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The Destruction Of The Devil

W.D. Muhammad


"And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever." Revelations, 21:10

Who is Satan, the devil? Many religious people have been spooked up on the churches, the synagogues and the mosques and made to think that Satan is some invisible ghost that hovers around, waiting for an opportunity to come and take over your life and lead you to do something bad.

There is no Satan outside of your body unless that Satan is inside somebody else's body. When you speak of a devil inside another person's body, you are not talking about something that has an independent existence outside of that person.

If there is a devil in you, that devil has grown in you. It has come to birth on something that started within you like lies, weak ideas or wrong thinking. These things begin to grow a particular disposition in you and pretty soon your disposition is one of evil and wickedness. If they continue to grow, you will take the form of a devil.

When we speak of men and women as physical bodies, we refer to them as "male" and "female." But when we speak of them as persons, we refer to them as "men" and "women" or "ladies" and "gentlemen." Likewise with a devil. When we speak of a devil, we are not talking about something physical. We are talking about the person within the physical body.

You can destroy a devil by destroying the mind that the person has grown within them. If you can destroy that mind, you will destroy that devil. As long as the person keeps the same mind, they will be the same devil.

You may say, "There must be more to the destruction of the devil than that." Would you agree with us that devils should be destroyed just as human beings are destroyed? If so, do you destroy human beings by killing them physically?

No! If a human being has become powerful as a human being, you cannot kill him by killing him physically. Many people who grew powerful as human beings (as a mind or an influence on the world) were killed physically. But they lived on mentally and historically in the world to rule the world even after their physical death.

We know that you can stop a person from moving in his physical body by killing that physical body. But if the influences of that person have reached others in the world, you have to kill his mind before the world. If you kill his mind before the world, the world has to give up his mind.

The Bible never told you that the devil was going to be killed by any kind of physical destruction. It says that the Beast shall be taken without hands. Again it tells you that the devil that has deceived you was cast into the Lake of Fire.

Today, the Nation of Islam (the Body-Christ) is destroying the devil without hands by casting him into our Lake of Fire (Divine Truth and Knowledge).

The Teachings that we give you from Almighty God are faithful and true. Today we come quickly to keep the prophecies of the Divine Scriptures of God.

As -Salaam -Alaikum
Your Brother,
W.D. Muhammad