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The Construction Of Knowledge: Part 1

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


How is knowledge preserved? Knowledge is preserved through construction. Right? Imam Hashed and I were talking about building construction. He was telling me about his father who used to tell him about building. He said, "Look at the knowledge in that building," because he knew something about architect, construction.

He said, "Look at the knowledge in that building," and while he was telling me, I was looking at everything else in the same light. I said, "Look," to myself, "the best way to preserve knowledge is to construct it. When you construct it, whatever you construct holds that knowledge."

You want to see a civilization great in knowledge? Look for the civilization great in construction. Don't tell me that the people are great in knowledge and they don't have any construction. Great in knowledge and haven't built anything? You haven't changed the earth as much as an ant has changed it? And talking about you have some knowledge? While I look at the land, the community where the ants live and I see little mounds, I see holes. I break up under there and I see little tunnels, streets, and avenues, roads, and rest stops. Then I look on the surface and I see that the human being hasn't done a thing. I say, "Hey, what is this? Who is this claiming knowledge and has no construction?"

This religion obligates us. This religion obligates us to put up or shut up! You claim to be a true Muslim with the Qur'an, and the person who learns this Book will look at you and say, "Hey buddy, you are out of it!" Construction!