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W.D. Muhammad Supreme Minister


Some people seek physical weapons to arm themselves. If you are silly enough to carry weapons just to have them, you are on your way to self -destruction anyway.
Some people carry a gun and the gun becomes them. They start acting like they think the weapon-people should act. You see them walking around like a cowboy, a policeman, or a soldier. When they think of themselves, their mind sees their weapon.

That kind of person is dangerous. If we catch him we're going to turn him over to the real weapon-people because he's dangerous. He is a child with a weapon.
It is necessary that we make it very clear to you that we do not want weapon-carriers. A weapon is a dangerous thing. It is even unsafe to have them at home. An untrained, childish-minded person with a weapon is a threat to every member in the house.
If you know a brother or a sister who has a weapon, you should warn them. Be careful of them. If I were you, I wouldn't even live with them unless I just had to. I am telling you what's good for you.

Such a weapon-carrier is not trustworthy. They will leave the gun in the wrong place at the wrong time or they may make a fatal mistake with it themselves. Many of you are too playful anyway.
You have a police force and the police are the people who are supposed to have the weapons, but this world lets weapons fall into everybody's hands. They are going silly over weapons and everybody is carrying them.
I am telling you right now: no follower of Mine is authorized by Me to carry a weapon. We will not allow it because we know what has happened to the Old World.

I have not given permission to anybody to arm themselves. That is not My job or My world. I am not here to arm you with physical weapons. I am here to arm you with something superior to physical weapons and something that make's a man's weapons useless. That is Truth and Knowledge.
What good is a man's weapon in his hands when he doesn't have control over his mind? If I am powerful enough to control his mind, then neither his weapon nor even his hand is a weapon against Me.

My job is to take the weapons away from the mind of wickedness and give weapons to you that will overcome them and their world.
Brothers and Sisters, do not put your trust in physical weapons. Put your trust in the strength and power of Truth, Knowledge, and Righteousness. If you do that, you will be successful.

As -Salaam -Alaikum
W.D. Muhammad
Supreme Minister