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The Way Of The Prophets

W.D. Muhammad – Supreme Minister


163. We have sent
thee Inspiration, as We sent it
To Noah and the Messengers
After him : We sent
Inspiration to Abraham,
Ismail, Isaac, Jacob
And the Tribes, to Jesus,
Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon,
And to David We gave
The Psalms.

164. Of some apostles We have
Already told thee the story ;
Of others We have not;—
And to Moses God spoke

165. Apostles who gave good news
As well as warning,
That mankind, after (the coming)
Of the apostles, should have
No plea against God :
For God is Exalted in Power,

HOLY QURAN translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura IV: Verses, 163 – 165

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad forever. Amen.

As -Salaam -Alaikum My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In the Scripture we read that the Prophets of God prophesied of a coming day when Almighty God would be present and would justify the righteous. The righteous people have been coming into great Truth for thousands of years, but that Truth was a small light from a very few people.
The majority of the people have been opposed to Truth and have preferred to dwell in the pits of (spiritual) darkness.

The Prophets of God had to battle the unrighteous world almost singlehandedly. They knew that a glorious day was coming that would favor the righteous. They knew that the lovers of lies, the lovers of falsehood, and the lovers of injustice would be in the weaker position on that day.


The Worship Of Personalities In Religion

All through the Bible we hear the Prophets speaking of the coming of the glorious manifestation of Almighty God. (Manifest means to make known.) They knew that the coming manifestation of God would clear the religious atmosphere of confusion and plainly establish the Truth concerning God, His Servants, and His way of life.
The Book says that many of  His Prophets prayed to see this day and time, in which we live. They wanted to see the Light of the Truth of the oneness of God and His Religion bring life to the mentally dead people of the land.

The Old World of Knowledge has divided the people one against the other and created the worship of personalities in religion. Christians worship the personality called Jesus and Jews worship the personality called Moses. Even some Muslims who do not have the proper understanding of the Right Religion (Islam) in this world of scriptural darkness worship the personality of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

The members of the Nation of Islam in America (the Body- Christ) are the best followers of Jesus, Moses, and the Prophet Muhammad. We recognize that all of them came with one religion, which is Islam.
In following the Universal Religion, we become the ideal followers of all the righteous Prophets of God.


Allah Sent All The Prophets

We are all supposed to be one religious community. Why should Christians be a separate community from Jews and Muslims a separate community from both Christians and Jews?
The God of us all is one God. We say that Allah sent Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other Prophets. The Jews say that God sent Moses and the Christians say that He sent Jesus, Moses, and other Prophets.

If Almighty God sent His Prophets who led us into our respective ways of life, we should all have one life because we have One Sender sending men to lead us. Why do we have different religions in the world all claiming that their leader came from the same God?

The Holy Quran is the only Book that clarifies that matter and gives it as it should be given. It says that Allah sent all of the Prophets and that there are many that are not named in the Book. God has raised up Messengers and Prophets from among every people. There has never been a people on earth among whom God has not raised someone from among them and given that one understanding to guide the rest.


The Religion Of The Bible Is Islam

When time permits, we will show you that from Genesis to Revelations the Bible is only talking about one religion, and it is not the religion commonly known today as "Christianity," nor is it Judaism. The religion of the Bible is Islam.


150.  Those who deny God
And His apostles, and (those
Who) wish to separate
God from His apostles,
Saying : "We believe in some
Hut reject others" :
And (those who) wish
To take a course midway,

151. They are in truth
(Equally) Unbelievers ;
And We have prepared
For Unbelievers a humiliating

152.  To those who believe
In God and His apostles
And make no distinction
Between any of the apostles,
We shall soon give
Their (due) rewards :
For God is Oft-forgiving,
Most Merciful.

HOLY QURAN translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura IV: Verses, 150 – 152


What does "Islam" mean? Islam means a willing and complete obedience to the Divine Supreme Being. The very word Islam denotes peace. It is only when the person gives himself or herself over completely to be ruled by Divine Mind that they come into total and complete peace.

