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W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles
Reprinted from the Muslim Journal

(Reprinted form the Muslim Journal 5-16-08 to 6-27-08)

The Temples Of Islam

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

As-Salaam-Alaikum. To our Radio Listen Audience, we are very pleased that we are able to be present here today for this live broadcast. The theme or topic is the Meeting of Science and Religion is Occurring to Dispel Myths.

I remember my father being given a tape. I was put out of the Nation of Islam or put out of the Temple for questioning the idea of G-d that we all were identified with. I had been put out once already, and some of the believers in the Temple heard me on the radio being interviewed by an African American Christian sister.


She was asking me of what kind of concerns I had. And I said to her, "I am writing a book." She asked me what was it about? And I said, "It is on the burden of myth on the American people."

Believe me, that audience I am sure did not respond like my father responded, when they played that tape in his presence. He would not hear it until I was present.

I was present on a Sunday, as we normally would go from the Temple or wherever we were to the house of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, along with staff people, to hear him comment to his staff and officials on matters he thought he should bring to our attention at the dinner table.

We had finished with the meal and coffee was being served and he said to me, "Son, we want to play that tape." I never got scared, because I never intentionally did any wrong. And if I have not intentionally done any wrong, what should I fear? Nothing.

The consequences good or bad will be good for me. If I have done good and I'm not guilty and I'm a good person, and G-d loves me and I love Him, I have nothing to fear.

If you throw me in the fire, the fire will be good for me -if that is what G-d wants. So my father said, "Play that tape."

So my nephew and the grandson of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was a very faithful servant to my father in his older years and when he was sickly. He was the one my father told to get the tape and to play it.

The Supreme Captain was there and the Assistant Supreme Captain. The regular house and office staff was there, those secretaries who worked directly with the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. And my mother was there and normally always there sitting at the far end of the table.

They played the tape and my father heard me speak about myths being a burden on the people. It said "mythological gods" - those were my exact words.


I said, "Mythological gods is the burden on the American people." My father had been sickly and everyone was thinking we should go easy with him. He wasn't acting sick and looked strong, health wise. I think he was enjoying his better days at that particular time.

At one point, he stands up, and I mean better than I can stand up right now because of my little back problem. He stands up at the table and he said, "My son's got it!" Those were his exact words.

I am wondering what he is talking about and what impressed him so much for him to say, "I got it." It took me some time to understand what he was saying. I thought of it as conversation and knew it was conversation in deep water. It was not playful for children, to talk about mythological gods.

He looked at my mother while still standing and she was sitting, and he said, "Clara, isn't this what we wanted?" And she smiled and nodded her head.

So what I am coming to you today with is really a continuation of that interest that I had to inquire into the nature of our culture to see just where that came from and what it is made of and where the problem is.


We are hearing on the news and in educational publications and in regular magazines that come out like TIME and other magazines, we are hearing about the coming together of religion and science. Religion and science are being recognized now as not being against each other but belonging to each other.

With this occurrence, myths are being dispelled. That which we could not understand before in the culture as myth or tied directly to myth is now being uncovered and now being understood, gradually.

But most of us are not even familiar with what is going on, because we are not situated in society to be in touch with such occurrences or such happenings. These things pass by the great majority of the people, and even the great majority of the educated people.

That is exactly what is happening - the meeting of science and religion, where religion is beginning to express its scientific composition and scientific design. Certainly, it is spiritual, but the spiritual has to be established. And the spiritual cannot be established, unless it is through the material.

G-d made Adam, and he was existing according to Genesis already, so He made him for a second time. And when He made him for the second time, He gave him a female mate, so he would bear children on earth and have a future on earth. And he could not do that without utilizing the material reality.

G-d told him that He made all the things that had been formed or created by G-d to be of use and utility to Adam and the future human beings on this earth, the descendants of Adam.


The word "black" as given in Islam should be understood by Muslims, especially in America, where "white" and "black" have become troubling language. It has been going on now for well over 300 years. And even after gaining Civil Rights and full rights of citizenship, this problem continues -white and black.

Obviously, we are not using this language correctly. We are doing it unintentionally or intentionally. We are not using this language correctly that identifies one people as white and the other as black.

