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A Growth Note: Hog Flesh Eaters

W.D. Muhammad


"They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord."

—Isaiah 66:17


Christian people eat pig flesh and yet profess the same Scripture that condemns the eating of pig flesh. As long as you eat pig, you are going to have pig influences in your children.
You are what you eat. When you are physically eating pig, don't think that your mind is not being fed, too, by the same thing you are eating.

The power of the devil is to reach you through your subconscious mind. God has come now to resurrect you by raising one who has His knowledge to show you the devil's hidden tricks. The little things that he does out in the open are small things as compared to his big work that is done undercover.
When you eat pig meat, your conscious mind is not on the pig because you would never be able to eat pig if your mind were on it. If you think about the filthy pig while you are eating it, you can't enjoy it.

The pig looks like a big fat rat with a flat mouth. His skin looks raw, weak, and filthy. No matter how clean the pig might be, his meat still looks so weak that he looks like a big poison sore.
When he eats, he pushes his ugly face down into the nasty slop trough and makes all kinds of nasty noises. He even sounds nasty when he's resting. The belch of the hog sounds nastier than any other creature that belches. Even if you fix a clean place for him he will walk around the clean place and go the filthy place. The pig is the hardest animal of all animals to live with in peace.

If you have the knowledge of the pig, you try to take your mind off of him when you eat him. Even so, your subconscious mind registers everything that is happening to you. Your subconscious mind knows that you are eating a big, fat, nasty rat. It tells you that you are eating a filthy, noisy, and quarrelsome animal. The more you eat the hog, the more your nature (your inner being) gets used to it. They say that association breeds assimilation. For so long you have been in the habit of keeping company with the pig in your subconscious mind that now you have taken on some of the ways of the pig: you are hard to live with; you prefer to fuss rather than to get along in peace; you prefer a filthy place to a clean place; you prefer shameful acts to decent, civilized acts.

Many of you take pride in going nasty. I know you have heard people laugh and say, "I haven't taken a bath in a whole week. I'm stinking like a so-and-so." I know you have seen Black people out on the street boldly trying to show how nasty they can be. They will use the worst language they can come up with, and even try to think up words that nobody else has ever put together, to sound nasty. They do that and enjoy it.
We have been given the name of a lazy, foolish people. But now Almighty God has come to those who have the name of being an ignorant, uncivilized people. Allah has come for the notorious sinners and the notorious clowns of the civilized world.

He has come for you because you have been acting by a clock - mechanism that was put together by the white man's world and you have had no knowledge of your own behavior. God comes to you, destroys that clockwork, and frees you from the clock - timing so that you can be your righteous self.
Brother and sister, you cannot be your righteous self until you stop eating the divinely prohibited poison flesh of the pig. You can never associate with the civilized, righteous nations of the world until you remove this abomination of the devil from the table where you and your children eat.