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The Growth Of Self: Part 1

W.D. Muhammad


16. So I do call
To witness the ruddy glow
Of Sunset ;

17.  The Night and its Homing;

13. And the Moon
In her Fullness :

19. Ye shall surely travel
From stage to stage.

Holy Quran Translation by Yusuf Ali; Sura LXXXIV, Verses 16-19

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammad, forever. Amen.

There is no god but Allah: Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters:
If human society develops along certain natural lines, it will eventually arrive at success. But if you ignore the natural pattern for growth in society, you will miss the mark and always be a gambler (a hit and miss kind of person). You will be rich today and poor tomorrow. It is better to have a plan for your life than to have no plan. Satan is one who goes after the wicked victory of bringing about a complete society by deceiving the weaker elements of the society by hiding his evil scheme from them. His method of growing society has brought the world to sin and death. The Bible says that at the end of the world, the world is found in darkness under sin and that Christ has to return to destroy the beast who has taken over the world.

This shows us that Satan's scheme brings the world under ignorance, under the darkness of sin and corruption, and in contact with all kinds of filth. Because Satan overlooked the first development of society and misjudged it, his plan is crumbling in destruction. He thought that the elementary components of the society were not worth respecting, and that he could do as he pleased with them. He had no respect for the poor and the ignorant. His grafted world was built on the destruction of the weak and the unlearned. Satan left them destroyed as he moved on up the "heavenly ladder" (Jacob's ladder) destroying the weak to arrive at the strength he wanted.

The strong are not the people who are in authority when the world is out of order, they are the weak. They are responsible for the disorder and for the corruption in the society. The strong are those people who are at the bottom of the ladder who have not given their minds and their hearts to the building of the corrupted order. The leaders of the Satan society are strong in lies and corruption, but they are weak in truth, and in real strength.

The opposers of Almighty God have made a grievous mistake in making their society, but we are going to be successful today in our new world mission by doing the reverse of what Satan did. We will not go to the leaders of this society for strength because they have been ruling the world. If we want strength, we must come down to the earth where the little man is living who has not been a part of the lies, the scheming and the corruption of Satan. When we all come together in unity, we will find the strength to build up the righteous society.

When we build truth up and when we build the human being up, pretty soon we will see the work of this world beneath our work. We do not have to go after the leaders of the society and throw them down physically — that is the way of Jacob (Satan). By building up the strength of truth and righteousness, it will eventually become dominant in the land. You do not destroy a useless house unless you have one to live in. Once you do that, you will have living evidence that you have the power to build a better home. Then, those people who live in the old house, will willingly come out of the old house and come into your new, better house.

The Bible speaks figuratively of society as a "baby" when it says that God found a people wallowing in their own blood and that he cut the navel cord. This is referring to the very first step in the development of society. Society, when it develops naturally, begins by being organized and tied together by blood. When a man makes a blood connection with a woman, they have blood descendants. They become attached to their blood descendants and, soon, a tribal order is formed. This is the first step in the development of a society.

The most elementary society is a tribal society (a family society). Even though society is comprised of men and women, men usually dominate women. By saying that God found the man wallowing in his own blood, the Bible means that He found a society with no social development above the tribal concept. The man's only concern was his own blood. Racists, who preach and pour out their venom, are examples of "babies" who are still wallowing in their own blood. The "baby" has not developed beyond the first step of development, his navel cord has not yet been severed, and he is still wallowing in the blood and the afterbirth. This type of person knows no other value but his own blood. Cutting the navel cord means breaking away from the attachment to your own blood. A man must move out from himself, as an individual identity, if he is going to make progress in the world.

Knowledge of self enables yon to cut the navel cord so that you can move out from self and become a bigger self. The individual is a type of society and you can see this first society by looking at the individual. The individual is concerned about the well - being of his physical body and he doesn't want any cuts, wounds or bruises on it. He sees his blood as one blood, and it is. If he is at odds with other people and he is afraid of people killing him, hurting him or dismembering him in some way — he gets on the defensive. The fear of the outside world sooner or later brings him into knowledge. The individual learns that we all have a common fear, and he comes .together with others who have this common fear. When they come into an awareness of themselves collectively as one body, they see themselves as one blood that needs protection from the outside world.

Cutting the navel cord in the scripture also means that a particular community was in a bigger community. The people in the baby community were depending completely upon the bigger community around them for their life; so God had to cut the navel cord. They had to stop depending upon the bigger society as their mother that was still serving them as a womb. A baby cannot live and grow as a distinct life attached to its mother's navel cord. As long as the Bilalian community lives in America as a baby, with its navel cord still connected to the government, to the welfare department, and to political handouts, it is still a baby that is connected to its mother. The Bilalian community in America does not know what it is to taste something with its own mouth because it has been fed through its navel cord for generations. A baby cannot begin to develop its taste and start getting the good milk from its mother until the navel cord is severed. When the navel cord is severed, the baby can begin to breathe on its own and it can begin to make sounds of its own.

We, as a people, have been a slave community in America that has been released from one kind of slave community and transformed into another kind of slave community. We still exist in America as a baby with its navel cord attached to its mother. We cannot develop our own taste, we cannot develop our own sounds, we cannot open our own eyes and get vision for ourself. We must get ourselves together. In the state that we are in now, we are wallowing in our own blood. The blood is the life of the individual. Instead of utilizing your life form, you are just wallowing in it. Instead of taking advantage of the material good and the human good that Almighty God has made yours as He has made it for others, you are wallowing in it.

How much of the life of society have we, as a people, put in our heads? We are seen in the community with diamonds on our hands, minks on our backs, wearing expensive shoes and riding in big luxury cars. The material life of society (the wealth) is all on the outside of us, but how much of it is in our heads? If we had right knowledge in our heads, we would not be making a high show of material advance when we are not on a high level, but on the bottom rung of the society. We would not be rich-looking, we would be rich in deed. The Bible says that after cutting the navel cord, God washed the baby of his blood. How many of you are ready to be washed? You do not want to give up excessive richness that you have just as a show. You do not want to give up your expensive car and ride in the car that is in the price range that you can afford. You do not want the life blood washed off your body and put on in your head where you can control it, you want it all over your body.

You are willing to remain a slave of society in order to have a show of wealth. We have to move out from an individual self, into a broader self, which is a community self. When we move out into the broader self, we lose our fear as a tribal self and our fear becomes the fear for the community self. We as a people should not be moved by the desire or hunger for individual wealth or for family wealth. When we come into the higher stage of social development, we should be moved by the appetite for community wealth. If you do not come to that level of understanding, you are not growing up from your childhood. You will remain a tribal self in the growth of society, which is a crawling, dependent baby.

Your brother,
W.D. Muhammad