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Capitalistic Communism

Imam W. D. Muhammad


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Dear Readers:
In this article on Capitalistic Communism, we are continuing to properly identify human life (the human being) in creation and we are discussing the evolution of human development. Human development, a growth that begins in the earth, has its nature after the nature that is in creation. The first appearance of human life is called life in the form of desire. This life must stay in the body if we are to make progress, but this desire like all other human life principles must steadily rise or evolve. Desire which is the life - force in the body, must be attended and cultivated as a germ in creation so that it will grow and prosper.

The human child struggles to keep a physical hold on its mother because its desire, as an infant, is for the physical food in the mother's breast and for the physical warmth, comfort and protection that the mother can give to it. But sooner or later it has to accept to give up this physical grip on its mother for a higher form of attachment, which is the sentimental attachment. When the baby learns that there is a sentimental relationship (an affectionate relationship) existing between itself and its mother, it begins to appeal to this force. At this point it becomes a child desiring not just the physical things that its mother has to offer it, but it becomes a child also desiring the sentimental comforts, the sentimental relationship, and the affectionate relationship that its mother holds for it. In its physical manifestation, the human life as we observe it forms out of semen and ovum into a clot of blood, out of which bones develop and then flesh, and lastly a mind. Mind is born out of the physical form to begin a new chain of evolution. On this new level of human development when human life finds rational activities, desire is given to rational life.

Lastly, the human life finds spiritual balance. Like all other growth processes, spiritual life is birthed and governed by the divinely ordained law in nature that is termed "the evolutionary process." The 30th verse of Chapter 30 of the Holy Quran describes this life as, "...the pattern on which humanity was originated." The practical description of spiritual life is that the human must be concerned with spiritual knowledge, conceptions, principles and operations as vehicles by which human life can progress or move forward. Movement along this path must have truth as its food and truth as its image to which human life must form. Human life must form in the image of truth. Truth is established in creation because creation is of God or Allah, the Creator, and it is intended as a sign to direct man to a greater and higher truth. Religion is not just applied to nature, but religion operates in nature. In fact, religion is a return to the original pattern that is naturally designed or established in creation. The Holy Quran, in the 30th verse of the Chapter entitled "The Romans," says "So establish your whole self uprightly on that pattern evolved by Allah, the pattern on which humanity was first created. Let no changes be wrought in Allah's handiwork. That is the standard religion but a majority in humanity are not informed."

The natural start of life is a good start, because feeling is in the body for the body's protection and development. Mind is alerted, informed, and guided through the sense of touch, the sense of smell, the sense of taste, the sense of hearing and the sense of sight. Smelling reduces the danger of putting wrong things into the mouth; taste reduces the danger of putting wrong things into the stomach; hearing reduces the danger of harmful approach; seeing reduces the danger of harmful contact, etc. The senses in themselves, being approaches to intelligence, may be trained for good or they may be trained for harm. By proper training of the five senses, human development is raised and strengthened by improperly training the five senses, human development is weakened and corrupted. The five senses are the first form of the higher facilities and they are never sinful in themselves. Because they have been ill trained and corrupted over the history of human society (civilization), some people have identified the sense-body as a threat to human development. Drunken passions result from a disruption in the order of the senses, with loss in the effectiveness of their system of checks and balances. Excited senses have never been more dangerous in society than excited minds. When the person gives himself to drunken excitement, to fanatical extremes, or to blind physical excesses, the self is heated out of firmness and out of balance. Only then is it easy to be transformed into an instrument for evil or into an evil form.

The greatest Jihad or sacred war is the constant struggle against forces which tend to destroy the delicate and precious balance in the natural pattern for human development. The design of that pattern is the original pattern and its preserved in the natural order of creation. The greatest and highest flying birds were, themselves, unable to fly as babies. Birds begin as walkers and later learned to fly. It is interesting to note that birds do not loose their skill of foot movement. They move up to a higher evolved manner of transport or flight, but with this rise is also a rise in their ability to use their feet very skillfully. An observer can see a bird moving in turbulent air towards a threadlike branch or a tree. It has the ability to grab that branch with its feet without ever missing or fumbling. By this parable, we are saying that the forces of social sentiment and their emotions create turbulence in the air or society or in the atmosphere of a nation. This makes it very difficult for us to use the wings of rational development. Nevertheless, if we keep the good development that came in the earlier formation of human life, we will always be able to get a firm grip on the frail, thin (but very vital) threads forming the structure of society.

Creation has been divinely designed to endlessly evolve life to a higher plane of social behavior. Humanity has not come upon this knowledge by accident. Such knowledge of human development was the reward of the tireless search, the unshakable faith, and to the unfailing commitment to truth and the upright life maintained by the prophets of Allah throughout the ages. Such persons were picked to receive divine revelations. Allah rewarded their sincerity and their active struggle against falsehood and wickedness by revealing to them the signs of social directions that are everywhere in creation. The advancing circles of social evolution are inscribed in natural creation. The pattern for advancing the social order is inscribed in natural relationships. These relationships are established in the present order and the lower order, or in the former order and the lower order. Social circles go out like waves made by a rock thrown into the sea. These circles move out from the child mother relationship to the husband - wife relationship, then to the parent -child relationship, then to the family - community relationship, then to the community government relationship, then to the government individual relationship, and lastly to the individual - humanity relationship. Every time a new relationship is formed, the rock gets bigger and the waves of the water (human society) get larger until the circle reaches out to the full extent of the waters over the whole earth.

The sure way to keep the grip on social problems is to view social progress as human evolution and to never view it as something else. Nothing has brought us to this right path except divine revelation and nothing will keep mind and heart on this path except the worship of One God, Allah, Who is the Creator of everything. The pattern on which the individual is preserved is found in nature and in the design of the five senses. The pattern on which society expands is found in the order and in the function of the social relationships. The problems for individual and social progress have historically been worked out by divinely inspired persons. However, it was not until the revelation of the Holy Quran that the subject was brought into sharp, complete focus. By description, the human being is a product of language. Language enters the mind by way of the senses. It is possible for human life to form and to grow only when sense activity is in the body. Those who are dead, in this truth, "Will be dead in the Hereafter." So says the holy scriptures. The five senses are divinely ordered to evolve with human life to increase human excellence and to bring the human life to human fulfillment. Sense perception is divinely ordered to grow up from the womb of mere physical expression to moral expression, to spiritual expression, to rational expression, and finally to spiritual balance.

With the coming article, we will be studying developmental proportion and balance as the guarantee for human survival and progress.