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Save Your Life

W.D. Muhammad Supreme Minister


1. Say: 0 ye
That reject Faith !

2. I worship not that
Which ye worship,

3. Nor will ye worship
That which I worship.

4. And I will not worship
That which ye have been
Wont to worship,

5. Nor will ye worship
That which I worship.

6. To you be your Way,
And to me mine.

HOLY QURAN translation by Yusuf Ali, Sura 109

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

As -Salaam -Alaikum.
My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Some of you like boast that you don't   have   a   religion.   You  are wrong because  everybody  has  a religion.

You have just made up your minds and given your life over to rejecting faith in religion as we know religion. Even though you are not "the devil" proper, you are a terrible person because you are in the army of the devil.
As the Holy Quran points out to us, there are only two people in the world. You are either a protecting friend of Allah or you are a protecting friend of the devil.
So even though you say that you don't have a religion, you do and your religion is to oppose the religion of God. We worship Allah and you worship the devil.

What's wrong with you, Brother and Sister, saying that you don't want to follow anybody? Does your nature teach you that?
Your nature grew from a simple, unformed, unorganized thing into a well -formed and well -organized thing with a head upon it to rule it. Every member in your body accepts the dictate of that head without questioning it.
If you want to be natural, you'd better start loving leadership. A leaderless people are no different from a headless body. If you cut the head off a body, the body dies. If you cut leadership off from the people, that people will die as a body.

You say, "I'm living and I don't have a leader." No, you are not living, you are dead. You are only alive in somebody else's living. If you don't have leadership, you belong to whatever people have the power, the force, or the influence in the world you call yourself living in.
I am telling you this to save your life: if you don't belong to Allah you belong to the world of darkness and ignorance (the devil).
Even though you don't have a leader in your own conscience, you still have a leader and you are being led without your recognition. If I would take the time to question you on the things you accept in your mind and where you learned them, that would tell Me who your leader is when you finished answering Me.

God has designed it in nature that the human baby is born out of the womb of its mother, head first. He has shown us in the birth of a child that the head is before anything else.
If you really want to grow up and be somebody as a people, you should accept one from your own body to stand before you and receive respect from you as the head of your collective body.

If people think that your mind is beginning to turn towards Muhammad, they will begin to observe you and try to attack you in your weak areas: "Man, ain't that a shame. That nigger, Muhammad, wants us all to be alike, think alike and look alike. He wants to take all the joy out of life. He wants to regiment people. I ain't going for it and I know you ain't going for that jive either. I know you've got more sense that that."
Pretty soon, he's turned your mind back around to darkness and you join him in the living mental death of mindlessness.


1.  Say : I seek refuge
With the Lord
And Cherisher of Mankind,

2. The King (or Rulcr)
Of Mankind,

3. The God (or Judge)
Of Mankind,

4. From the mischief
Of the Whisperer
(Of Evil), who withdraws
(After his whisper),

5. (The same) who whispers   
Into the hearts of mankind,

6. Among Jinns
And among Men,

HOLY QURAN translation by Yusuf Ali, Sura CXIV

The best knowledge you can get is self-knowledge: the knowledge of how your own self came into being, how it develops and grows, how it operates, and where its strengths and weaknesses are. Once you get that knowledge, nobody can destroy you. The only way you can be destroyed then is to kill your own self.
There is no place on this earth that you can be taught true self-knowledge from the Divine Mind of the Universe but in the Nation of Islam (the Body-Christ). We will show you how to take the greatest devil-power you can find in the world and handle it like a baby's toy.

The wise of our people knew that we would be blessed with Power from Divine in this day and time when they made the world as you see it today. They were not worried about what the Old World of weak, evil, grafted mentality would be able to do to us. They knew that they had made that world and that, in time, it would have to come back to them for its power if it is to maintain its life.

The time of this world has now run out and it has no more power to keep itself going. It has kept its power by using a power that did not rightfully belong to it. It used a power that belonged to the righteous of God, but it was just a matter of time before the evil world's use of that power would run out. It has started wobbling and falling and there is nothing they can do to bring it back up.

We are here to warn you not to look for leadership from the Caucasian people. Don't look for it tomorrow or at any time in the future. It just is not going to come. They are going down and they will never be able to rise again unless we lift them up. We are going to execute judgment. Justice is to lift up that people that they have brutally cast down.

If you will come into the Nation of Islam and let yourself be lifted up with the Divine Wisdom that we give you, there will be no competition for you. Once you let us teach you into the power of strength as a human being, you have already defeated the enemy of Allah and the righteous. Your strength is acceptance of the Divine knowledge revealed by Allah in your midst today. When you come into this knowledge and accept our Teachings, you become the Body-Christ that the world has been looking for, for hundreds of years.

Brother and Sister, seek refuge with Allah from the confusion and sure death of a headless, leaderless, powerless, and dying world. Accept your place in the Body-Christ under the guidance of a head directed by Divine Dictate, and you can fulfill your rightful role in the liberation of the whole world - east, west, north, and south. Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

As -Salaam -Alaikum
W.D. Muhammad
Supreme Minister