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A Message To Young Men And Women

By Wallace D. Muhammad Supreme Minister


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

As -Salaam -Alaikum
My Dear Young Brothers and Sisters,

Today we want to speak directly to our Sisters. You are our Sisters and you are called "females." The Holy Quran calls you "Nisaa," which means something that men forget. It also means something that can make men forget.
Men sometimes forget women because they get so busy farming the land, building cities, or fighting enemies in a war. Sometimes the wife wonders why her husband doesn't spend more time talking to her when he is home.
The big job that the man has to do in the world often makes him forget that his wife or his mother needs him to spend some time with them also.

Allah did not make the woman weak. He made the female very strong. They can stay at home by themselves, make their homes beautiful, and make their children beautiful.
They are strong enough to do their important job at home and wait until their men find time to sit down and talk with them. They know that the strong man has a big job of building the cities, building the businesses, protecting the home, and providing more of the things that his family needs in the home.
The man is big and strong but yet he is a child from the woman and he still needs the woman. The big job that he has to do makes him worried pr nervous or angry.

But the woman knows how to make her husband forget his problems so he will have a nice day, a nice dinner, or a nice evening. The next day when the man goes out he will be rested and more ready to do his work.
Some of you may be only four or five years old but right now you are already mothers even though you don't have any children. When an apple tree first comes up out of the ground, it doesn't have apples on it. Even one apple would be too heavy for that little tree. It's a baby apple tree and it's too little to have apples, but it is still an apple tree— right?
Even though you are not big enough to have a child from yourself now, you are still baby mothers. If you had a child right now it would be too heavy for you to carry. You would be bent down just like that little apple tree with a big, heavy apple on it.

Allah says that the good life (heaven on earth) is at the feet of the mothers. Babies and little children follow their mothers and crawl around at the feet of their mothers.
Look at how much trust and faith Allah has in females. He gives the male-child and the female-child to the woman first. Everybody belongs to a mother before they belong to a father.
Allah says that He will give His human work to the female first while it is tender and young and needs a lot of help. The female should try to pay Allah back for the great love He has shown her by giving her the ability to give birth to a child.
She should teach her child to love Allah as Allah has loved her. She should teach it to have faith in Allah and believe in Allah as He has had the faith to give her His men and women first as babies.

If the mother teaches her child these things, we will have a society of peace and happiness. When the men get the children, they will already be believers in Allah and love Him.
Nothing is able to take that love out of the children when the mother puts it in them first.
So you see, Sisters, why we love you and respect you so much.

Next week we will talk more about the importance of our Sisters.

Thank you for reading this Article. I pray Allah that you understand it and benefit from it.

As -Salaam -Alaikum