The word "black" is given in Islam, and we are going to discuss that and try to understand it.

Nation of Islam Temples in North America - I am using that language, because all of it have a lot to do with Nation of Islam presence in the United States of America.

The Nation of Islam Temple language used back then influenced many who were identifying as Negroes and Colored people to change and identify themselves as Blacks or black people.


The dictionary meaning for the term "black" will connect with science, religion and also with informal language. However, we cannot go to the dictionary and find the explanation "in religion" for the term "black."

It is felt that the term black was made popular in America by the religious following of Elijah Poole Muhammad, and I said Poole to recognize his family roots.

So we have an obligation to acquaint ourselves with the meaning for Islam and publish the meaning in North America where the term "black" gained popularity, because of the teachings and work of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

"Islam," the religion of humanity, "is the religion of the Black man." That is what we were taught in the Nation of Islam, by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the student of Professor Fard, the one he called "G-d or Allah in the person...."


It is important that we not condemn before studying Fard's language and researching this word, "black." A quick look at what is understood to be Islam throughout the world is what we have to recognize.

When we look at that and what is the definition of Islam, then the Nation of Islam and the world community of Muslims were at odds and further apart than the church was from the Islam that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad presented.

We were closer to the church as a religious people than we were to true Islam as practiced by Muslims throughout the world. There was a reason for that, and as I said don't be quick to condemn. So we want to have a quick look at what is understood to be Islam throughout the world.


We also want to examine what some religionists have used to justify White Supremacy: Hints of racism in religious myth, the deity of Rama, and Noah's three sons. In the Far East, Rama has influenced the way Far Easterners look at us.

In America, the story of the three sons of Noah has influenced the way the White church looks at us.

Islam's definition for the term black as applied in religion, let us look at that seriously. "The Browning of America" is a caption that appeared some time ago on the cover of EBONY Magazine.

During the campaign for the office of President of these United States, a CNN special on Black America has gone out to millions in this country and overseas.


One would think that this special was supporting two Americas — one Black and one White. Black America, it said, these people who are of the same race as Obama, represent one America. Obviously, the conclusion is that the Whites represent the other.

Being that Obama identifies as a Black man and is identified as a Black man by CNN and the media and the American people, this Black man is conducting the most impressive campaign ever — by Democrats and Republicans.

Being that Obama is identified by the media as a Black man and in that particular picture as one campaigning for the office of the United States, this wording chosen by this CNN special could be saying something about the nature of the American people.

At this point, we would like to address the American people as a people of faith in Allah and as a liberator of humanity. We know the ugly America, but what I am addressing now is America the Beautiful.

The meeting of science and religion is occurring to dispel oppressive myth. I said it in that tape many years ago that the Hon. Elijah Muahmmad had them play where I could hear what I was going to be charged with, where I spoke about mythological gods.


One of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt was a great ruler and no one could disagree with him without taking the great risk of being killed or driven out of Egypt. On the Prophet be Peace, Prophet Abraham refused to recognize the authority of the pharaoh over the Authority of Allah.

Pharaoh placed himself above Abraham's respect for Divine Authority. Pharaoh's position was that Egypt was like no other place on earth, and Abraham would not be able to find knowledge, science and guidance for his mind and heart in any other place.

Pharaoh's attitude caused him to see Abraham as a lost soul without guidance. Abraham disagreed. Speaking to Pharaoh, Abraham said, and I am giving you a quote from the Qur'an: "The one who created me will guide me." This Pharaoh has been preserved in history as a lesson to worshippers.

Quoting again from our Holy Book, "Who then is more oppressive than him who fabricates a lie on Allah to have the people go about ignorantly in error? Certainly, Allah does not guide the society of oppressors." (Qur'an, chapter 6, verse 141)

Continuing to question religious myth and a look at the major religions in prophecies, this is the end of time that we are living in right now.

The sacred word personified, along with its anatomy of bones, has come into America with the People of the Book, the Jews and Christians, and has been followed by the Muslims whose Book is the Qur'an.

Knowledge without understanding is as a social issue of bones without any meat on them. A Bible quote: "Son of Man, can these dry bones live again? Prophesy to the four winds...."

