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The Construction Of Knowledge: Part 2

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


 (Editor's note: The following timely excerpt is from "Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks from Harlem," Volume 11.)

What is the beginning of construction, its foundation? Faith, faith! Allah says, "Look at the Heavens, how they are held up without structures." What holds them up but Allah? Faith! Faith! Science tells us that there are material bodies up there bigger than ours. They toll us that when we compare the material mass of Earth with that of Jupiter, ours is very small. And they say that they look out there with the telescope and they see Jupiter. They look all under it and nothing is holding it up! What is holding up Jupiter? Faith! Faith in what? Faith in God! The God that created that universe and made Jupiter, made Jupiter have a nature to trust the support that God created in creating this Universe.

So Jupiter just sits out there on the supports that God gave it. If Jupiter could ever look down and get worried about its own situation, and if Jupiter ever looked down and saw that nothing was holding it up. Jupiter would fall out of the sky yelling, "Ahhhh!" Jupiter would come falling down like a shooting star.

But Jupiter has kept the faith. It says, "Look up here, I don't move a jot out of my place. I keep my discipline. If you don't believe it, watch me constantly for the next 72 hours. Keep your telescope on me and see if I break my discipline." Man says, "I watched for 72 hours and I saw no change. It followed the same discipline all the time."

"Well, what's holding it up?"
"Something invisible. Something that you can't weigh on the scale. Something very light."
"You mean to tell me that something that you can't even weigh on a scale is holding that big mass up there?”
"Well, what is it?"
Isn't it wonderful?