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All Eyes Shall See Him

Supreme Minister W.D. Muhammad


In the -Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, -Muhammad, forever. Amen.


My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is time that the Bilalian man and Bilalian woman of America stand up and take on their Divine appointment as the Resurrected Christ, the World Saviour. You cannot escape the Divine dictate of Almighty God, the Originator of all creation.


“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.”

“Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.”

1 Corinthians 12:12, 27

The Nation of Islam is that Body-Christ (Jesus) in your midst that the world has been awaiting for almost 2,000 years. You are a part of this great, divine body, but you have not known the true identity of the Jesus that was to come or the true identity of yourself.
The Church has conditioned you to think of Jesus Christ as a man with Caucasian hair, skin, and features. We have the picture of the Jesus in our minds that has been given to us by this old world of knowledge.
They say that Jesus is coming back in the flesh to judge the world in the same body he had when he was killed or crucified.


The Coming Of Jesus

Let us examine the idea of "the coming of Jesus" with intelligence and reason instead of emotionalism and sentimentality: what do we have in Jesus' willingness to give his life for a righteous cause? What do we have in the return of that Christ?
We have a sign that people are first given a chance by God to turn to Him willingly, to repent of their wrongs, and to mend their ways. During this time of learning to correct their ways, God is merciful and compassionate.
He is merciful and compassionate because He knows the people are weak and do not know the consequences of their own doing.

But after He has had patience with them for a long time and they continue to behave in a wicked way, He ceases the extension of patience and comes as the Judge to pronounce punishment on the wrong-doers.
In the life work of Jesus, we call the first "the coming of God" to save the world. We call the second "the return of God" to pronounce judgment on the wicked.
The Bible does not say that Jesus is going to return out of the sky with a body like the one described in the Church. It does not say that Jesus' return is going to be so simple that people will see his physical body as they imagine it to have appeared 2,000 years ago.


A Thief In The Night

The Book says that his coming will be sudden and it will be as the coming of a thief in the night. This means that he will not be observed and he will not announce himself. What does "night" mean in the Scripture?
"Night" means that your understanding of Jesus will be darkness. He will come under the cover of that darkness as a thief, meaning that he will come in and do his work and leave. By the time the people recognize that he has been here, he will have done his work and gone.

His work was to fulfill, (or to interpret) the prophets and their mission by which the old world was judged (Israel). He pronounced judgment against Israel (see Bible, New Testament).
Jesus and his mission are of this same type that appears at the end of the messianic mission, to which all prophets made a contribution.
The appearance of this second type is called the return of Christ or the second coming. The first is a sign pointing to the second, but is not the second. Messiah literally means "wiped clean," that is, made clean and upright for the mission placed in his hands by the Divine. To look for the Christ is not to look for a certain man, but for a certain type of man.


We Have Never Seen Jesus

The Book also says of Jesus that all eyes shall see him. How is it that all eyes shall see him if he is coming under the cover of darkness, or if he is descending from the clouds, hidden from our view?
If we are talking about an individual, this idea is difficult to understand. If Jesus is to come as a thief in the night, we will only know that he has come if we miss something or if we see that something has happened during the night.

“All eyes shall see him” means that we won’t see Jesus as we thought we will see him, but we will see him as he is.
Even in the first coming of Jesus, the Bible says that he was in the world, but the world knew him not. Jesus himself said that in his day and time the people had not seen him.
If the people in the time of Jesus did not see him and you today see Jesus as they say they saw him then you don’t see him. I repeat because you must understand: If Jesus said that he was in the world and the world knew him not; and the picture the people had of him in that day and time is the same picture we have of him today—then we don't see him today.

We have never seen Jesus!
The picture that you get of Jesus in the Bible is code language or symbolic talk. You can't see anything in that picture unless somebody unlocks the language and puts it into a new language that you can understand.
Why wasn't Jesus seen in his own day and time? He was to do a work of interpretation. He said that he came to fulfill the prophets that came before him. When he was interpreting their teachings, he was doing his work.


Jesus Was Alone

Jesus was a righteous prophet of God and the greatest of the teachers to come from the people called Semitic or Jewish. He was a righteous man with a pure heart who had love and compassion for the suffering and the rejected.
Jesus was a man strong in the faith who was almost completely alone in the world. He preached the truth and had no fear of the consequences.

He was a man who did not believe in pacifying hypocrites and liars. That's why the religious order of his day hated him.
Today we are living in a time just like that time. We are hated because we preach the truth, but we will continue to preach the truth with no fear of the consequences.


The Life And Return Of Jesus Was A Sign

The life of Jesus and the things that he said spoke to a future time and a work that he was not to do.
He pointed to something that was to come. The return of Jesus was not the return of his person, it is the presence or manifestation that one he preached of, the one his life was a sign of.
Do we have any proof of that statement? We have proof from Genesis to Revelations in the Bible, and from Al-Fatihah to An-Nas in the Holy Quran.

