you are not in a position or never will be in a position to even think of ourself dominating Chicago or Bridgeport or the United States or the world.
However, the same attitude and the same disposition in those people who are in positions of power, in positions to have a dominance, may also be in you. You are not in touch with the whole world or, for that matter, the whole United States. At any rate, you are in touch with your life and with your world and with your immediate friends and customers. If you want a dominance, you are not going to be successful