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Black America's ‘Mission’ In The World

W.D. Muhammad Supreme Minister


"Whenever major social problems rise and threaten the human order of society, there is always at that time a certain group of people that are conditioned to understand better the nature of those major social problems.
"In this time in the history of the Black people as a deprived ethnic group, it is this deprived ethnic group that is best prepared by experience to understand the nature of the major social problems that threaten us today.

"The Black community in America was not chosen simply because it is Black physically. If 'Blackness' were chosen and not the people, then we would have a problem understanding the American Black community being the choice.
"As groups, we find that in Africa there is more physical Blackness than there is in America, among American Blacks.
"The American Black community as a people of skin color are representative of the world's people of color more than they are representative of those people of the world whose skin appears to be physically Black.

"If the chosen are to remain the choice, they have to respect the Divine favor that has been bestowed on them and fulfill the obligation as a choice. They are chosen to carry a mission.
"The mission is to reach all who share in their suffering. Their suffering is the denial of equal opportunities in education, in the building of the world, and in the fruits or the blessings of their labor. 
"The chosen are chosen to champion the cause of the poor, the deprived, the enslaved.
"When we look around the world, we see that there are other people in the United States and outside who share our problems.

"The Black American, being more experienced and more aware of this common problem, is best suited to champion the cause.
"Furthermore, his success, his victory, is more significant and offers more encouragement to the Brothers and Sisters who share in the miseries produced by grafted, Caucasian mentality.
"If Black America can overcome, then everybody else in the world can overcome.
"In this light, it is easy to see that Black America is the Christ, the Saviour for the afflicted, poor, and miserable people of the world. '

—Honorable W. D. Muhammad Supreme Minister