Although the proof was before your eyes on the pages of Scripture, you have not seen or understood the proof. But today I am in your midst by the Divine will and desire of Almighty God, Allah to identify the proof for you and to make the proof so clear to you that you cannot claim ignorance, or misunderstanding.
The Jesus said that he saw Elijah the Prophet in John the Baptist. But Jesus never indicated in any statement that he was talking about the physical body of Elijah that had existed generations before the time of Jesus.

It is clear in this day and time that he meant an Elijah type of man had returned to the world in John the Baptist. The church gets far away from the correct interpretation to think that the physical Jesus is going to come back to the world today. The Scripture says that God creates and preserves. Any type he wants to create or anytime he wants to create a certain type, He has only to do it with His power and righteousness. There is no need for reincarnation. Reincarnation suggest a bankruptcy. The Creator never has a bankruptcy. 

God has set a natural order it is all His creation. Do you think that God would disturb that natural order and bring about some freak occurrence in certain people who don't have faith in Him and His Apostles?
If the faithless people would see a 2,000 year old physical body drop from the clouds and start to move and talk on the earth, they would be driven mad.
God would achieve nothing by performing such a "miracle" but madness.

The people who have knowledge in religion don't ever consider such foolish notions. They only teach it to the dumb so the dumb will stay in the church and support the church and them. Knowledgeable people in religion don't believe that Jesus is coming back in a flesh body: they believe that Jesus is coming back in the spirit of the church.

They believe that the return of Jesus will come when the church comes alive, the people become righteous, and the community becomes a real Christian community. They have the right idea on how to read scripture on the second coming of Jesus, but they don't have the right people or the right place for the divine fulfillment of the prophecy.


The World Received Us Not

When it is time for the Jesus to be resurrected, God is going to bring about the growth of a righteous community in accordance with His own plan. This righteous community is going to be like Jesus. It is going to have a history like Jesus and it will be a community that has no earthly father.

Who is our father?
We have no father. A father is one who provides for the children. Where on this earth can we find a people that provided for the Black man and Black woman of America?
We are a people in history without a father, a provider, or a protector. We were brutally ripped from our homeland and raised in a savage land among strangers.

Our "father" (guardian and keeper) has only been the Divine Supreme Being manifesting Himself gradually as predicted out of His hiding place (dead letter scripture).

We were in the world and the world received us not.
They took our patience and our ability to suffer cruel and inhuman punishment as cowardice and weakness. They judged us to be fools and less than human beings.
We were in the world and the world knew us not. From Asia to America and from New Zealand to the bottom of South Africa, we have been unknown, rejected, and refused.
No one turned to us in our misery to answer our pleading cry or our moans of agony. Nobody extended a hand of mercy and compassion to us until Almighty God, Himself, manifested His intentions for us.

We have received help from no one but the God. So we know that the rise to nationhood that the world sees in the Bilalian people of America today is due to the Divine Desire and Power of Allah.
The Jesus is not the church, it is the Body-Christ (the Nation of Islam).


Do Not Expect a Miracle

In spite of what your religion has taught you, do not expect an unnatural "miracle" upon the Resurrection of Jesus. We know that religion is very important in the lives of the people. The minds and the actions of even those that do not profess religion have all been influenced by religion. Those people that never go to church are yet contained in a prison house of church doctrine and don't know it.

If you are looking for magicians or fairy tale miracles in this day and time. you will be disappointed. Almighty  God is not going to send magicians to come before you and turn barrels of water into wine or to bring fire down from heaven.


5. "Nay" they say "(these are) medleys of dreams! Nay, he forged it!--Nay, he is (but) a poet! Let him then bring us a Sign like the ones that were sent to (prophets) of old!"

6. (As to those) before them, not one of the populations which We destroyed believed: will these believe?

Holy Quran, Yusuf Ali translation, Sura XXI, Verses 5, 6

The greatest miracle ever performed by God and witnessed be man stands before your face today in the presence of the Nation of Islam. We perform the miracles attributed to the Prophets of Scripture. We raise the dead and give sight to the blind.


Sight For The Blind And Hearing For The Deaf

The Book says that Jesus also gave sight to a blind man. He talked of his teaching (the Word) having the power in itself to open the eyes of blind people. What kind of eye was being opened by the words of Jesus?
It is not the physical eyelids, but the eye of the moral character, the eye of the spiritual makeup, and the eye of the inward person. That is the eye that the Word of God wants to reach so that you can see Divine Truth.

The Book says that the Word has the power to open a deaf ear. Deafness in the Scripture is not referring to physical deafness, but spiritual deafness: you will not let your soul hear the word of righteousness and you will not let righteous ideas come into your mind.
You fear that if you let a righteous idea enter your mind and your soul that because of its power it will start working on you and open up your soul to righteousness. All sinners know that righteousness has power.

The Book says that you are deaf because you made yourself deaf and you are blind because you made yourself blind.
If you listen to what I say, and read what I write you will have no excuse for deafness or blindness.


