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The Creations Of Allah

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


With the Name Allah (In the Name of God), the Gracious, the Compassionate.


(Excerpts from a Khutbah delivered by Chief Imam Wallace Deen Muhammad at Jumah Prayer, June 2, 1978)

All praise is due to Almighty God, the guardian evolver and sustainer of all the worlds. The blessings and peace be upon Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah to us all.

O Allah, guide us, forgive us our faults, and grant us the blessing of faith. I bear witness there is no deity except Allah and I bear witness Muhammad is His Servant and His Messenger. Peace be upon him, his descendants, his companions, the righteous servants, all of them, and upon us in America and throughout the world:

Let's read these verses from the Chapter Al-Alaq. In English, it means the Clot, the Clot of Blood.

Some say it means the life germ in the human germ. That life as we know it is self developed into a clot of blood so either translation will turn out to be the same anyway.

Before reading the Quran, we say, "I seek protection with Allah from the rejected enemy, the Satan."

How do we know we should say that? Did Prophet Muhammad tell us to say that? Yes. But even more, Allah says it right here in the Quran.

Unless you read the Quran and become familiar with it you won't even know what Allah says in the Quran. Highly glorified is He. He says in the Quran, before reading the Quran say, "I seek protection with Allah from the rejected Satan".

The Muslim must have Allah on his mind when he goes to the Quran. He must have the right understanding of his own weaknesses.

Some of us go to God's word as scientists. We don't go to it as servants of God. We pick up the Quran and open it up as a scientist. This is no frog that you can disect, no chemical that you can take apart. You don't have the power to read one line unless Allah is with you.

That goes for your whole life. If you expect an understanding from the Quran, you go and pick up the Quran as a servant, as a slave, as a helpless human being who can get nothing from God except what God wants you to have.

Ask His protection from the rejected Satan. Bismiallah ir Rahman, ir Rahim, with the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Compassionate.

This translation says here, "Read in the Name of your Lord..." I prefer to say, With the name Allah, Who has created all that exists.

Allah says in the Quran that He is the Creator of everything. Isn't that enough for us? Is there something that you created? How did you get here? Where did all those things come from that you've been using? Did you bring them from nowhere? You came from insignificance. You came from common earth, clay, dust, water.

You had no sense. Allah made you complete as a human being and then gave you intelligence. As Allah says in the Quran, " .. .and human faculties."

Because of that gift, you are able to grow and learn about your environment.

The environment that you're learning about, where did it come from? Did you make it? You, the instrument made by Allah?

The thing that you study was made by Allah. So what have you to boast of? Everything that you have to boast of is really a praise that you should give to God. The greater a man is, the greater the testimony that God is great because he had nothing.

The greatest ruler, the wisest scientist, all came up from little infants, whining and wetting on themselves. They had no sense. They had to grow. They had to see the world that Allah has made. They had to grow in understanding of this world. That is how they got their sense. They got their knowledge out of God's creation. Allah is the Creator of everything.

What about Jinns? Yes. He said, "I have created Jinn and men only that they should worship me." Allah didn't say that somebody else created the Jinn. He said, "I have created Jinn and men, only that they should worship me."

Oh! What about the angels? Allah says He is the creator of angels. He is the One who orders the angels. They cannot do anything until He instructs them.

What about the Holy Spirit? Allah says He is the One who sends the holy Spirit and the holy Spirit obeys Allah. He says the Holy spirit and the angels all obey God and they obey every order. They don't disobey a single order.

But the Jinn and the men have intelligence: They have freedom to a certain degree. It's what we call human freedom. So they disobey.

Those things that we have been worshiping are perfect slaves of Allah, angels, supernatural powers. There are no supernatural powers, all are powers under Allah, all are the creation of Allah. One creation. One Creator.

The Muslim has a Muslim way of looking at creation. The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, everything is the creation of Allah.

Allah is the perfect being. Allah is all righteous, truthful — no imperfections in Allah. Allah is Supreme and Perfect without any imperfections.

O, Allah. Make us of those who purify themselves and of those who repent, and guide us in your path. Amen.

Peace be to you
Your brother in service to Allah,
Wallace Deen Muhammad