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From Dust To Divine

W.D. Muhammad


The more you become acquainted with the Bible and the Holy Quran, the better you will understand that there are three movements (growths) of the person towards the fulfillment of the manifestation of divine life.
The first growth is called the growth out of dust or clay.

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." — Genesis 2:7

When the human child comes into life, it is flesh and blood. But this form is not the beginning of the individual's life. Before that birth, it was existing in its father and mother. This is the same as saying that it was existing in the earth because the father and mother are of the earth in physical form.


Toward Divine Life

The child then grows out of the dust (earth) into the world of individual life. This life is called the life of desire and it is in this term of growth that the child develops appetites for different things of creation.

2. He it is Who created
 You from clay, and then
 Decreed a stated term
 (For you). And there is
 In His Presence another
 Determined term; yet
 Ye doubt within yourselves!

Holy Quran Yusuf Ali Translation; Sura 6, verse 2

Out of the individual life, the individual can grow into the third and final growth into the world of divine life. The world of divine life could only be called "knowledge" until the manifestation of the presence of Divine in our midst today. It was under the influence of falsehood (darkness), and its knowledge was both true and false. The knowledge of evil is a knowledge, but it is a false knowledge.


Three Wombs Of Darkness

The human being begins his life in triple darkness: there are three wombs of darkness to grow out of. The growth out of these wombs comes naturally, but falsehood in the world acts against the natural development and prevents this knowledge from manifesting as pure, divine knowledge. When we say divine, we don't mean unnatural movement, growth, or development.

Jesus told Nicodemus that he had to be born again. He meant that Nicodemus had come through the three stages of development, or three growth periods, but he had been born dead (stillborn) because his knowledge was false. To be born again he would have to die in his present mind (give up his world and his mind) and be reborn in the right mind.
The human being is constantly developing. But if we are not aware of ourselves as something constantly being created, we will die before we are delivered form the total womb of human life. We are talking about a growth from dust to a complete human being.

57. It is We Who have
 Created you: why will ye
 Not witness the Truth?

58. Do ye then see?—
 The (human Seed) that
 Ye throw out,—

59. Is it ye who create it,
 Or are We the Creators?

60. We have decreed Death
 To be your common lot,
 And We are not
 To be frustrated

61. From changing your Forms
 And creating you (again)
 In (Forms) that ye know not.

62. And ye certainly know already
 The first form of creation:
 Why then do ye not
 Celebrate His praises?

Holy Quran Yusuf Ali Translation; Sura 56, verse 57 - 62


Divine Truth Removes Falsehood

None of the three growths or movements towards divine life is ever destroyed within us. They remain with us to form a kind of trinity of checks and balances, but one of the three rules the other two. That is the divine person once you come out of the third womb and that third life has been made divine. The pure light of divine truth has now come in and removed all falsehood.

In the Genesis you have a man being made from dust, and in the Revelations you have a city manifesting from the sky. The Book is not telling you to give up the world, it is telling you to make (grow) the world from dust to industry.


God’s Challenge

Nature shows you that every life that comes into the world must make its own world. When you come into the world, you come into a world that is designed to give you birth, but not designed to satisfy your needs. Each life comes in with a different nature.

The human life has a human nature whose eye opens to the world and says, "I must make my own world from the creation given to me by the Creator."
Every creature makes its world. The Divine Supreme Being gives it a supreme pattern and all the materials needed for making its world, but He, Himself, is not going to make it for you.
He gives you the nature and the mind and He opens your eyes to His great doing. Then He challenges you by telling you to make your own.


The Atom Of Divine Will

The mission of the Nation of Islam is to first wake you up to yourself. Who is yourself? Your own self is a righteous Muslim. The first thing is to know yourself as a growing and developing life with origin in Divine. We are taught that before the physical world became observable by physical observation, there was an atom existing in the dark womb of space. That atom had the power of itself to manifest itself in the physical creation. The atom here represents the Divine Will that is manifested by that Divine Power.

Originally, we were in the Atom of Divine Will and the Creator manifested us out of that Atom into a physical world. He then grew us up out of that physical world (form) to manifest the Divine in us again. All praise is due to Allah.


The Light Of Truth

This is the day for you to grow into your divine life. The brilliant light of truth is enveloping us with its penetrating rays of life and light to remove the excuse of ignorance from our mind. The Nation of Islam is that Body (the Body-Christ) in which you can grow into the full development of your natural growth without the hindrance of false knowledge or untrue guidance. I bring you divine knowledge and perfect guidance from the Divine Mind of Almighty God, Allah.

Thank you for honoring us with your time to read these few words.

W.D. Muhammad
Supreme Minister