Back to the Holy Temples of Islam in the Wilderness of North America. A wilderness is where there is a lot of wild life. Quoting from the Temple Lessons: "You must learn how to put your mathematical theology in its proper terms."

This comes from the Lessons and Workbooks and assignments to the members or students of the Nation of Islam under Mr. Fard for the first three years and there after under the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.


Like some members in the Temple of Islam, following my heart, my heart refused to have my mind engage bold flagrant contradictions charged to divine, to G-d, to divine order and authority. In time, my desire to have it right drove out sentimental-ism and to have reason serve my need for a better understanding.

Teachings that I previously did not favor in the Nation of Islam were now getting my attention. Some say, "You should have favored everything." But how many of you all favored everything?

You favored the Hon. Elijah Muhammad saying that the Black man was superior to the White man. You favored the Hon. Elijah Muhammad saying that you had been deceived by the White devil.

You favored a lot of things, but I never saw too many trying to explain Yakub's History. Teachings that I previously did not favor were now getting my attention.

For example: Blacks made the devil. "Oh, you don't have it quite right. Yakub made the devil." But the same papers that said Yakub made the devil also said that Yakub was a Black man.

The Black man is all righteous." I am giving you what we were taught. The Nation of Islam teachings were fraught with loaded, boldly presented contradictions. We can't deny that; it was done intentionally to wake us up one day.

Another quote that goes with that time and Lesson material: "The White race is a race of devils." That is one the Hon. Elijah Muhammad used a lot, and he said it like he meant it. Another from that teachings is, "They are born devils."


Professor Fard chose to do his work among poor Black Americans by presenting himself as "the son of man"; those were his own words. If Mr. Fard was ever approached by anybody to answer for saying that, and I knew him very well and I know him very well -although the history records would say we never met....

He would not admit he said that and would pass that off as a joke or something, but he did say that. He went further and said i that we were brought here by the slave traders and deprived of all knowledge of our past. And that there was no way of any help coming to us or help did not come to us, until "the coming of the son of man in the person of W. D. Fard."

That is the Lessons that we received back then and they came from Professor Fard himself. So we know he intended for us to see him as the "son of man."


My father was not a person who supported people going to church. And my mother was a strong church person. And the father of my father was a preacher having his own congregation.

He became known as Wali later on, but his name was William Poole. He became known in the Temple of Islam as Wali Muhammad and many called him "Father," because he was the father of my father. The believers called him Father Muhammad.

For the general audience or for the White world, the role Fard chose was the role of a satirist. What is a satirist? I did some research and not just in the dictionary. In myth, a satirist is a creature of the wild.

In reference to literature, a satirist is one who ridicules the world he is living in. Or he designs language to really attack and hurt the world he lives in, but he always hides himself and hides also his work. So when you read it, you will take it just for fun or as an exciting novel or something.

When you understand what he is addressing with his metaphors and his allegorical language, when you come to understand it, you will see that he is dissatisfied with the political order at the time or with other things happening in the world at the time of his writing.


For outsiders, the Temple of Islam only makes sense as satire. It does not make sense, if you take it word for word, literally. If you take even its message to the members, if you don't see it as allegorical or not literal, as figurative, you will certainly miss what Mr. Fard brought to America.

Professor Fard, the one who came from overseas, was working hard for a certain result in our life and in our community. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad understood him to be like Christ Jesus, Allah or G-d in the person. And we were told that he was born of a White woman and a Black man. Quote: G-d is Black." That is what we were taught.

We were taught that Blacks were the superior although deprived of the knowledge of self under the White man. The dictionary meaning for the term "black," we can give a long list. Black has many meanings.

Some familiar meanings as church goers, we recall the Bible says "sin is black." The same Bible also says that "the Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary." If I am black, tell me what color is a shadow?

If a shadow is dense enough or big enough, it puts us in the black. That is to say, it puts us in the dark. Many of us are not familiar with general science enough to know that night is only a shadow. That is all that night time is.

In the countryside where there is no development or electric lights, unless the moon is shining, you cannot see your hand before your face. That is how dark it gets.

That night or darkness is caused by the turning away of the earth, away from the sun. It is the absence of sunlight.

