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'Goodbye' Versus 'Godspeed'

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


 (Editor's note: The following timely excerpt is from "Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks from Harlem, " Volume 11.)

If we continue to play games, we will continue to be in this shameful state we are in as American people. It is so painful to move around these United States, painful. You used to see the whiles looking at us sniggling, laughing. Now, foreigners we have never seen before are looking at us too - " come the Blacks," Yes, if you get on the plane, they look at you (sniggling): "Here come the Blacks."

If we go to some place that brings different races, different people together for overseas travel, or for business, whatever it is, when you come in you see the heads looking at you (sniggling). If you go to the bank for a bank account, to open a good account, when you are through with your transaction (they say), "Goodbye." "Goodbye" means "I don't expect to see you anymore."

Now, you have just left your whole life savings there, and they say, "Goodbye." If you go in one of the better restaurants, sit down, eat, (they say) "Goodbye!" When you get ready to leave, you have paid them, they've got your money. "Goodbye," meaning they don't expect to see you anymore. Yes! It is a sad situation.

I went to the bank and put the money in, opened a nice account. The lady said, "Goodbye!" I said, "God Speed." So when I came back, they treated me differently. Yes, they treated me very differently when I came back. That is what the words of God will do for you.

The words of God will open your ears and give you something to say, too. Yes! The average American doesn't know that "goodbye" means "Godspeed."