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Imam W. D. Muhammad


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There    is   no   god    but   Allah   and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Dear Readers:

In our previous articles, we have pictured religion as the path of human growth and fulfillment. Further, we have described the human growth as an evolutionary process. This process accommodates the total individual's need for life and for fulfillment. Life and heaven are offered on earth. Human life, in its vital functions, is never to be at rest, it is to evolve to more and more useful levels of human development until the level which accommodates the needs of all vital human functions is reached.

This most evolved level is called by such names as "heaven," "spiritual fulfillment," "home," etc. Fulfillment is not death, heaven is not death - the promise of Allah is life. Life processes should fulfill in the abundance of life. It is only when life is under the burden of an abundance of confusion that the life of abundance is turned into a bell. Rest in heaven is not a rest or a cessation of life. Rest in heaven is the rest from wicked
ideas, from false fabrications, and from such as the "dooms day" preaching that is fatalistic. Once the false (unnatural) mentality gets its roots in our world it does not stop growing until it blankets the whole world with darkness (ignorance) and smothers out or stops the breathing of the five senses.

Yet in our human development and in our social development, there is a recurring phase in the evolution of human life. Life dies as a semen that it may be born as a clot; then life dies as a clot that it may be born as a fetus; then life dies as a fetus that it may be born as a rational mind. Thereafter, if it is not robbed of the natural environment in which to grow, mind will evolve to become spiritually rational or spiritually mature. The solid and scientific position in religion is that mind cannot attain rational fulfillment without the aid of divine revelation. Though rational development precedes prophetic development, prophetic vision is ultimately the mind's doorway to total fulfillment. The most serious problems encountered by the struggles for life's fulfillment are the problems of selfishness and the problems of mysticism.

Along the line of mental deterioration, greed feeds self magnification and mysticism, with all of its superstitions, feeds self - worship. These two degenerate forms of growth are not real since they get their forms in the absence of truth or in an unnatural environmental setting. Greed and mysticism are the mind drugs of the world. Human miseries in the street are not the sins of the flesh. We are not under the curse of sin because human flesh has done a terrible thing. The existence of sin and misery in our society is a case of human flesh following the wicked spirit of mysticism and greed. Creation has been formed to serve the mind and to enter the mind as a symbolic stimulant for the acquisition of true knowledge, which is the key to life fulfillment.

We repeat the Quranic verse from our previous article which reads, "The creation of the universe is a bigger creation than is your own creation." In its relationship with mind, we have identified creation as being (in its nature) a composition of stimulating and revealing concepts which teach us that, in physical form and in symbolic composition, the creation was ordered by Allah for mind development and for human services. Mind, as a peculiar but natural growth out of creation, has a strangeness that is seen in the ability of the human being or the mind to reject natural order and to give up his natural human form. Mind may give up its human form for any form it chooses to take on. This peculiarity or strangeness is called "individual freedom."

Mind's natural path is toward human progress for human fulfillment. Grafted mind reverses the natural path order to awake human conscience and to excite the human being to greed, self magnification, superstitions and excesses. In its natural path towards leadership over physical creation and its natural forces, mind must face and overcome every force, even the enemy Satan that makes convincing forgeries of divine truth. Freedom from natural law puts life in position of ruler over instincts and over the natural forces. The object of mind's life form is adaptation which will require no further adaptation. Rational life, like passionate life, is urged by natural life forces to give itself to a discipline, to an ordered field of activities and, to an unalterable body of truth or facts that is bright enough and big enough to hold rational life in orbit as its willing slave. The Quran says, "I have not created humanity and jinn for other than the worship of me." Again, "Both the sun and the moon follow in full obedience." It is not the sun, the moon or the stars that is the light of the world, but "Allah is the light of the skies and the earth."

All things in creation serve to reflect the light of truth that is Allah, and Allah is bigger than creation. Human life requires that the vital principals of pleasure, intelligence and rational balance be alive and functional for human development. In this fill of life activities, evolution has not come to rest. Every human life must evolve. On a highly sophisticated plane, the birth of the genesis of creation is repeated in the evolution of mind in its struggle from conception to birth. All life principles in human development operate to give birth to mind. Indirectly, all the objects and forces in creation are operating for this purpose. In the first struggle, the birth of mind is mental maturity and in the second struggle, the birth of mind is spiritual maturity.

The prophets are witnesses of the coming of spiritual maturity. Christ is the sign of the arrival of spiritual maturity and Muhammad is the human model of spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is a human life form in which rational balance is the vital principle. In the development of human life, spiritual life is not a ghostly existence, but it is a spiritually modified or spiritually tuned rational life. One who is free to witness the birth of the genesis of human life is free to be the potter working his own clay; that is, the human being may cultivate crude human substance and grow and shape a wilderness into a paradise. Freedom is not a name for the whole human life, freedom is a name for human life's vital function. The natural freedom principle in human development is true and valid only as the description of the rational process. The purpose of this vital and natural principle in human life is discipline and order.

The total human body and all of its members and operations cries out for leadership, not for separate worlds. Separate worlds are not consistent or compatible with a natural and real existence of the freedom principle in life. A heavily materialistic world moves unchecked towards the physicalization of speech and its human expressions. This trend in society leads the individual mind in blind betrayal against human life functions. Vulgarity, profanity, concupiscence, desecration, vandalism lead to the drunken and violent toppling of the temple of the individual. Then the structure of society is toppled, with hopes of going on in this path of human destruction to finally topple the face of government. The false belief evolves that freedom should have no purpose except to make a flood of greed, lies and lust for the death and for the degeneration of the human life.

As God is revered in true religion, we also   see   social   relationships   in   the
natural pattern of the social development as sacred and as inviolable relationships. In spite of war - torn communities and the unsightly ghettos, the worst condition is not in physical dimensions. The worst condition is in the defaming, in the prostituting, and in the savage stoning of our vital social concepts. The dollar and pleasure mind in Western society has turned freedom into an excuse to shamelessly destroy self and to destroy the community life. Since the earliest time in human history, sincere religion has fought the war for the individual's defense by battling in defense of truth and light to preserve the individual's right to his or her own choices. This defense of truth has deprived darkness (falsehood) of the power to form counterfeit choices for the individual.

In the Holy Quran, Islam (the natural religion ordained by Creator) is called the religion of Fiirah. The method and application in religion has been preserved in straight forward scripture. This method has also been preserved in scriptural allegories and in religious rituals.

In the coming article, we will look at the religious concept of the principle of adaptation in the individual life form. Afterwards, the three vital principles in human development will be studied in their significance as vital structures for society and for government.