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Imam W. Deen Mohammed

QUESTION: What is the community's position on foreign money as a source of donation? Phoenix, AZ.

IMAM: We don't seek or go out and solicit funds from outside of the United States, except if someone from overseas has expressed a desire to fund some of our charitable operations. My first trip abroad, my first contact with anyone outside of the United States to discuss funding, was in reply to a statement from overseas passed on to me from persons here, indicating that there was a willingness or desire in some of the Muslims overseas to make donations for our religious work.

I would never go abroad seeking monies/funds to fund our operations here unless there is already evidence that there is someone desiring to make some contributions.

QUESTION: How long is the congregation or Jumah prayer service supposed to last? I have known it to last three hours. Is that appropriate?

IMAM: The average time for Jumah is 30 minutes to one hour. Some places where there is good attendance, a lot of spirit and enthusiasm generated, you perhaps will find Jumah prayer extending into the second hour, or one hour and one-half. I prefer to limit my khutbah to 40 minutes, an hour at the most. I dislike going over an hour on Jumah.