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The Five Principles of Al –Islam

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


With the Name Allah (In the Name of God), the Gracious, the Compassionate


(Excerpts from a Khutbah delivered by Emam Wallace D. Muhammad at Jumah Prayer, March 10, 1978 -continued from last week.)

"God established that the human being should be a creation, His creation, and that we should multiply by male and female.

If they cloned individuals, can't you see with your limited knowledge, your knowledge of human nature, that there's going to be something missing in that cloned child—if that's it's possible?

He's going to miss his mother. The mother is not here for nothing. The mother is here for something. If they can take something from the mother and mix with the father, if the mother's physical presence is not there with that baby, doesn't a baby who misses his mother suffer? How much more a life that never had a mother? Only a cloning?

Instead of giving these people publicity, they should be demanding their execution! Yes!

I know I sound terrible to you, but believe me, I only sound that way because you have been taken too far into the terrible way that you can't see the right way.

They should be demanding the execution of these people! These people are about to start something we don't want! What do we need with cloning people? Clone them for what?!!

One of their excuses is that science is moved by compassion for human beings. Science wants to relieve man of suffering. They said they were going to relieve us of physical suffering. Look what they did. They polluted the water, they polluted the air, they polluted everything. They crammed us into cities that stifle human life and make it impossible for us to flourish as true human beings.

This is what science has done, trying to take us to the great destiny, the. material Utopia. They've taken us to a Hell, and they admit now they've taken us to a Hell.

And here they want to relieve the burden of the woman. "Women shouldn't bear children in pain. God made you bear children in pain." Jahcubite!! "I'm going to make you bear children without pain. Let me clone you."

They have no proof of this and if they can prove it, will it be creation? No!! Creation only in a general sense, but not creation in a real sense.

What is creation? Creation is something that is made from something else and made a new thing. If they take a cell from a man and make a human being that's not creation, that's artificial reproduction.

But see how crooked they are. If they were sincere, they would say, "We are finding a way to make children, babies by artificial reproduction."

They are taking the semen of man. Who made that semen? Did they make it or did God make it?

Allah made the male semen. We know the life of the human being is in that semen. They don't have to tell us.

Then they go study the environment that God made for that cell to grow in. And they duplicate as near as possible that environment that God made for cells to grow in.

They claim that they have created something. They have done nothing but produce something by artificial reproduction, and have robbed God and given us something inferior! Something to bring more hell and destruction in our lives!

Dear beloved Muslims, our only salvation is with Allah. The only guidance is the Quran. The only Prophet for us is Prophet Muhammad. That's the only way. All these other things lead us astray. Allah tells us in the Quran that "there is one way that leads straight; there are many ways that lead you astray."

This is what Allah tells us. We don't want the many ways, we want the one way. Allah has not given us a spooky way. He's not giving us a way that comes out of dreams, or from a world of unreality.

Allah tells us that this way is the way. This is the way that God has established creation. The very pattern on which He has created the human being. This is what Allah tells us in the Quran. Chapter 30, Verse 30: "This religion, this way is the natural way; it is the way that God established in the making of the world."

When He made creation, the sun, moon, and stars, He established this way in the creation, in the universe throughout. The sun bears witness to this way—the moon and the stars, the wind and the waters, the seas, the lands, the elements, all of them. Every living creature that walks the Earth including us, bears witness to this way. We don't have to have a testimony from some unearthly beings. The testimony comes from the creation and it comes from us.

Allah says that this is the natural way on which He has made human beings. Isn't that a great religion?

(To be continued)

Peace be to you.
Your brother in service to Allah,
Wa//ace D. Muhammad