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Imam W. Deen Muhammad


QUESTION:  Would you address the effects of Muslims' use of the prayer rug with pictures and designs inscribed on them?

IMAM: We shouldn't pray on a prayer rug that has any inscriptions, designs or pictures on it that would not be acceptable in the masjid.

We know that we don't pray in the masjid with pictures of human beings, animals, or even trees. We are only allowed to have inscriptions of Quran and Ayat and short quotations of prayer, short prayers — Duah, names of the holy people, the prophets, and the names of Allah.

We are only permitted to have religious inscriptions on the walls of the masjid. I don't even feel comfortable with a prayer rug that has the Haram (the holy Mosque at Mecca) on it. Simply because I don't feel right prostrating with my head on a picture of the Kaabah on the rug.

Prophet Muham'mad (peace and blessings be upon him) instructed the Muslims to never go on top of the Kaabah to pray. They were not to pray on top of the Kaabah. So, when I look down on the rug that I am praying on and my head is being placed on the image or the picture of the Kaabah, that instruction comes to my mind and I wonder if what I'm doing is correct. I don't think it is.

We should make prayer rugs with no pictures, no designs on the rug, only inscriptions from Quran, and sayings from holy, religious persons.

QUESTION: What about the name of children when parents remarry? Do they stay the same or do they take the married name?
— Atlanta, Ga.

IMAM: The children should keep the name of their fathers. According to the teachings of Al-Islam, children should be called by the names of their fathers.