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"For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

—St. Matthew 24:27

"Whenever we have problems come up, I tell the officials to bring all the facts and put them on the table. The facts are not answers in themselves, they are part of our problem. But we hope that when we put them all together we will see our problem because when you put confusion together, it takes a form and permits you to identify that form.
"So we put all the facts on the table and I sit and look into the facts. I absorb the clouds of facts into my head. Those clouds of facts begin to whirl around in my head like clouds in the heavens. I think and I concentrate and after a while, lightning flashes through that cloud of piecemeal facts.

"When lightning flashes, the light shows what is in the clouds. The heat of the light acts against the cold (the ignorance, the absence, of truth) and the two foreign natures work together. One is charged positively and the other is charged negatively.
"All of the piecemeal particles of facts are pushed out with the heat of the lightning flash and it thunders within my head. After a while I take ink and the wet drops of ink begin to feed the scroll.

"The ancient religious people described this kind of thing because they had a knowledge of what happens in the physical world. They were the wisest people on earth. Because they were masters of the physical sciences, they became masters of the human sciences.
"They gave the kind of picture I just described in the scripture in different language. Your head can be crowded with confusion (piecemeal facts) and they will form in your head like clouds. There will be the absence of the light of knowledge and truth, or darkness.
"If you apply your will power and the power of your intellect divinely, pretty soon the friction will cause a flash of light in those confused piecemeal thoughts and you will say, 'I've got it! Give me a pen. Let the ink hit the paper.' You thunder with your mind acclaiming and acknowledging that the lightning flashed.

"So the ancient people said that when the lightning flashes out of the East even unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. When that lightning flashes, thunder is going to roar and the darkness in the minds of the people is going to burst.
"They are going to say, 'He's got it!' They are going to acknowledge the coming of the Son of Man with a loud, thundering voice. Right after that acknowledgement, they are going to see raindrops feed the earth: not the physical earth, but the mind (the microcosm).
"The Scripture is talking about the microcosm, not the macrocosm. The rain is going to fall from the pen of the wise on the paper so it can be distributed and propagated among people to feed the urge of human mind.

"I am not boasting. I have nothing to boast of myself. I, too, was born as clay. I came from a mother, a female womb, and I knew nothing about creation until my eyes came open to the physical world. The words from the atmosphere of the physical environment began to pour into the fertile soil of the mind.
"When the Honorable Master Elijah Muhammad (may the peace of Allah be upon him) began to rain down on the soil of my mind, His prayers to God raised me up towards the sun. The wisdom of the Holy Quran and the Scriptures made the dark seed within the soil of my mind burst and spring forth.

"When it first broke the soil of my mind, it appeared as a pale light. It hadn't taken on all the six colors of the sun. But, in time, it stayed in the Light of Divine Truth and took on all the colors of the universe. Then it took on another that was the seventh, and that made it complete.
"It is not because of anything that I have invented or discovered, it is because I was a good receptor (a good receiver). I was open-minded and open-mouthed, crying up to the Bright Being that originated the heaven and the earth.
"I trusted His Sun, the Divine Knowledge that exists in the pages of the Holy Quran, and I was going on the word that I had received from my father: 'Wallace, the Holy Quran is a pure and a perfect Book. The Bible has been corrupted but the Holy Quran is pure.

"I went on that, I followed that Book, and I digested what I got out of it. I let it rain on me and I didn't push back anything, whether I understood it or not. And because of that, I am the Master now."