It is a shadow produced by the other side of the earth and the light now is shining on the other side of the ball. The ball is so big, it blocks out the sunlight so completely, you can't see your hand before your face - unless you have the help of some moon light.


When the Bible says that the Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary, it is saying that the Holy Ghost blackened Mary. What is that saying about Mary? The Holy Ghost is of a spiritual nature and Mary is of a spiritual nature, and one of the descriptions of spirituality in religion is blackness.

Allah says in the Qur'an that He made the night to precede the day, to come before the day. So for Mary, this was an experience she was having before the birth of her son, Jesus Christ, peace be upon both of them. Once he is born there will be no more darkness, for he will be the light of the world. Isn't that what it says in the Bible?

Allah says in the Qur'an, and I repeat: "He made the night to come before the day." The beginning of creation in the Bible does not start in the day; it does not start with night. The Bible says there was darkness upon the deep, and the spirit moved along the face of the waters.

The spirit begins on the surface of the waters, where an image can be seen. If the right conditions are brought about and the water is still, not in motion, it will show you your image.

In myth, there is the story of Eros the male and Psyche the female. They went to the water and looked down and saw their images and both of them jumped into the water together.


Another meaning of black is faith and faithfulness. Why do you think priests and leaders in religion choose to wear black? Don't forget the major topic: Meeting of Religion and Science.

They wear black to say, "I am dead to this world and alive only to the Word of G-d. I am a man who keeps the faith. My life is firstly in my faith, not in this material flesh, not in this material world."

Now in the world supported by science, black is formal dress for the most serious and most special occasion. These are good meanings for black.


Now let us look at white, and white has many meanings like pure. It is always
associated with light and purity, because the sun is the biggest and most important of purifiers in our solar system or in our existence. The sunlight itself kills sickness and kills impurities.

My mother would hang her clothes out in the sunlight. And the fresh smell they would have after hanging out in the sunlight and let dry was better than the smell of any clothes from the laundromat.

So the Bible speaks of whiteness and associates it with purity and light. The same Bible also gives these words that are aimed against a people who were corrupt.

It says, "Your white is the white of leprosy." And leprosy is a contagious, nasty and dangerous disease. This is the white of disease. White supremacy is the white of leprosy.


There is story of the three sons as interpreted by some religions in American history and charging us with being of that behavior or mentality or disposition that that particular son took and who is condemned by the Bible.

This is a holy man, a prophet, Prophet Noah. One son saw his father's shame and went and got some cover and covered his father's nakedness. Another of the three sons saw him and was just disgusted with what he saw. But the third one, Ham, saw his father's nakedness and laughed.

The Bible says Ham is Egypt, and Egypt is Africa -you know that. The Bible is leaving it open for a racist to get approval for his plan or scheme to subject Black people - from the pages of what is supposed to be holy scripture, from the Bible. The one who wants White supremacy and wants to dominate, he sees Ham as Egypt and sees Ham as black, as Africa.

That is not enough, because Egypt has been mixed with other people of other colors for at least 1,500 years or more, that is northern Egypt.

They are not really "pure blacks" like the blacks of the Congo or Nigeria or of the interior of the African continent. So they went further to say that the curse was caused by Ham, and it fell upon Ham's children, the Canaanites. And the children of the Canaanites are the nappy headed blacks.

The children of Canaan were doomed or subjugated to be the servants or provide the unskilled labor to the rest of their brothers. If we take what they are saying to be true, we were condemned by G-d to be the servants of everybody on this earth.

Isn't that the way it has been worked out? Not by us, we don't like that. It has been imposed upon us.

It is said a few of the congregations or churches actually read that into the Bible or buy into what I am saying now. Whereas the majority have not accepted or bought into that as an issue to justify mistreatment of our people. But obviously the plan for advancing the American way of life bought that reading that the racists see and buy.

The Bible protects itself. If you try to attack the Bible to condemn the Bible for this, you will not win against a sharp debater or sharp contender. The Bible has already identified the nature of its script. It says that G-d opened to the people two ways, the way of life and the way of death.

