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Muhammad Speaks - The Essentials For Muslims

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(Editor's note: The following timely excerpt is from "Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks from Harlem." Volume II.)

What is most essential for Muslims?

Number one. Proper faith. Faith! Number two, Community! Where did the Muslims begin with our Prophet, peace be upon him? Faith. When he called the Makkans, what did he call them to? Faith. He said to them, "Trust me, you know me. 1 am not a stranger to you all, I'm one of your sons, I am your native child. This is El-Amin," He didn't name himself El-Amin, they named him El-Amin. "This is El-Amin. You know, the one you call trustworthy." He says, "Look, may 1 say something to you here at your great annual celebration?" "Yes, anything, we know you, El-Amin, the Trustworthy." He said, "There is no god but One." They were believing in 369, each family taking pride in its special selection. Each family had a special selection from the 369. "Our family traditionally had six gods, we keep six gods in our house, but in the Kaaba, 369. Our family traditionally puts more importance on this six." So each house had their own choice out of the 369.

Now Prophet Muhammad stands up and tells them "You know me! This is El-Amin, the trustworthy one. May I tell you something?" "Yes. speak El-Amin, we know you are trustworthy, speak El-Amin."

"There is but One God!" "Ahhh, what did you say?"

So he broke the air, shocked the atmosphere. When he did that, what did be ask of those people? Faith! He knew no way to prove to them that there is but One God. They had so-called logic proving that there were 369, but he had no way of proving to them that there is One God. So he said, "On the basis of my own credit, what you have established me to be, qualifies me to speak to you. Accept what I say on the same grounds that you have accepted all of my other words and deeds. Accept it upon the strength that I don't lie. I am trustworthy. Accept it upon faith, faith in something that is credible, something that is credible. What is that? The testimony of my own life. You know it, I don't lie, I am not a crook, I am not a deceiver. I am an honest person. When I tell you this great truth, then know that I am not lying. Have faith in it upon what you have witnessed in my whole life." Isn't that powerful? Yes, that was powerful!