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Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Power

Imam W. D. Muhammad


The following article is from excerpts of a Sunday spiritual meeting lecture that was delivered by Emam W.D. Muhammad on April 24, 1977.

With the Name Allah (In the Name of God), The Gracious, The Compassionate.
As -Salaam –Alaikum

Dear Readers,
You won't be established comfortably in life until you accept what I'm giving you. I might not live to see it, but one day you will realize if you live, that there is no hope — there is no other way but Al -Islam. This puts us back in touch with reality. It puts our roots back in the life of the universe. The life of this world's knowledge is not in the life of the universe. It's separated from the life of the universe, but what I give you is rooted in the life of the universe. If you accept it, you grow naturally and you grow with the forces of the whole universe. You will have balance, confidence in yourself, and you will have an understanding that will protect you against all attempts of darkness and confusion to attack your mind and take it over. You'll have a sure protection from that.


Religion In The Pure Sense

The thing that separates us from the other people is our connection with divine religion, revealed religion, in its pure sense. It is not "dressed up," it is plain. Because of that, the formula for bringing life up is not just magic in our hands. It's something that we understand.

The Christian people say, "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost," and they sprinkle three times with water. This is a formula, but they don't understand the formula. So, it's no more than just a "magic" that they have, to hope that it works sometimes. Sometimes they try and it doesn't work. Sometimes it works a little bit. But if you have knowledge of it, you don't work it with guessing. You work it with understanding.

That knowledge of theirs is in a language that confuses us: "In the name of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost." We think "God the Father" is Almighty God Who created the earth and the heaven; we think that "God the Son" is God manifest in flesh (in Jesus); and we think that "God the Holy Ghost" is a spirit that comes into the people when they hear spiritual religion.


Power Over Matter

These things are really talking about forms of your own nature. You are naturally formed as a flesh human being, as a being made of creation in your flesh. First you have to become alive in your flesh. The material has to manifest life in it.

There has to be some power in you to control the physical as "God the Father" in their language had the power to move this physical world and make it develop things within.

You have to get the power to move your physical body and make it develop things for you first. You have to first be able to make your hands stay away from stealing. This is the power to control matter. You have to make your tongue stay still when there is a temptation to lie. This is the power that the Christians see as power of "the Father" — the power over physical matter.


A Quickening Spirit

Then after you get the power to discipline your ownself, God will bless you to come into the power that they call the power of "the Son." The power of "the Son" is to bring salvation to others. He wasn't only able to bring salvation to himself, but he becomes able to quicken that life in others. It is only talking about things within all of our grip and power that is common to all of us. We think they're talking about things up in the sky.

"Father, Son, and Holy Ghost power" in their language means no more than your own power to discipline the matter of your being and then to use the power with faith. You say, "Now that God has given me this power, I've got faith that it will work on other people." If you have faith in it, deliver that truth to other people and you'll find that you're not only a resurrected life but you're a quickening spirit.

Those who understand the Christian religion will understand what I'm saying. You will become not only a resurrected life, but a quickening spirit. You become a life that has the power to bring life into other dead bodies. That's the power of "the Son," that's the power of myself, of yourself - that's the power of every human being if they'll accept to obey and follow God. It's as simple as that.


The Gift Of Revelation

If we live that life and if we are a community that lives that life, God will favor our community and God will, in time, give our community revelation and divine guidance because it will have proven itself a community that obeys and follows God. Jesus said, "The Comforter will come..” meaning that this is not going to come right now: "Right now I'm the man; but I'm getting ready to pass away. If you stay in this life, the Comforter will come to you." He said, "The kingdom is within you/' He meant that the Comforter will come to you and you will get inspiration just like he had gotten inspiration.

Muhammad of Arabia (peace and blessings be upon him) received that inspiration and he brought the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran brought us "the Kingdom."


The Kingdom

What is "the Kingdom?” We don't mean a kingdom in physical terms. We mean a kingdom in abstract terms, a kingdom in the terms of knowledge, a kingdom in the terms of principles and ideas that we can apply to our lives to manifest a material kingdom. Prophet Muhammad didn't just teach the people to be sanctified, to get "the Holy Ghost." He taught the people to organize their individual lives, to organize their home life, to organize their community life.

Bring heaven down to earth and live on earth the order that God has established in heaven. What order has God established in heaven? He has established a sun that is the "Big Daddy" over the planets, and the earth is one of those planets. He has established the moon to reflect the light of that sun when the sun is out of my sight. And He's established stars to light the way even when the moon is in eclipse or perhaps out of sight for a night. So, we find three symbols of light in the heavens and they all agree with each other. One rules over me and reflects its rule in another when it's not present.


"...On Earth As It Is In Heaven..."

This is telling us that we have to have on earth a likeness of that rule. We have pure revelation from God that is the light for the world. Then we have a Prophet who reflects (demonstrates) that light to us in our lives. He serves as a moon to us. Then we have learned people who follow that Prophet. They are a distance away, they are not as close to the revelation as the Prophets, but they are saints that light the world of darkness and give us some light even though the sun and moon aren't showing right before our face.
That's what it's telling us.

We have to order our lives and we have to accept revelation as the rule in our lives. We have to accept the Prophet as the one who demonstrates or reflects that life to us. We have to accept the learned men and women in religion as light in the darkness for us when we don't see revelation or when we don't see the Prophet.


Leadership Is A Must

Now, that kingdom is not to stay up in the sky. The Book (Bible) says that it has to come down to earth: "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Anybody that's telling you that you're not supposed to have a leader or that you're not supposed to have leadership is teaching you against the Bible and they're teaching you against Jesus. He said that this world down here has to come under leadership. It has to come under revelation, it has to come under a Prophet, and it has to come under the learned people of religion. That's what the scripture is telling us.

We have to have leadership and that leadership has to have more concern for us than just a spiritual concern that has nothing to do with anything but spiritual emotionalism. They have to have concern for what our actions are doing in this world. Somebody has to restrain me if I'm crazy, if I'm a drunkard, and if I'm a danger to the society. As long as you look to the police to do that, you're going to have more and more police in your life. If you want peace in your life, start doing that for yourself and there will not be a need for all these police. You ask, "Do you mean take the law into my own hands?" Yes! Take the law to rule your ownself into your own hands! Rule your ownself as yourself should rule and there won't be a cause for other people to be coming into your life and interfering with that rule.

We have to do this for our individual selves, we have to do this for our families, we have to do this for our community. Pretty soon, that will spread in the whole city and the police will become "our" police and the Mayor will become "our" Mayor. But as long as we don't have any charge over our own life, the police will remain "their" police and the Mayor will be "their" Mayor.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

Your brother in service to Allah, W.D. Muhammad