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Imam W. Deen Muhammad


CHICAGO— In response to questions received by A.M. Journal since the beginning of the Ramadan fast, Imam W. Deen Muhammad was asked to clarify several questions for our readers.

In terms of "what happens should you happen to sleep past the end of Sahoor? — Imam   Muhammad replied,   "Nothing.   When   you  wake  up  you make prayer." However, you are not allowed to take any food past the end of Sahoor.

"You don't have to stay up all night like some people think," Imam Muhammad explained. "You don't have to do that.  You can eat up until that time (end of Sahoor); that's the latest that you can eat,  'but it doesn't mean that you have to eat at that time.

"IT IS BEST that you wake up and eat some food at that time (Sahoor), but if you take food earlier, say like one or two o'clock, and you go to bed and fail to wake up at Sahoor time, that's okay. You haven't caused any  problems. Just don't take any food after about 3:30 a.m. (end of Sahoor)."

Imam Muhammad cautions against heavy eating in the evening and early morning.  For Sahoor, he encourages fruit or jello and plenty of fluids "so that you - will have liquid for the next day. ' '

If you're going to work, it's different, he said. Get up and have a good breakfast before dawn, "but don't eat "heavy like that and go to bed.”

HE IS ESPECIALLY concerned about American Muslims who are up in  age;  those with  high  blood pressure; and those who are overweight, indicating that serious illness or death could result if they are not careful.

As for those needing medication,  you can't take medication during a fast.

"If you have to stay on medication, then you can't fast. And if you have to take it during the day you must consult your doctor. If the doctor says yes, it's important for your health, then you can't fast."

IN REGARDS to breaking the fast:  "You should break the fast with something light, like a piece of fruit," he said.  "The Prophet (PBUH)  by tradition broke the fast with a date or two and a little water."

Any natural fruit or natural food that's easy on the digestive system is sufficient for breaking the fast. "Break the fast with something light—like some juice and water or a piece of fruit and water. Then make Maghrib prayer right after that. That would be about 10 minutes. Then eat your meal.

"Don't rush to eat your meal; that's bad on your system, especially in this hot weather. If you rush and start eating a lot of ice-cold stuff and heavy stuff like greasy food, you would probably get sick.

"Muslims should know to not eat very heavy meals before going to bed also. After Maghrib prayer, eat moderately...and then try to eat again moderately and give yourself a couple of hours before you go to bed."

Guard against eating heavily, he concluded