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QUESTION: What do you think about recent remarks made by Farrakhan? (Question asked of Imam W. Deen Muhammad and Muhammad Ali.)

IWDM:    First of all, he (Minister   Farrakhan) i represents a break with us. He left us and set up his own organization, and what he teaches is not at all what we believe.

He represents the time of our struggling in the dark, and a time of confusion in us. We don't want to be associated with that at all.

As far as his statements about Jews, we don't share that at all. We believe that Jews, Christians and Muslims, share an affinity. We believe in One God, One and the same God, Who created One humanity, and we all are the children of Adam.

MA: This is my leader and teacher. He knows more about the faith. He knows more about the split, and it is too controversial for me. You can't trap me...Whatever he says is what I believe. And I will die for it.

WDM: I would still like for Muhammad Ali to make his own comments.

MA: As far as I am concerned, Farrakhan and all the people involved, you all want the people to believe that his beliefs about Jews and other things are our beliefs. You (press) want the people who are going to convert one day to think that this (Farrakhan) is a Muslim, that’s a radical (statement about Jews) knowing that is not Godly.' knowing that is on Al-Islam. You want the world  to think that we (are all same).

Why don't you promote him (Imam W. Deen Muhammad)?

Why is what he says not popular?

You pick someone you want to be leader...You pick the one you want the masses to know. So you get someone like Farrakhan making statements...which you know are terrible. Then you want people to say, "black Muslims talk bad about Jews."

All these people who are Muslims out here, they catch hell on the job, "Are you one of those Farrakhan people?" They have to explain that we (are not with him).

This is what I think about it. I am not with Farrakhan. None of these people here are with Farrakhan. All men are brothers. Black, brown, red or white. We used to talk that devil stuff at one time, but he (Imam W. Deen Muhammad) saved us from that.

QUESTION: In this political year, are you endorsing anyone for President?
Or is there any comment on the present candidacy of Jesse Jackson?

WDM: Yes, for this election, I am endorsing Allah for President, only Allah for President.

QUESTION: Have you made any attempts to talk to Mr. Farrakhan?

WDM: Yes, oh yes. We were together when the changes were made from the old beliefs in 1975. The first six months drastic changes were made. We were in close contact then, and he was actually saying he was going along — following, and when he left, I didn't believe that the excuse he gave for leaving was really honest.

I felt that he wanted to leave because he had a lot of expenses, and he was desperately in need of more money. He has charisma. He enjoys that. He is very articulate. I think he left because of those demands on him. I think everything explains itself.

QUESTION: Well, have you made any attempts in the last few days to contact him?

WDM: No. Our religion forbids that. After we invite people to the religion, and they go and do something that is really damaging to our faith, our religion forbids that we follow up such people, trying to bring them into our fold.

QUESTION: How many followers do you have?

WDM: Actually, when we were the Nation of Islam, we used to keep a roll. Everybody had a number. My number used to be 58 in Chicago. We don't do that anymore, so really all we can do is make a guess. And based upon certain facts and upon certain observations, we estimate there are 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 million of us (American Muslims). And there are about 4 million Muslims in the United States, immigrants and others.

QUESTION: Did you expect Jackson to denounce Farrakhan?

WDM: I sure did. If he wasn't a reverend it would be different. But if he is a Reverend, then what I read in the New Testament has no place for Farrakhan. And it he represents Christianity as a Reverend, then he should understand. If he is going for a political office, he should understand it. He is still a reverend. A reverend should not associate with such persons. Until those people repent of their ways.

QUESTION: What's wrong with that?

WDM: What's wrong with that? How would you like for me to sit down with Hitler if he were alive?

Farrakhan represents the same kind of thing that Hitler taught, and I think I am better to say what he represents better than anybody here, because I have more first hand knowledge of Farrakhan and teachings like that.