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Capitalistic Communism

W.D. Muhammad


As human beings, we know that we have two physical eyes, but only one vision. The two physical eyes meet in one focus. We go along from day to day seeing many things and we are hardly ever aware that there are two eyes in our head because we are seeing things in one focus. Similarly, there are many knowledges, but truth is one. Viewpoints are many, but true vision is one. Seeing creation with a flesh eye is the beginning of human vision. We must repeat a point that was made in this column last week: when we are discussing religion we are talking about growth processes along a definite path that is revealed by God. The origin, the pattern, or the base of these processes is in the natural creation. To start this growth up through creation, all of the five senses come to life and work together. If the physical eye ball should be ineffective or dead, the development of sight will be aided by the other four senses. Sight will be developed by using imagination as the meeting point for the mind and the outer world.

Our sight, though it may be physically impaired or lost, blossoms forth either with the aid of all of the four senses or with the individual senses of hearing, smell, taste or feeling. The blind person can "see" the face of a beloved one mainly with the hands. With feeling, the picture is moved upstream and is received into the mind. If a particular organ for sense expression fails, the function will be carried on through other channels until it reaches its destination in fulfillment (true vision). For many of those on the first level of sense perception, this is a trial and error method. Many such people pass out Of this world without ever receiving true vision. We are not merely talking about the spiritual vision, but many people fail to reach true vision in the material worldly life. It is for that reason that they also fail to achieve spiritual vision; that is, truth on the higher plane.

The five senses, in their movement towards total expression, all merge and concur to be transformed into one expression called "seeing with the mind's eye." This is the natural path of evolution for sense perception. All senses move to complete or to fulfill human vision. We all desire to see things as they are in reality. We all desire to see the world as it is, we all desire to see truth face to face, and we all desire to meet and to have clear communications with the Creator, with God, with Origin, with First Cause, with the Almighty, with the Most High, with the Supreme Being. As rivers of a rich garden, the five senses pour into one river. Therefore, to see creation, you must be alive in one or more of your senses. In order to form themselves, the senses must give themselves organization and to organized movement along a certain natural lines that bring the senses to the meeting places in the mind's eye.

This is done so that what is heard and seen is heard and seen in concert and not in confusion. With this observation, we can see that mother nature is saying to pull yourself together, to pick yourself, up, to pick up your bed and walk. In this description of the five senses can also be seen a hand of five fingers that is powerful when all come together for social progress to form one grip on truth. This is a scientific method for getting the life germ of mind into the womb of truth, so that a sun may be born and a dark world or a dark civilization may be blessed. No method can ever be more true to the truth that the original method in religion is revealed by Creator. This method leads the vision and has led the vision of "seers," "saviours," and "prophets," until mind came to know creation as food for its moral body, as food for its intellectual body, and as food for its collective body; that is for its higher vision.

Allah instructed Adam to name the forces. He instructed Adam to name the angels, and the human mind came to know and to see the angels as natural forces working in creation and over creation. Allah commanded creation with His natural forces and with His destructive passions in the flesh to follow the leadership of the creative mind the truth seeking mind, the morally developed mind, the truth dominated mind and the truth formed mind, the pious intellect. In the development of such a mind, the mind must continuously rise free of greed, free of self -praise, and free of self-worship and it must also dislike ostentatiousness (a taste for showy things, and a "show-off" nature).

Next   we   will   look   at  the   body   of creation as food and the voice of Creator. We will look at it as the will of Creator, expressed in creation and beaming out from creation, as signals for the natural development of mind. And, finally, we will make brief comments on creation as the mind stimulant.