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The Dravidian Roots Of Aryan White Supremacy And Diabolic Consciousness

W.D. Muhammad


Many years ago, the Caucasian from the North came down on the dark people around the hot belt in India. Failing to defeat them with physical force, they went back and studied the wisdom and knowledge of the people they failed to defeat.

A people's knowledge is their strength. You are no stronger than your knowledge.
The world in ancient days was much like it is today. It was worse in the respect that only a few held the knowledge. Society was young and the knowledge wasn't trusted with the many.
A few directed the people with as much knowledge as they thought the people could bear. The majority of the people were babies in knowledge.

When the Caucasians returned to our world of old with a new interpretation of the knowledge of the Dravidians, they began to feed it to the black people of the ancient world. The Dravidians were ancient black people of the Indus valley of India. The word is from "Dravida," which was the name of an old district in southern India.
The black people began to be frightened and thought that the Caucasian was a superior man that Almighty God had sent to punish them for their wrongs, and that they were to take over the world.

In the scripture of the Dravidians, the physical sun represented their body of Divine knowledge. Night represented ignorance or the absence of that Divine knowledge. They did not arrive at this kind of language because of any interest in night's blackness as a physical color or in the sun's whiteness as a physical color.
They arrived at this kind of language because of their study of the nature of the sun and the nature of darkness.
The sun is not only a source of light that enables us to have knowledge of what is around us when day comes, but it is also a source of energy and warmth, it comforts us and feeds us with energy. It makes weak physical life grow strong. The ancient Dravidians used the sun as a symbol, not of their god in body, but of their god in the body of that Divine knowledge. So the Aryan people gave their own interpretations of Dravidian scripture and spread it to the common people.

The term "Aryan" itself reflects the deceitful scheme of the Caucasians who applied this name to themselves. It is derived from the word "arya," meaning "lord" or "master." The term Aryan has been used extensively in modern times by the Nazis in Germany who defined it as "a Caucasian of non-Jewish descent."
When Dravidian scripture spoke of "children of the night," it was identifying a certain society of people who were weak minded and weak morally. They didn't want truth because truth required them to grow morally.

No man can keep growing in real knowledge and remain small morally. Any man that grows in real knowledge and remains small morally hasn't even known the knowledge that he has been following. He has been growing mechanically.
The conquerors from the North said that the children of darkness were the black people (Dravidians) and the children of light were the Caucasians (Aryans).
Because the mass of the people were babies in knowledge and they saw that the Caucasians were advancing, they gave in to the Aryan reinterpretation of their scripture.
They began to believe, themselves, that God had sent the Caucasians down from the North to punish them. They also began to believe that the Aryans were the children of the Divine and that they, the original inhabitants, were the children of darkness (ignorance which is not accepted by God).

That made it possible for the Aryan people to trigger Aryan white supremacy in the minds of that ancient black people, and they won control of the land of the Dravidians.
So we understand the new, modern white supremacy that has given birth to Ku-Klux-Klan terrorism and all the other horrible teachings that we hear coming from deranged, devil minds. This new world of white supremacy of grafted Caucasian mentality is a rebirth of the old.

The Western Caucasian people, looking for something else to give them an additional weapon or power to conquer the world, came upon the old teachings of that ancient Yakub. They taught them again to the descendants of that ancient Caucasian people.
They did an even more masterful job on the white supremacist mentality and made it even more powerful and more effective. They identified us with lower creatures and spread their teachings among the ignorant of our people. Whether we accepted it or not, it influenced our behavior.

But the new teachers of Aryan white supremacy did even more than that: they put a representative of the typical Caucasian stock (blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin) on the cross as a "divine image" for black people in the Church to feast their eyes on.
The ancient masters in religion saw the efforts working in the society to try to graft a color consciousness of false color superiority. They identified it in their prophecies and they told of the evils that it would bring about on earth.

Right in the Bible they tell of the evil consequences that would fall down upon the builders of the false world of social concepts that are destructive to human life. They saw the course of these false, social concepts and they knew their end.
Believe it or not, the Church has been the stronghold of the power of white supremacy and diabolic consciousness. I am not talking about Christians, I am talking about the image of the devil that came in the false language of the Church and is backed up by a Caucasian image to support the white mentality.

The problem with the Church is not the beautiful teaching of the Master Jesus (may peace be upon him), the problem is the interpretation (symbolic language) that is organized in the Bible and in the Christian language to advance color consciousness for the rule of white supremacy all over the world.
Today, we have sounded the death knell for white supremacy. We expose its Dravidian roots to the criminal and to the victim. White supremacist mentality is being destroyed by the fire of divine truth, root and branch, never to plague the mind of man again.

Your Brother
W.D. Muhammad



W.D. Muhammad

You have misunderstood religion completely and you have never rightly understood what a man of God is. You have thought that a man of God is somebody who leaves the world and runs away from money, actual facts, and scientific proofs and closes his ears to all the sounds of the real world. You have called these space-dreamers "prophets," but they are fools.

People like that have never done anything to help the real world. When you want to go somewhere for guidance and leadership, don't go to dreamers. Go to people who have stopped dreaming because they have discovered something real to work with.