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"Save our vital human relationships": Part 2

Emam W.D. Muhammad


The following article is from excerpts of an address that was delivered by Emam W.D. Muhammad to the San Quentin brotherhood on February 29, 1977.

With the Name Allah (In the Name of God), The Gracious, The Compassionate.

As -Salaam –Alaikum

Dear Readers,
If you want to come together for your own individual salvation, you must learn something about the creation of God and the message that God has designed in the order and nature of creation. This is necessary so that you can realize that you are not "an individual" and that you will never be "an individual." How can you be an individual? Your flesh came from your mother's flesh and from your father's flesh, it is not yours. You have your own body from your ancestors, but the food that contributes to the building of your flesh cells, bone cells, and blood cells come from this environment. How can your body be your own?   The   taxes collected by the government help to keep you with your physical body. You feed your body some tax dollars, some welfare money,   some   government   money. Because of that charity, you are able to take on new blood cells, new bone cells, new flesh cells.

Your body belongs firstly to you immediate ancestors (your parents), but it also belongs to us because we contribute to the charity (taxes) that makes it possible for you to get food. If it was not for the ordered society, you would have to fight for your survival like a wild animal in the jungle. But because of civilization and ordered society, you can demand welfare when you cannot make it by yourself. Don't tell me that you do not owe taxpayers something; don't tell me that you do not owe your society something; don't tell me that you do not owe the President of the United States something. You owe every member of this society something; you owe leadership something; you owe government something; you owe your neighbor something; you owe your mother and father something; you owe all of us something. No individual belongs to himself—all of us belong to the total society.


Feeding And Forming The Mind

Some rebellious, flamed -up, monstrous creations of Satan think that even though their flesh belongs to society, their mind is their own. But who told them that lie? They got that lie from somebody else. Somebody has to tell you that "your mind is your own." The human being does not naturally come up on the earth talking that kind of talk. Everything that is in your mind that you see as making up "your own mind" came from outside of you. When you came here, you had nothing in your mind. You came from the womb of your mother empty -minded and it was God Who first put something in your mind. You heard something, you opened your eyes, and you saw something from God's creation — then you began to get things into your mind. As you grew up your mother, your father, your sisters and brothers, and the people of the household began to feed your mind. Then when you came out of your house and got into the open society with your friends, the open society began to feed your mind. If you were fortunate, later on you went to school and the school began to feed your mind. When you get real old, you return back to God and He again begins to feed your mind. You are formed by God first and by your society (your environment) secondly.



You do not have anything that you can say is all your own, except one thing — that is your "freedom." Freedom in the real sense is not a foolish freedom. You have conscience and you have the freedom of thought. When we say freedom of thought we do not mean the recklessness of thought or the disorder of thought. Freedom in the human society should not imply disorder or running away from the order of society. I know the meaning of freedom for the human being because God has connected me back with the development of the term before societies lost its true meaning. "Freedom" for a human being (in the language of the Declaration of Independence or in the civilized, human and divine sense) means this: that God has trusted the human being with authority over himself. That is "responsibility" more than it is "freedom" in the sense that this world has taken the word "freedom." God has given you responsibility and responsibility is the thing that you have that is uniquely yours.

No man can take away your unique and peculiar responsibility. Men and women who violate the laws of the society are locked up in jail because the society is not going to let its survival be threatened by any members of the society without defending itself. You cannot condemn society for defending itself. I have never seen a guilty criminal condemn the society. He might come up with an excuse like, "The society is no better than I am." Even with his excuse, he still does not condemn the theory behind the execution of justice. He says, "Yes, I'm supposed to be punished. I am wrong but they are no better than me." We rationalize and we try to escape the truth, but we do not deny the right of society to punish us for our abuses against society.


Self-Mastery For Survival

The purpose of religion is to protect for you the peculiar power and authority that you have that is uniquely and privately yours. It is the duty of religion to show each individual that he or she is different from physical creation (different from plant and animal life). The human being is a peculiar creation and, because of that, he has authority to rule and to master himself. If you do not use that authority, you put yourself in danger because your own survival as an individual depends upon your success. That is "self-mastery." Study human development from the womb of the mother up to the government of the United States. Do not think that your development is just flesh development or intelligence development or spiritual development. The human development is also governmental development. God has put in the nature of human beings the desire to develop into government. We are not just growing up or developing into rational mind, moral mind, or spiritual mind. We are naturally moving and growing into the nature of government.


Government: Divine Destiny

It is a natural requirement that all creatures have some degree of government. The human being is a creature capable of the highest degree of government. Let us stop thinking that government is a punishment in our lives. Government is the divine destiny of human life. The scripture proves that government is a divine destiny of human life and that God wants human beings to come into government. We do not come into existence before there is a certain degree of government. The male and the female coming together in a partnership represents a degree of government. Then that relationship spreads out into the children and into relatives, and those relatives become tribes. As tribes multiply they are forced to come together to become a national government. I hope you see how easy it is to trace the natural movement of government in human lives.

We must have government. Do not go around talking "democracy and freedom" if you are fighting against government. No, fight for government. You may ask, "Should I fight for government even if it is imperfect?" Yes, fight for imperfect government until you can get perfect government. "But should I fight for corrupt government?" Yes, fight even for corrupt government until you can get holy government. Even though you are not perfect as an individual, you are still going to battle for survival aren't you? Even though the relationship that we have with our husband or our wife may not be perfect, we are not going to destroy that relationship are we? I hope not. No relationship for human beings is perfect because human beings are not perfect. We have to mate to reproduce ourselves because we are incomplete. Even as a society we can never be perfect. Only God is perfect. Only God is complete. But if we have God as an attracting light growing us to Him, guiding and pulling our development, we will grow in more and more degrees of purity, perfection and completion.


The Reach Of God

We must take the responsibility to make our society into a human society. If not, we are finished. Believe me, God has the power to whip us into shape. He uses all kinds of sticks. Some of us think that God can get us in the judgment, but that He cannot get us now. Many of you still do not believe that there is a Hereafter (a Latter Stage). Let me tell you something that I know for a fact. God can get you anytime He wants to, any place He wants to, and in anyway He wants to. You can never get out of the reach of God. God can whip you mentally into form and make you get into shape. He can whip you morally and make you get into shape. He can whip you spiritually and make you get into shape. He can whip you physically and make you get into shape.

Do not think that God is limited in any sense. Although much of the forces of trouble in our environment have been brought on by Satan himself, let us realize that they are forces that we can overcome. If we get in line with God, God will even turn the inclement weather into a beautiful climate and we will not be worried. But peace can only come when we give ourselves to the natural way of God. That is the divine way that He has established with natural guidelines. If we get in line with that way, we can overcome anything that is holding us down, that is corrupting us, or that is holding us back from our development. Then we can enjoy a healthy and heavenly order in this life on earth as human beings.


Join Us

I ask you to join "us," not "me." This is a movement that is universal. Join us in this movement to return natural life back to human beings; to return natural conscience back to human beings; to return natural rationale back to human beings; to return natural spirituality back to human beings. Join us! Most of you have to be transformed and made all over again. You have to be given your real conscience again. Satan's grafted world of lies and tricks has taken even your conscience. Peace be unto you. As-Salaam -Alaikum.
Thank for  honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your brother in service to Allah,
W.D. Muhammad