In order for the Nation of Islam the Body -Christ) to bring the people of the world to peace today, we have to destroy the worship of Prophets in the minds of the people. There can be no peace until we all worship the True and Living God, Almighty Allah. This is the Way of the Prophets.

We have to give you the proper understanding of the relationship that the Prophets of God had with each other. Each of them verified the one that went before. No Prophet came up saying that the one before him taught other than the Truth. They all bore witness to being sent from the same God that sent the Prophets before them.


Knowledge Is Power

When we study the Scripture we see that the Prophets of God had a relationship with each other which was the True Religion of Almighty God. Their religion was to surrender to God and not to surrender to selfish slave -masters, selfish governments, or selfish, lying, wicked, adulterous religious orders.

Today, you should seek a religion that offers you the knowledge to survive in this world of physical and mental death and a religion that offers you the knowledge to grow into the fulfillment of your natural Divine growth.

Knowledge is power. No matter how good and righteous you are, if you don't have knowledge you are weak. The lest favor of God is to bless you with knowledge. God rewards your goodness by blessing you with knowledge. He gives you knowledge to protect yourself in a cruel world against strong, evil people who would mistreat and oppress you.


Divine Mind Sees All The Way

36. For We assuredly sent
Amongst every People an
(With the Command), " Serve
God, and eschew Evil" :
Of the people were some whom
God guided, and some
On whom Error became
Inevitably (established). So travel
Through the earth, and see
What was the end of those
Who denied (the Truth).

HOLY QURAN translation by Yusuf Ali, Sura XVI: Verse 36


Today, Divine Knowledge direct from the mouth of  God is increasing the limited light of knowledge given to us in the Scripture by the Prophets of God. I do not claim to be a Prophet. "Prophet" is a word that carries a meaning from ancient times that cannot be applied once the end of that meaning has been reached.

A Prophet is one who understands something of Truth. He knows that there is a God and he feels the reality of a Righteous Being in his own life. Because of his purity (clean mind) and his willingness to follow righteousness, he is able to predict what will happen to people who rebel against the Right Way (the Way of the Prophets). In being able to predict, he is given the name "Prophet."

Prophet means one who has the power to prophesy. That kind of man is not needed in the world today. There is no need to prophesy because the prophecies have been fulfilled and the whole Truth is being brought out in the open.

We don't predict and tell you that a certain thing will happen because of this or that. The word "prophesy" is the wrong word to use for what we are telling you today. We tell you, in fact, what is going to happen if you go in a certain direction. That is not the same as prophesying.

The very word "prophesy" suggests a lack of knowledge. It means that the person can't see all of the way. He sees only part way, so he predicts the rest of the way. This is the day and time when we don't prophesy anymore. Today, the Divine   Mind   sees   all   the   way.   The Knowledge given to you by the Divine Mind, Brothers and Sisters, will make you greater than the Prophets.


51. O ye apostles ! enjoy
(All) things good and pure,
And work righteousness :
For I am well acquainted
With (all) that ye do.

52. And verily this Brotherhood
Of yours is a single Brotherhood,
And I am your Lord
And Cherisher : therefore
Fear Me (and no other).

53. But people have cut off
Their affair (of unity),
Between them, into sects :
Each party rejoices in that
Which is with itself.

54.  But leave them
In their confused ignorance
For a time.

HOLY QURAN translation by Yusuf Ali, Sura XXIII: Verse 51 - 54


We Are With God

If you want to come into the knowledge of the TRUE Religion of God, you must come to the Nation of Islam (the Body-Christ). There is no other place on the planet earth for you to receive it. The Nation of Islam is the highest place on earth. No matter how elevated you think you are in the knowledge of Truth, you must step up when you come with us because we are with God, Himself.

We hope that these few words have given you a better understanding of the Way of the Prophets. We pray that Almighty God will increase you in your sincerity and increase you in your strength to do what is right. Come to your glorious place in the Body-Christ, the New Jerusalem, the Nation of Islam in America.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

As -Salaam -Alaikum W.D. Muhammad Supreme Minister