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Reprinted from the Muslim Journal


Mualim Journal

"Islam", The Solution for America: Part 2

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

(This address was given by Imam W. Deen Mohammed at Masjid Al Fatir on Sunday, March 30, 1990, It has now been prepared by Imam Mohammed for Muslim Journal's Readers.)

We see the unity of man in that beautiful picture. Hajjal Baet (Pilgrimage to The House in venerable Mecca, Saudi Arabia). There, a million and upwards may be gathered from every nation of the world for Pilgrimage to One House in obedience to One Lord, Who is "Lord of all the worlds," the Creator "of everything." (Qur'an)



Some western writers, especially Orientalists, tend to give false ideas, rather than give the truth. It has been said that Muslims "worship" the Black Stone as a "deity." I could not have thought Muslims would be called worshipers of an idol. Some notorious "Christian" ministers — dupes of the Orientalists no doubt — are even more outrageous. In these days when it is very unpopular to find an informed person being that indecent in the profession, Muslims are being called "heathens." Most of us know they lie about many more subjects than religion.

We, the Muslims, kiss the Black Stone because our Prophet Muhammed lifted the Black Stone with his hands and returned the Black Stone to its special place in the construction of The House. The relics of the inviolable precincts are as dear and as close to one color as to another color, as dear and as close to females as to males. The House is "One" House for all people. Therefore, "The Corner" Stone of the house must as well be "The Comer Stone" for all people.



On Hajj males and females receive the same honor there. Everyone performing the rites are on equal footing. Irrespective of sex, race, and national origin, each person on Hajj goes seven times for seven circles around the house and stands the Ninth Day at Mount Arafaat: There in venerable Mecca is a House for all people. (Qur'an). Everyone is having the same honor there.



Tauheed is Arabic language denoting "Oneness": Allah, One Alone, The Lord Creator, one creation for us to utilize and respect, and one and the same origin in one single soul. Of one single soul, male and female, arrived all the people of earth. We all are originating from one origin, from one essential human constitution. Allah created our father and our mother-Allah made it possible for all their children to be here on this one earth. Originally we were "one society," one family, "one community".

Our global dynamic trends are demanding of all of us that we at least accept that earth is the home of all of us—a home to be shared by all of us irrespective of our regional, racial, and constitutional differences. In addition, scientifically we are peoples (nations) belonging to one "family".



Western man's influence and his scientific disciplines say we all arrived from homoerectus, homosapien, and other less impressive figures of "man". Revealed scriptures give "Adam" and "Ibrahim" as the two who headed the journey for all of us. (Qur'an)

With the Guidance from Allah Most Merciful, Prophet Muhammed identified two factors prevailing in our development- "Everyone is born Muslim, and the environment makes a Jew, Christian or...." The prayers and the peace be on him, this saying of Prophet Muhammed identifies and connects birth and heredity with environment and learning as the two prevailing factors for determining growth and development in all groups or races. Moreover, our Prophet said, "No one's birth or death is (of a form) other than the form of Adam (on them be peace).

In addressing the universal issue of our differences as groups belonging to certain nationalities, tribes, cultures, and racial classifications. Allah Most Merciful says in His Last Book to the people, "Certainly We made you (groupings) of Nations and Tribes to have you acknowledge each other. Certainly the most noble of you is the most regardful."



All important matters in the construction of religion come together to complete the concept of that religion. The way religious communities view their prophets profoundly determines the mental picture of religion for those communities, Muhammed the Prophet of "Islam" (Al Islam) is presented very clearly as "a human mortal" like all people. "Say. (0’ Muhammed), 'I am a human mortal like all of you'." (Qur'an)

In the sacred scriptures the prophets are seen receiving birth, being helped by grownups, and as adults. The prophets are seen going about in "the market places shopping for their needs”. (Qur'an) Our Prophet is more often referred to as "The Messenger of Allah". Hence, prophets are not "gods," but Messengers of Allah.



"The people of The Book" were given many prophets; however, only one (Muhammed) would be 'The Seal". The many prophets resemble each other in their roles as champions of a cause for a certain group. In his role as championing the cause of humanity (all people), Muhammed is distinguished as "The Seal of the Prophets". The Last Prophet is the guide for all people.

The Sacred Book (Qur'an) revealed to him from Allah The Most Merciful is Guidance offering complete benefits for "the first " awakening and for the destination. The believers of this religion ("Islam") are offered complete benefits for this first life and for the next, now and eternally. The Last Prophet is not the local figure. Muhammed is the Universal "Messenger-Prophet."



In what Allah The Most Merciful gave to Moses (Musa), the National Prophet, and in what Allah gave Jesus, the Christ-Prophet, is the "promise" that to conclude the matter of religion one would be "raised up" from among his companions to the position of the Liberator of Humanity (all people).

Specifically, as given in the scriptures received from Allah by these prophets, bondage would be taken off all people. This "Liberator" would call all people from sinning against self and against others. The promised Liberator would relieve them from their "heavy" burdens and "purify them".



In classical historical scriptural sense, "to be purified" is to be "upright" in our persons, in our deeds, and in our dealings and involvements with others. This "promised" purification would permeate the whole of society to refine both private and public behavior, to refine both personal and professional matters. This "Liberator" would guide his companions and the people of the world to universally refined personal life and ethical societies.



There is not a legal profession to impose a moral contradiction on Muslims. Our Prophet (Muhammed) purified both the interest in (desire for) money (wealth) and the activity of money (business). In true religious societies sin and what is illegal cannot be made capital. A person, male or female, may aspire to both spiritual heights and material riches without a burden of moral contradiction. A rich man in "Islam" can be twice rich and be at peace. By keeping the behavior ordered for Muslims in Al-Islam we can have the established life, the good life, the achieved life, the full (fulfilled) life, the complete life. That is another way of saying Al-Islam {"Islam") is a comprehensive religion.



The religion of the Qur'an and Muhammed The Messenger of Allah have no accommodation for a priesthood or for a clergy class. The religion of Muslims divinely complements the excellence of the common people and invites the exceptional people to be exceptional without being alienated. All are equal under the laws without regard to titles or blood ties. We have no "Father Divines," no "Big Daddy," no "Boss" upon any merit not accessible to all of us (the people.)



Our religion would have us know Allah Most Merciful permits us to benefit by all that is "lawful and good". (Qur'an and Muhammed's tradition) What is traditionally established as essential, "good," and of excellent standards in the life of man and society is respected by the Muslims. Swine, gambling, pornography, permissive sex do not satisfy the criteria. However, Muslims should not buy that jive of "original sin". Our religion firmly establishes a comprehensive consistent moral view. "Adam" is the "honorable" father of all people. (Qur'an) We are not shamed by our "father's" natural way of getting us here.

In the pure context of the religion ("Islam") we find that which is worthy of a place in the life of intelligent decent societies. It was reported our Prophet said, "There is a reward for the sexual act." The listeners replied, "How is that?" Then our Prophet informed them, "For indulging unlawfully is not there a punishment?"



All we do respecting and obeying our Lord-Creator (Allah) is worship. Our life and our actions constitute worship of service to Allah — providing we do not violate what has been established in the religion for Muslims. The Qur'an is food and "healing" for the whole life of the individual and the society.

The words of the established five daily prayers are Allah's words, the Qur'an. Prayer in Al-Islam ("Islam") is the mainstay of Muslim life. As one of the five essentials (Arkan), the five prayers daily benefit the Muslims by replenishing vitality of the whole life and facilitating all the needs for worship in the life.

Burdens are lifted: Allah created us (people) to receive His Mercy and "to worship Him (only)". (To be continued)