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Artificial Humanism

W.D. Muhammad


18.  Nay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold, falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe be to you for the (false) things ye ascribe (to Us).

Holy Quran; Yusuf Ali translation, sura 21, verse 18

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and blessings upon His servant and His messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am not here to entertain you. You have had too much entertainment. Entertainment was part of a diabolical scheme to keep you blind, enslaved, dead, and to make you have a mind to follow noise making.

That is good for a person who can’t do anything else, but it is not good for you today in 1975 when the Light of Divine Mind has been manifested in your midst.
There is too much opportunity open to you right now for you to still be interested in clowning. We are a people who have almost been totally destroyed by music and dance.


13. They spend their days in wealth, and in a moment go down to the grave.
14. Therefore they say unto God, Depart from us; for we desire not the knowledge of thy ways.
15. What is the Almighty, that we should serve him? and what profit should we have, if we pray unto him?

Job 21:13-15

You are permitting yourselves to be stagnated by foolishness. If you would stop making foolishness a major thing in your life and start giving that power and attention to self-cultivation and community building in 10 years there would not be enough meeting halls in America to hold a meeting of Muslims if we would call one.


“White Minds”

I am not speaking to those of you who are already responding so beautifully to our message, but I am speaking to the thousands outside of our body that move as drunken people or people that are still under the power of sleep although their eyes may be open.
They pull the cover off their bodies in the morning, struggle out of bed, pick up their tooth brush with their eyes closed, put on their clothes, and stagger out of the door. At the end of the day, they come back home the same way and do nothing but hit the bed.

There are many of you that have minds just like that. When we talk to you, you know that you are hearing something that is important to the very core of your being. But you are just too weak to respond to the message because you still have so much white supremacy doctrine in your mind and in the very nature of your system.
You talk "black," walk "black," and try to look "black," but you are whiter in your mind than any physically white American has ever been.


The “White” Man Is A Lie

In the lessons we had said the white man had to be destroyed because he couldn't be changed. Because many of us did not understand the wise teachings of the Master, we thought that he meant that physical white flesh had to be destroyed. The "white" man is not flesh, he is a lie. "Whiteness" is a mental falsehood that has been formed in the minds of not only physical white people, but people all over the world.
Because that lie (false mentality) rules in the body that we call "flesh," whoever has that mentality ruling in their flesh is a devil.


The Oneness Of Humanity

Almighty Allah originated the heavens and the earth and He is the Ruler of all that is above, below, and in between. He has never shared the rule with anybody or anything. There are no partners or shareholders in the ownership of the universe; there is only one Allah.


Your Guardian-Lord
Is God, Who created
The heavens and the earth
In six days, and is firmly
Established on the throne
(Of authority): He draweth
The night as a veil
O'er the day, each seeking
The other in rapid succession:
He created the sun,
The moon, and the stars,
(All) governed by laws
Under His command.
Is it not His to create
And to govern? Blessed
Be God, the Cherisher
And Sustainer of the worlds!

Holy Quran; Yusuf Ali translation, sura 7, verse 54

If there is only one Creator, there is only one creation and only one life. Since there is only one life, there can be only one human spirit or one humanity. If another humanity appears on the earth, it is not true. It is a lie or an "artificial humanity."
We have to destroy it because Almighty God is not in agreement with it. We have been a long time coming to destroy this false, unnatural mentality that was grafted and put down on paper to feed and grow the mind into a devil for the benefit and glory of the Caucasian.

That same grafted mentality worked for the enslavement, shame, and damnation of the non-Caucasian people. The Caucasian people of today only have some knowledge of the diabolical scheme and the Satanic acts of what their fathers did before their day. If the Caucasian people of today truly knew and understood what their fathers did to us and to the world, they would embrace us and become our strongest supporters.


Lost Knowledge Of Man’s Creation

I hope that you have the wisdom and the faith to accept the message I bring you from Divine Mind. Don't let it hit your ear and bounce off just because you think you know what religion is. Religion is the only body of truth or knowledge that has held on to the secret of how human beings come into existence, develop, and grow as men and women.