The Bible also says that sin is death. We can read that again and say, "G-d opened two ways for the people, the way of life and the way of sin or the way of righteousness and the way of sin. G-d did that."

You ask, "Did G-d really do that? Did G-d intend that we take death literally speaking or sin literally speaking as a way for us? No, it can't be." So Allah gives in the Qur'an and Muhammed gave it to us in this language:

"The capacity to commit or do good or to do wrong or evil is from G-d, the Most High." G-d did not give you a mind to do evil; He gave you a capacity to do evil. It does not say evil but says "harm," and "harm" is evil.


G-d gave the capacity and made us creatures of free will to do good and to do evil. So we have to, as conscious people with free will, use that consciousness and free will to make the best choice.

G-d did not want us to be made robots; G-d wanted us to be made human. And when you have conscious and free will, you can earn more recognition to yourself as a creature of value. This is not a tree growing, that grew with no consciousness and no power of its growth to change the way it grows.

This is a human being given consciousness and the power to make choices. If the human being uses his intelligence to make the right choices, the human life improves and grows in value. And when that happens, the person experiencing that finds pleasure, joy and a higher level of self-respect, because it realizes that it is an achiever.

It has earned a better state or better place in the world by its own efforts. That is a loving G-d that didn't make us a rock, didn't make us a tree, didn't make us a dog or a cow or horse. He made us human with free will, a level above all the other creatures - because we have free will.

We have free will and the freedom to make choices of our own desire or our own pleasures to bring ourselves down or lift ourselves up. G-d has given us that.



This term black is not understood in the Black community the way it is understood in the White community. In the Black community, we think it is all about our skin color.

In the White community, they know that black is about our spiritual makeup, our emotional makeup, our emotional disposition, and not about physical flesh and skin color.

It is not about that, at all. If the White man was so much against black skin, why did some of them keep and pet the black snake and eat out of the plate with the black dog and prefer the black fish egg over all others called caviar? I can go on and on showing you the irony and outrageous contradiction in this mind makeup of the American people.

It is primitive and only came to an end because the world has pushed people together. The growing of communities, civilizations, have pushed people together. Mass media (television) and economics and business make us all connected. Those connections are bringing us together socially and culturally.

The whole population of the earth, the humans, is becoming one community. So we cannot afford anymore having these stupid conclusions we made of how we should identify a person. This is far astray of what Dr. King was all about. Do you know we act like Dr. King is dead in every respect?


Recognizing a day on the calendar of his birth and of his death means nothing, if you have forgotten what lived and what died. Dr. King followed in the best traditions of our Black or African American leaders.

How did Frederick Douglass seek to better the situation for himself and his people? He sought to do it by standing upon moral strength and addressing the wrongs of the White world or White man.

Dr. King advanced it by addressing the "Color Issue." He said the day would come when a man would be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. That is what Dr. King said.

Now Black Leadership, influenced by the Nation of Islam teachings, saw the Black people become proud and happy to say they were black, when they used to beat each other up for that in my lifetime.

This leadership that we have has turned appreciation for the black skin into an orgy. They are obsessed with the word. Everything is black.

That scares me. Our people are leading themselves astray and making it almost impossible for us to make progress with our minds and our intelligence in our communities. That is how I saw it.


Just as I saw in the Nation of Islam teachings a real problem, especially saying "G-d is a Black man and the Black man made the devil." That "G-d was a Black man and Allah was in the person of Mr. Fard, and his skin was white."

These very bold contradictions just would not be accepted by my mind, as I am sure it was not for many more of you.

After looking at the problem of Black identity and how our Black leadership was making a problem for us, I did the same thing that I had done while thinking on the Nation of Islam problem.

I said, "There must be something more to this. There must be more than meets the eye." So I analyzed it from the position of psychology, and this is what I came up with.

The White man had an attitude to support this, even if they didn't use this language, and I have heard this language even in my adult lifetime: The charge that Black men can't produce anything but babies.

So our Black leaders registered that subconsciously and consciously and responded to that charge. And now they have made things "black" to say to the White world: "There is another production I have produced."

You have Essence Magazine, and "Essence" is black, too, if you understand it. You have the Jet and Ebony Magazines and they both mean black. And you can go on and on. I also saw a magazine called Black Hair, but it may be the correct language when you look into it. There is Black Enterprise, a business magazine.

