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Imam W. D. Muhammad


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god But Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Dear Readers:
It is so easy for us to forget that the human mind must take in food in order to put out. More than any other organ in the body, the mind serves and transports the body. In the design of this natural function, the mind develops beyond the limitations of the physical human organs to become the world's most trusted tool for survival and progress. The world breathes out into the mind for mental growth and mind breathes out into the world of the total growth — traveling, exploring, discovering, investigating and forming germs of knowledge. The mind is breathing out into the world all the time. This breathing out feeds the world both materially and mentally. Most of the people know this life function of mind is no self - clocked independent operation. A creation, without any living human will working within, is a must for human society. Without a will to rule over the mind, the mind becomes virtually a womb for any and all germs of the outer and opened world.

This knowledge was passed down to today's world by the ancient mind that was inspired and that came into birth under the light of the divine truth. Such minds have been called seers, path seekers, travelers, prophets or Christs. These slaves of Allah and servants of humanity were always working hard to keep human beings in touch with the real truth as the real truth is revealed in all creation. In the Quran, the Originator says to us through the universal prophet, "In the skies and in the earth are instructive signs for the seekers after understanding, but how many go on passing by never heeding." On the clear night, the searcher or the seeker sees in the highest sky what appears to be perfect order, dignity, majesty and peace.

This description of the heavens above seem to be what all the associate forms of life are struggling for below. "And in yourselves as well, there are the instructing signs." It is revealed in the Quran that, "The creation of the natural worlds is a bigger creation that is the creation of yourselves." However, mind as an object of natural evolution in the growth of creation can receive divine guidance from the divine revelation and grow to develop as a crown of creation. Mind has been historically rising and expanding to higher and to stronger positions of authority over physical matter and over the natural forces. The hidden angels in the natural workings of creation have been continually bowing in divinely ordained activities for increased human services, for increases in power, and for increases in wealth. Human growth forces the society to evolve up through the spinal tree into the head of rational life.

This human growth frees the individual from slavery to the lower life instincts. Time eventually brings the wild or the primitive form to the frontier of rational life. Thrust upon this frontier, the individual or the society must have the tools of human development. When a traveler does not have an objective, he is said to be wandering about. Religion is not a path of sleep - walkers, religion is the straight and narrow path. Mind must be sober to walk this path. The priceless tools for progress are the sense - body of five senses and the moral - body of rational balance. Religious movement is a natural walk with two legs: one of sense perception and the other of moral perception or rational moral balance. Mind grows to become a master of balance by constantly making use of these two legs. The human is an inquisitive being and an ambitious being by nature. Mind aspires after knowledge and after environmental excellence. Religious people follow the path of light and seek the symbolic "Holy City." Travel needs a path and an object. The path of light is the path of human excellence and the object in the path is truth. Human life travels the path of light to reach the better light and rests only when it has found the best of light, the One God, the Creator, and the embodiment of all truth. The scriptures say freedom is found in truth. In its rotation and in its revolution around the sun, the earth at its poles stretches like a rubber band, shortening and lengthening our nights and our days. At the same time the earth moves as a wheel, passing us through canyons with recesses of darkness and despair, and it peeks at noon time and at midnight as if to keep life in a balanced touch with the lights of night and with the light of day. The lights of night are many, but the light of day is one.

Dear Readers, dark clouds are not constant forms, the clouds an transformations. The darkest night is ? with piercing stars. The mot symbolically, waxes and wanes as a sign of social evolution in society. The divine signs in the natural world are superior to the dead, physical mind's interpellations. The flashing neon signs, given us by the commercial world, serve somewhat to illustrate the superior effectiveness of natural universal movement in the earth and in the skies. The universal, precise and regulated activity in creation takes:' its symbolic but clear messages in and out of view to awake dead mind matter to life and to keep mind's attention. Unlike the form of the moon, the form of the sun remains constant but the signs, however, appear to change. The sun appears biggest at times of rising and times of setting and smallest at times of its zenith, when it is noon day.

Primitive man's many false gods, in the concept of heavenly light, appear bigger than the One and the Most High God, Allah. That is a falsehood that is created in the mind of superstitious and primitive man. When life sees the first sunrise it says, "Oh, how glorious!" When life notices the sun again after having forgotten, it says, "Oh, how glorious!" To the early world of idol gods of fertility worship, the worship of fertility was the biggest and the most glorious expression of truth. Today we have a world of spiritual sunset or blindness and it is the same for the modern but primitive mind. Trinitarian worship, to these modern but primitive minds, seems to be the biggest sun in the skies of their mind. Nevertheless, with a searching eye's observation, the sun appears smallest in life's physical view when it is highest and brightest in the living room called the world. It is the same for the growing of truth in the living room (the world) called the human mind.

True religious development needs no hallucinatory drugs. Fantasizing and hallucinating in life's struggle for -spiritual birth is what Abraham and other prophets of God transformed. They brought into view the path of true religious substance. Fantasizing and hallucinating in religion is drunkenness.

Life's future depends on the natural growth towards balance. Greed and mysticism of extremes are hallucinatory addiction. When truly seen, creation becomes the stimulant supporting divine revelation. Truth in creation is a sign or a pointer, pointing to the revealing of truth that is closest to human nature. The "high" in religion is a high akin to the one that is given by alcohol or by narcotics. A likeness of this high, on a much higher plane, is the filling up of the mind's cup under the down pouring of clear truth that is naturally related to creation and that is attested to by the true sciences. The Most High says in the Holy Quran, "This is revelation as clear as the seeing with the eye." Again, it is written therein, "You shall come to see indeed with unmistakable vision." The peace and blessings on Muhammad, the embodiment and the seal of all the prophets. On the righteous servants, all of them, be peace. The scripture says, "That which is in the skies and that which is in the earth have been divinely ordered for human service." With the coming article we will proceed to identify mind in the creation. Moving along this vein, we will observe the fundamental structure of society and government in this conversation with our sincere readers.