When you hear the word "creation," you think of physical things like the ground or the stars. Because you haven't been taught correctly by this world, you can't conceive of your own creation being something different from the physical creation.
Your own creation is a creation that is brought into being after the physical creation and it is a continuous creation. It has been going on ever since human life was manifested in the earth.

The problem that the world has today is that it has lost the knowledge of the creation of men and women. There is no direction over the creation of men and women. You call yourself "men" and "women," but most of you are not— you have been artificially manufactured.


Man Is Made From Clay

In the Scripture, we find that the creation of human beings is the forming of something called "clay." It is not talking about the physical clay in the earth.
Human life as a physical life is made from the earth like every other thing that grows out of the earth, just as we are.


2. He it is who created
You from clay, and then
Decreed a stated term
(For you). And there is
In His presence another
Determined term; yet
Ye doubt within yourselves!

Holy Quran; Yusuf Ali translation, sura 6, verse 2

"Clay" refers to the nature of a human being when it comes from the womb of its mother as a baby. When the Book says that God made man from clay, it means that God made mind from a baby. He developed it, and trained it from clay (something that has no control of itself). Clay can be picked up and shaped or formed by anybody.

God lifted man (mind) from that helpless nature and existence to a level where he would not be pliable or manageable in any hands foreign to the hands of Almighty God.
Clay is something that we play with. If a rock falls on raw, wet clay, it leaves an indentation. If trash blows on wet clay, it will stick there. Clay has no power of its own. It is subject to everything that is happening outside of it.


The Freak Mind

Most of you in this modern world have been reduced to clay again—you are nothing but babies. Whatever silly fashion comes out in clothes, you wear it without thinking. Television exposes you to a lot of fantasy situations and you pick them up and try to execute them as real life. That's an example of clay, the baby mind.
Almighty God does not want wet clay, nor does He want hard, burned, dry clay. He wants clay that has received in it the breath of Divine Life. Divine Life is that which grows a man or a woman in clay.


7. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

- Genesis 2:7

You have to wake up and understand that this is wake-up time. You have been hung up with labels and symbols, but you have not understood the real meaning of the word "man." We have taught you that when the scripture says that God created man, it is saying that He made mind in the flesh body.

If God doesn't make mind to feed on His divine knowledge in the flesh body, the mind is turned on to feed on whatever is out in the environment. Then that mind grows into a freak, an artificial human.


Adam Is Waking Up

"Eve" in the Bible is a name personifying the physical creation and it is a label identifying the Western Church. It also has other connotations, too. Over a long time period, different scriptural writers, translators, and interpreters have been feeding their new influences into the story that was once original.

Originally, Eve in scripture meant the emotional makeup of the person. It meant that part of the person that reacts in his mental makeup like winds and storms act in the physical world. Some winds are gentle and they carry pollen from one place to another. They help the growth of life and they feel good to your body. Such movement of sentimentality in us is good and healthy.

There are other winds that are strong and violent like tornadoes and hurricanes. They throw the man off the throne of power within his own body. They knock him down and throw him around within the body of his own world like strong winds knock trash around.

The Book says that it was this stormy nature in man that caused Adam to fall. Man fell because he started giving his attention, his mind, and his intellect to the forces (winds) of emotion. They blew him off the throne of the kingdom that is within.
We have a stormy world today, Brothers and Sisters. Eve is in control, but Adam is waking up. All Praise is due to Allah.


Tools For Your Destruction

Everything that you live under as a rule of life in this world of artificial humanism is either a direct tool to enslave and destroy the natural cultivation of the human life within you or it has become an indirect tool for the destruction of your being.
The Book says that God made man to be the ruler in the earth. He gave the man dominion over the land and the sea. But no matter how well developed your flesh and blood body may be, you cannot rule creation without a well-developed mind.

We are here in your midst today with the Power and the Wisdom of Divine Mind to break the shackles of artificial humanism which enslave your mind and "whiten" your mind. It is the devil that whitens human minds when human minds should be pure and colorless like air and water.

We cannot correct or reform that kind of mentality—we can only destroy it. That devil must be destroyed. You can resist it with all the power you can muster from yourself and every other helper you can get, but you will do us no harm.
You will only bury yourself sooner and advance the glory of the new Body-Christ, the Nation of Islam in America.
I hope you will wake up.

We thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your Brother
W.D. Muhammad