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QUESTION:  Is it correct to refer to the A.M.M. as the "Nation"? -- Gary, Ind.

IMAM: Well, in a sense yes and then again no. It is the Nation of Islam, but we have to understand that in world Islamic language.

In world Islamic language the Nation of Islam is a world-wide community — it's not a political government, not a government in a political sense. It's a community in the sense that Jewish people represents a Jewish community of the world.

There are some Christian denominations that are world wide and they think of themselves as a world-wide community. So we are a community in that sense, and perhaps even in a little bit stronger sense because Muslims do have to accept each other.

If an Egyptian would come to our Mosque, ^ we can't ask him what denomination he's from. We can't ask him anything, in fact, if he gives us the greeting, "As-Salaam-Alaikum" and introduces himself as a Muslim, we have to permit him to share the services. He has a right to our Mosque just as we do and it's the same way all around the world.

That's what is meant by a community — "Ummah" or nation. It means that the rights of Muslims are the same all over the world and they have rights to Mosques no matter who establish those Mosques.