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Structure, Guard And Publish The Knowledge

Imam W. Deen Muhammad


(Editor's note: The following timely excerpt is from "Imam W. Deen Muhammad Speaks from Harlem, " Volume 11.)

WE have to structure knowledge. Structure knowledge and then, what is next? Then we have to guard the knowledge! The fools get knowledge, but then they don't guard it. The faithful, when they get knowledge from Allah, His Qur'an, His Words, they guard it.
They love God and they glorify Him above everything and everyone. If they believe that this knowledge is knowledge from God directly, or from His Word, then they cherish it. They will guard it, protect it. So we need knowledge and we need to guard it.

Then, what do we need? We need a line of progress. Right? You have to have a line of progress. You have knowledge now, you have faith and knowledge now, but what direction are you going in? Where is your road to progress? How are you going to get there? You need a line of progress.

Do you know that when Muslims gather for Jum'ah prayer, the number that is required is only three. For Jews, it's ten. For the Muslim, it is only three. Three make up Jum'ah. Three make up congregational prayer, two people in the line, and one standing ahead. But if you only have two, you don't have enough. When you only have two, the right one can't lead. The left one has to lead. That is Fiqh! Okay, now when you only have two, the left one leads, but if you have three, neither the left or the right leads. The one straight down the center must lead. It is wonderful, isn't it? Yes, it is wonderful!