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A Growth Note:
Idol Gods

W.D. Muhammad


105. And how many Signs
In the heavens and the earth
Do they pass by? Yet they
Turn (their faces) away from them!

106. And most of them
 Believe not in God
 Without associating (others
 As partners) with Him!

107. Do they then feel secure
 From the coming against them
 Of the covering veil
 Of the wrath of God,
 Or of the coming against them
 Of the (final) Hour
 All of a sudden
 While they perceive not?

108. Say thou: "This is my Way:
I do invite unto God,
On evidence clear as
The seeing with one's eyes,—
I and whoever follows me.
Glory to God! and never
Will I join gods with God!"

Holy Quran; Yusuf Ali translation, Sura 12 verse 105 – 108

The scripture is so written that many people have taken the "partners" associated with God to be only pagan or idol gods. But the idols worshipped by the disbelievers represented or stood for something.

It was not the idols, themselves, that pagan people worshipped, it was the idea that the idols represented or embodied. They had idols that represented the force of anger, the force of love and compassion, the force of fertility, growth and abundance, and the love of beauty.
Today, man is not making physical gods (idols) to represent the things that he worships, but the problem in the world today is still the worship of idol gods.

If we do not worship the True and Living God, we are worshipping idol gods because we have associate gods. The associate god might be carnal love (love of the flesh) for the male or the female; it might be the love of wealth (the dollar); it might be the love of violence, the love of beauty, or the love of many other things.

We have to see ourselves as people that still have the problem of idol gods.
We, the Muslims of the Nation of Islam (the Body-Christ) tell you that Islam is our way and we don't want to force our beliefs on you. We have made this choice of our own free will. We call you to Allah and our knowledge is not confused. It is Divine (certain) knowledge from the Lord of the worlds.

Those who follow my leadership are all in accord and we have no problem. This is- a day in which I must give warning to you of the consequences of your refusal to accept the divine invitation from Almighty God to take your place in the Nation of Islam and fulfill the role or function of world leadership assigned to you.

You are not in trouble with God today because there is no guidance for you; you are in trouble because you have overlooked His clear signs of the time all around you.
Everything of life in the universe pulsates (is in motion). It kind of throws out, takes a moment to collect itself, and throws out again. The beating of your heart and the pumping of blood through your body is an example of this pulsating action.

All life pulsates like that, even the man of God. He throws out, then there is a time when He draws in and gets what He needs to throw out again. Sometimes the weak people think that when He draws in, that's the end of it. I hope that you do not make the fatal mistake of placing yourself in that position.

Those people who despair do not know that there is another beat coming. They despair right at the time when that beat is about to come although they are given encouragement from the mouth of Almighty God. If we were to go on just what we know, we would not be called "the Faithful."

Do not let the idol gods distract you or avert you from answering the call of Allah in your midst today. Keep your mind on Allah and with Allah. This is a war (of minds) and the battle is raging. In a state of war, if you fall back and turn away you are guilty of treason. I would not like to see such a charge on anyone, especially after the clear evidence of the True and Living God has come to you.

May Allah bless you with the ear to hear, the eye to see, and the mind to understand my words.

W.D. Muhammad
Supreme Minister