While this seems to be an overly excessive or abnormal amount of black terminology to identify what we are and what we are doing, the only way I can justify it is by saying: "This is not talking to us. This is talking to the White man."

They are telling the White man, "Here is another business we established and created. There is another publication we established. There is another service we have."

They are saying to the White man, "You said we can't produce, so chalk up another win for us." If that is the motivation, it is never going to stop, until the leadership meets with an honest, loving psychologist - Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

If you are put on the defense to prove yourself, your adversary has tied up your energies forever. Children's sense tells us not to engage someone who has no intent or interest in them but to put that person down. They will walk away from that person.

The child will tell that person, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." I heard little children say that. They will say, "Blacker the berry, sweeter the juice." These are children responding that way.

Now here is the Black leadership not understanding their own spirituality that has been developed under White Supremacy. They are now given to proving that the Black person is not what "you said" a Black person is.

So they stamp Black on this and Black on that. "Chalk up another one, White man. We are proving that we are producers."

After I saw into the psychology that is behind this proliferation of the term black, I have more respect for our Black leaders now and less troubled by their over use or exaggerated use of the term Black. It is harmful; in the long run, it can be nothing but harmful.

In the Nation of Islam as a young Minister preaching to the Congregation, I would see mostly black but also brown and some with complexions bright enough or White enough to actually "pass." I have seen that in the congregation of the following of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

Thinking free - my mind has never been enslaved; I can't recall any time that my mind has been enslaved. ... I said to myself, "I never was comfortable believing that G-d was a man, even when I was a child 12 or 13 years old."


When I look back, I understand that I was never pleased with G-d being presented as a man. As a child, I didn't experience what the average adult has experienced - I was born after my father had already accepted the "new teachings" as the Teachings of Islam given to him by Mr. Fard.

Being born after that, I wasn't told the things you all were told: The Christian idea of G-d in the person of Jesus Christ, a man. I was not told that and because of that, my mind was freer to question that idea. So that is what I did.

I came to see that the Nation of Islam was saying the same thing. I said, "How can we condemn the church and we have a flesh man too that we say is G-d?" How can we condemn them, saying they are wrong and that Jesus Christ is not G-d? But here the same idea is given to us that a White man from Asia is G-d and that doesn't bother us.

All is changing now. We are reaching the end of time for the great issues in Scriptures. Now let us look at what meanings come to us when we read "black" in Islamic terms and language. I have already given you the biggest part of it.


That is, "black" is to mean faith and spirituality or spiritual life. In the Qur'an, black is associated with water, and it says that water is darkness or blackness. Water is a term for what we call in grammatical language a metaphor for human sensitivities and human spiritual life.

A little gnat or ant can crawl on your foot and you get it instantly, you feel it right away. Sometimes the thing crawling on your skin is too small for you to see with your eyes, but you feel it. And it sends a sensation through your body to your mind. That sensitivity can even be seen or understood by not addressing the flesh or skin or the human body.

Just take the smallest thing and drop it in the water, and it will send waves, ripples over the whole surface of the water. It can be the smallest thing. The waves will get smaller and smaller, as they go outward from the point of contact. So you may miss seeing that the waves continue.

Those waves will keep going and going, and if you used a strong looking glass you would see that they are still moving, even though the naked eye cannot detect it. Like broadcasting, the little and slightest touch goes all over the water. That is the way our sensitivities are.

You hurt my body, it goes all through me. If you touch me kindly, it goes all through me, too. Water is only a term used in scripture to address that kind of life and sensitivity.


When we hear about the drowning of the people in the flood, don't think of the water that you drink out of the faucet and bottles.

Think of the sensitivities of people; they are drowned in their own sensitivities. Haven't we as a people become so sensitive to skin color, that we are drowning in the waters of our sensitivities? We are drowning out reason, drowning out intelligence.

The meaning in Islam for blackness is "sensitivities," and it is the same in the Bible, if you understand.

A Companion nearby our Prophet Muhammed, prayers and peace be upon him, spoke derogatory or used racist language about the African Companion of the Prophet, Bilal.