The Manifestation Of God’s Presence

Today all eyes can see Jesus as he is. For many years the people have awaited the final manifestation of the Scriptural prophecy of the Coming of God.
I have been trying to open your blinded eyes to the reality of Jesus so that you can see him as he is and so that you can see your own true identity and mission as it is. Jesus was a manifestation in a long history of the manifestation of Divine on earth. 

From the beginning, God has been preparing or growing the manifestation of His Presence into the view of the whole world. He begins things and then nourishes it to its completion: Quran.
If I look back to Adam's day, do I expect to see God in His fullness?  No He is coming. If I look back to Abraham's day do I expect to see God in His fullness? No, He is coming. If I look back to Moses day do I expect to see God in His fullness?  No, He is coming. If I look back to Jesus day do I expect to see God in His fullness? No He is coming. If I look back to Prophet Muhammad's day (may the peace and blessings of Allah   forever be upon him and all the righteous servants), would I expect to see God in His fullness? No, he is still coming. If I look around in this day and time to our day do I expect to see God in His fullness? Yes, He is here!


Almighty God Makes Prophets

There were things that Jesus couldn't say because it wasn't in his power and it wasn't in his time to say them. Today we have the power to say them and time is on our side.
Jesus never said that he was the greatest. He said that his Father was greater than he. The Father is the sender. the son is the sent. The Father is the giver of life, the son is the life that is given. The son is the redeemed out of the world, the Father is the redeemer.
Intelligent reasoning will prove to you that the two are not equal. Jesus was inferior to God, Who is superior to all.


59. This similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam: He created him from dust, then said to him: "Be" and he was.

Holy Quran, Yusuf Ali translation, Sura III, Verse 59


Who is the Father that is so much greater and wiser than the son'' He is the Father that is of infinite wisdom; a Father that is from beginning to end; a Father that is Creator. It takes the Father to bring a son and it takes the Wisdom and Power of the Father to perform a miracle.

The birth of every Prophet or Messenger of God is a miraculous birth because no power but creator (an bring about that birth: your father can't make you a Prophet: your mother can't make you a Prophet; Bibles can't make you a Prophet; and Holy Qurans can't make you a Prophet.
Only Almighty God, the Creator. has the power to turn on the light inside so than a man will come alive to the world without and to the world within and to the Scripture. When that happens you have Prophet. God, Himself, made Jesus.


The End Of  The Jesus As A Sign
There are no people in Judaism or Christianity that will pass away before Jesus himself, dies. We are talking about the real Jesus, not the sign or the symbol of something that was manifesting to be fulfilled. When the real Jesus is manifested fully, the idea of Jesus conceived by the old world of knowledge will die.

The Jesus that this world takes to be real is only a sign. When the real Jesus comes the sign will die in the minds of the people. As the New World of Knowledge comes in, it destroys the old knowledge of Jesus because the people have no more falsehood to feed on to sustain the false mental and spiritual image that has grown in their minds.
The Nation of Islam is feeding the peoples' minds with Truth of the True God to nourish them into righteousness and wisdom to fulfill the Scriptural promise of a New Heaven and a New Earth.


A New Heaven

The Book says that the heavens and the earth will pass away. What earth was Jesus desiring to pass away? The kindergarten language of the Church would have you think that it is the sun, moon stars and the physical earth that we live on. You live on and from the earth. So if this physical earth dies, your physical body will die.  

Jesus was referring to the religious order of his day that was filled with nothing but hypocrites when he said 'heaven": meaning they spoke down to the lower people as representatives in the heaven of God. When Jesus said that God was going to make a New Heaven he meant that God would take the religious rule from those hypocrites.

He will make a new earth and bring heaven down to the low (ignorant) people (people that have been deprived by those who ruled over them). He will bring heaven from above and place it in the hands of the people that were below. All Praise is due to Allah.


I Give You Manifest Proof

What I teach you is not left in doubt. I give you manifest Proof from the wisdom of Divine Mind.
But nothing is proof to a disbelieving devil. If a person is just committed to do evil and has made up his mind or her mind to live that way nothing is going to change them.
The Book says that if you brought heaven out of the sky to them they would still disbelieve. So if you don't believe, no ''miracle'' will make you believe. The miracle is God's Wisdom. His Wisdom is superior to any light that you have in this world.


109."They swear their strongest Oaths by God that
 If a special sign came to them, by it they would
 Believe.  Say: "Certainly (all) signs are in the power
 Of God: but what He wishes you (Muslims) to
 understand is that (even) if a special Sign comes, they
 will not believe."

110. We (too) shall turn to (confusion) their hearts
 and their eyes, as they refused to believe
 In the first instance:  We shall leave them
 In their trespasses, to wander in distraction.'

Holy Quran, Yusuf Ali Translation, Sura 6, Verses 109, 110


Brothers and Sisters either you want Truth or you don't want it. Allah has put me here for those who want Truth. I will do the work He has given me to do because it is not my work, it is God's  work.  
If it were my works I would do it according to your response but since it is Allah’s work I will do it in spite of your response.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words

W.D. Muhammad
Supreme Minister