And the Prophet checked him right on the spot, the one who was putting Bilal down and saying he did not expect much from him.

The Prophet said, "We are all Bilal." He is saying that we are members of the Islamic family, the Islamic brotherhood. And what you do to him is felt by all of us. If you offend him, you offend all of us - if what you say is unfair or unjust.

But what is the deeper meaning in the Prophet saying, "We are all Bilal." It is that this nature you see present and seems to be dominant in a black person Bilal is also in your nature. You have the same nature that you criticize in him. You are sensitive, too.


I am sure that person said, "But I don't give into that sensitivity like Bilal does." I am speaking to the Lost Bilal right now. G-d brings about in time through circumstances and time - that is, it is in G-d's Plan: He knows the nature of His Creation.

He knows what His Creation is capable of. He knows what His Creation will go after in life. He knows the conclusion of His Creation. He knows where they will end up. The good ones will end up keeping their good creation, and the bad ones will lose their good nature. G-d knows that.

There are those who look down on Blacks, because they say we are the simple minded and fickle minded who tend to play and laugh too much like Ham, among the three sons of Noah.

Look at it now. Ebony said it is the "Browning of America." And the CNN Special speaks of Black America. They are talking with a forked tongue; they are speaking out of both sides of their mouths. Out of one side of the mouth, they are saying, "We are addressing the Black community. It is all about Obama and the Black Community."

But out of the other side of their mouths, they are saying, The spirituality of the people we brought here and enslaved has now affected the spirituality of the whole population of America." They are not just saying this is Black people or African Americans; they are saying the whole of America has become Black.

They are saying, "We fed these people influences to lead them into more extremes of spiritual behavior, so that they wouldn't have much rational behavior. We created situations and influenced circumstances, so they would give their life to spirituality, to blind faith, to fun, to emotional expressions." All of those are part of spirituality.


They are saying, "Now they have influenced our population with their spirituality, and now we have become more spiritual than rational." Now they too have an imbalance and are too heavy on the water side. What they planned for us has now gotten them. They planned to contain us in a spiritual mold, while they take the material world.

Now circumstances have turned the table on them. It is more than the "Browning of America." As CNN had it, now it is "Black." White people are no more productive, because they have been put under the same circumstances that they put us under. And that has made them heavy on the water side and light on the land side.

They are standing in the Atlantic Ocean on a Lotus flower. One foot is on the Ocean surface and the other foot is on the Lotus flower; that is the only material they are supported by.

That is Allah's Justice. Allah said, "You have robbed Me of a whole people." They took us from Africa and brought us here and robbed G-d of a whole people.
They took us out of Africa and brought us here and robbed G-d of a whole people. What does it mean to say, "They robbed G-d"? Just take G-d out of the equation and say "Creator." Use the Name for G-d that was first given by Prophet Muhammed; he said "Creator."

"They have robbed the Creator of a whole people." Allah created the earth, and He created that that grows out of the earth. If you take us out of our natural life and our nature supported traditions, you are robbing the creation of its people. And that is the same as robbing The Creator of His people. "You have robbed Me of a whole people."

Mr. Fard took on the role of the suffering savior and said, "I come as a thief in the night" - using the language of the Bible in the New Testament - "dressed in cavy clothes." That is, "cave man clothes."

That is the satire. He is calling the White man who is here in authority a "cave man." And then he says, "Why is he coming as a thief in the night? To redeem a lost people."

One of the meanings of redeem is to "get back." So he is saying, "As you stole these people from G-d - I am no thief in the night, but you had a hidden plan and I have a hidden plan.

"You had a hidden plan when you brought them over here and put them on the plantation. You had a hidden plan when you enslaved them on the plantation. You had a hidden plan when you freed them from the plantations and gave them the open way to come up North. You had a hidden plan when you took them from the cotton fields and took them into the factories.

"You had a plan when you told them that they were great singers and great dancers. You had a plan when you opened up the church to them and filled it up with music and songs and dance and fun. You had a plan."

And the one who comes in the role of the suffering savior said he came as a thief in the night, meaning, "I have a plan."

Peace be unto you. As-Salaam-Alaikum.